Top 10 Things People do the most on Facebook

Facebook is an addictive social networking site and almost every educated person today has a Facebook account. This article discusses some of those things which are done by people the most on Facebook. If you are new to Facebook and you do not know what things you can do, this article is going to be of great help to you. While navigating through your news feed, you would see a lot of it is related to the things being discussed here.

10. Marketing

Marketing Top 10 Things People do the most on Facebook

One of the major reasons why people are associated with Facebook is that they want to promote their brand, their website, their blog or any other business. As a huge population is associated with Facebook, the promoters know this thing very well that their brand would get familiar in a large group of people very soon if they happen to share it on Facebook. Also, if you have a large number of friends, they would directly know about your latest website or your blog. And, in case someone forgets to notice the thing, people leave a message for all their friends in order to make them notice.

9. Vague booking

vaguebooking Top 10 Things People do the most on Facebook

If you would search for vague booking in the urban dictionary, it would read “An intentionally vague Facebook status update that prompts friends to ask what’s going on, or is possibly a cry for help.” In simpler words, vague booking refers to those posts by some people where they post statuses like- “I’m very sad today”, “Trust no one”, “All friends are fake” and so on. Obviously, such a status would make you ask your friend what is going on in his life that has made him or her much sad. This is done by people who want to earn sympathy of the people.

8. Updating Status

Updating Status Top 10 Things People do the most on Facebook

Most of the people update their Facebook status once a week or more often as per their usage of the social networking giant. When someone is too much happy or too much sad, Facebook statuses are updated. But this is not a hard and fast rule. Some people even have a habit of updating their Facebook status 10 times a day, or each time they listen to a song. Coming back from a party, the first thing teenagers do is to update their Facebook statuses. It is very easy to find the reviews of a newly released movie just by reading Facebook updates of some people.

7. Uploading Photos

uploading photos Top 10 Things People do the most on Facebook

Some people have a habit of sharing their photos with the Facebook friends so much that as soon as party is over, they just switch on their Laptops, log into their respective accounts and uploads all the party pics. While some people have a habit of adding a caption to each photograph, others like to upload the photos without any caption. There are others too who post the caption in the comments. Tagging friends in the photos is also very popular among the teenagers especially.

6. Liking Pages

liking pages on facebook Top 10 Things People do the most on Facebook

There are some people, actually, many of them, who like a large number of pages on Facebook. And every time their liked page updates either a status or a photo, they tend to tag themselves in that photo. Also, they would tag you in the photo if you are one of their friends. Creating a page on Facebook is very easy and there are millions of them there on the site. People like these pages as often as they appear in their suggested list of pages. Some pages have their names so catchy that people cannot ignore them.

5. Random Friend Requests

Random friend requests Top 10 Things People do the most on Facebook

Those people who do not have much real friends tend to send friend requests to random people in order to increase their number of friends. As Facebook is a social networking site, nobody can regard it as illegal. In fact, this is a nice way to interact with people. Most of the time, people would open the profile of any one of their friends and search their friend lists if they could find someone who they know. Even if they do not now that person, they would send request to them.

4. Playing Games

Playing games on facebook Top 10 Things People do the most on Facebook

There is a large number of gaming apps scattered all around Facebook. For those who love playing games such as Farmville, Cityville, and Facebook is a great option. Facebook even provides the privilege to play your favourite game with one of your friends. Most of the time, your friend would have played that game already and you would need to make more points than him in order to win. This is a nice strategy as you and your friend need not be present online at the same time and each one of you can manage your time according to your routines and still have a great game playing.

3. Video Calling

Video calling on facebook Top 10 Things People do the most on Facebook

People use people for the purpose of video calling as well. For those in relationship, Facebook is the best thing that comes into use when they are missing each other. The live video chat provided by Facebook makes you feel that you are exactly in front of that person. For video calling, you need to have a front camera on your device and the speed of your internet must also be pretty good. Otherwise, you would be disconnected every now and then. The official Facebook video chat is powered by Skype.

2. Liking Other Peoples’ Updates

Liking other peoples updates Top 10 Things People do the most on Facebook

There is yet another kind of people on Facebook who join it just for time pass and do not have anything of their own to share with their friends. These people would most of the time like other peoples’ updates. I am sure you would be having one of your friends who would like every update you post on Facebook. Whenever such people find something attractive, be it a photo of one of their friends or a nice status update, they just hit the like button. In fact, liking is the 2nd most popular thing people do on Facebook, after the most obvious thing done on Facebook, Chatting.

1. Chatting

Chatting Top 10 Things People do the most on Facebook

At the top position in our list of the top 10 things people do the most on Facebook, we have Chatting. Whenever one logs in his or her account, the first thing he sees is how many of his or her friends are online and in case some good friend is online, they would start chatting with him or her. Even for couples who are at long distance from each other, Facebook is a very good option to keep in touch with each other. You can chat on Facebook either by typing or video calling. Because Facebook video chat does not work very well at low speeds, most of the people prefer to chat by typing messages.

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