Top 10 Tourist Attractions in Rajasthan

Rajasthan is the largest state of India which is popularly called as the land of the kings. Rajasthan has a very diverse culture and tradition. Rajasthan is the state that is located in the North West region of India. Most of the land in Rajasthan is comprised of dessert. The capital of this state is Jaipur. The ancient culture can be seen in the daily life of the villages in this state. Rajasthan tourism is well flourished.  In terms of the domestic tourist coming to this state it ranks on the fourth position in all the Indian states. Rajasthan is also famous for its folk dance and music. Rajasthan has a great history. It was the place where kings in the olden times lived. Rajasthan was previously known as Rajputana. There are many places to visit in Rajasthan but among them the most famous are listed below.

10. Chittorgarh Fort, Chittorgarh

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Chittorgarh Fort is situated in Chittorgarh. This is the biggest fort situated in India. Not only this is the biggest fort in India but is also the largest fort in Asia. It is constructed on the hill which is on a height of 180 m. It sprawls on a land of 692 acres. The ancient ruins and charm of this place has attracted many tourists as well as writers to this place from many years. The fort was built in the seventh century AD. It is named after a Maurayan emperor Chitrangada Mori as it was built by the Maurayans. The shape of the fort resembles to a fiish. Every year there is a fest hosted in the fort as well as in the city of Chittorh by the name of Jauhar Mela.

9. Sam sand Dunes, Jaisalmer

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Sam sand Dunes are located 42 kilometer on the outskirt of Jaisalmer. If you want to visit this place you can either go by a four wheeler or you can choose a camel ride to reach this place. As the name suggests this place is only known for the wide stretch of sand. You will find nothing else than sand all over the place. It is the part of the Great Indian Dessert, The Thar Desert. When you come to Rajasthan and you don’t go on a desert safari then your visit to Rajasthan is of no use. You can also put your camps and enjoy the magnificent view of the sun setting down the horizon. During the month of February and March a desert fest is organized here which pictures the Rajasthani culture.

8. Brahma Temple, Pushkar

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Brahma Temple is located in Pushkar city. Pushkar is a holy city in Rajasthan and is the biggest tourist destination of Rajastahan. Brahma Temple is among the some of the temple dedicated to Lord Brahma found all over the world. This Brahma temple is the most famous among all the Brahma Temple found all over the world. Lord Brahma is known as the Lord who destroys all the sin. It is a popular belief that people who die here in Pushkar goes to brahma Loka. Brahma Temple is located near the Pushkar Lake. Pushkar Lake is a sacred lake and it is believed that if a person baths in this lake all his sin are destroyed. The temple was built more than two thousand year ago in pushkar.

7. Jantar Mantar, Jaipur

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JantarMantar is located in Jaipur, the capital city of Rajasthan. It was built by MahrajaSawai Jai Singh. This place is a collection of ancient astronomical instruments. The name of this observatory means calculation instrument. There is a collection of 14 important geometrical instruments. The biggest instrument in this observatory is the SamratYantra which is used to see time. The shadow of this instrument helps to predict time. This observatory is built in different geometrical figures and has remained main attraction of tourists, artist, and astrologers from many years.

6. Nakki Lake, Mount Abu

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NakkiLake is located in Mount Abu. Mount Abu is the favorite destination for people in summers. This is the best hill station in Rajasthan. Mount Abu is located in the Aravalli range. This is a very fascinating lake with many attributes. This is a sacred lake of people following Hindu religion. It is said that this lake has got it name as nakki because it was dug by the nails. This lake is also known as the love lake of Mount Abu as it was dug by a lover Rasia Balam for his love Kunwari Kanya by his nails.This is the biggest lake made by man that is located at such a height.

5. ShrinathJi Temple, Nathdwara

shrinathji temple Top 10 Tourist Attractions in Rajasthan

Shrinathji is a Hindu temple located in Nathdwara. This temple is dedicated to Hindu Lord Shrinathji. It is believed that the idol of Shrinathji is self- revealed. In the year 1665 to protect this idol it was shifted to Rajastahn from Gowardhana. Aurangzeb, the Mughal Emperor wanted to destroy all the Hindu temples near Vrindawan. This temple is built in the year 1672. There is a very fascinating story behind this temple. It is believed that the cart which was carrying the idol was stuck here in Nathdwara and people thought that the Lord himself wants to stay here at this place and this is the reason people built the temple here.

4. Amer Fort, Jaipur

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Amer Fort is situated in Amer town. This town is eleven kilometer away from Rajasthan. This fort is built on hill. It is among the most important tourist destination for the people who come to Jaipur. It was constructed by Maharaja Man Singh I. this fort incorporates both Rajput and Hindu style in its architecture. Maharajas of rajput culture have lived in this palace for many years. The fort incorporates a temple of Sila Devi. The place witnesses a crowd of 5000 people per day.

3. Ranthambore National Park, Sawai Madhopur

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Ranthambore National Park is situated in Sawai Madhopur district in Rajasthan. It is the biggest National Park situated in northern part of India. This place was used as a hunting ground in the olden times by the kings residing in Jaipur.  This place is 130 Km away from Jaipur the capital city of Rajasthan. This place now has become the favorite tourist destination for wildlife lovers and photographers. The total land covered by this national park is 1334 square Kilometer. In the year 1955 Indian Government made a SawaiMadhopur Game Sanctuary. This park is famous for tigers. This place was declared as a tiger reserve in the year 1973 and in the year 1980 it was made a national park.

2. Lake Fateh Sagar, Udaipur

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Lake Fatehsagar is located in Udaipur. Udaipur is said to be the City of Lakes. Lake FatehSagar is the shine of this place. It lies in the range of 4 square Km area. The surroundings of this lake are very beautiful and calm. There are also three islands in the lake. To reach the lake you have to take a boat ride for it. There are many food stalls located near the bank of the lake. It is an artificial fresh water lake. The lake was made by MaharanPratapsingh in the year 1678. There are 3 more lakes in the city. The biggest among them is the Nehru Park. This lake used for agricultural purpose, drinking water use and for industrial use too.

1. Dargah Sharif, Ajmer

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Dargah Sharif is also known as Ajmer Sharif is a shrine of Sufi saint. Dargah Sharif is located in Ajmer. This place is also known as KhwajaGaribNawaj. There is a shrine of saint Moinuddin Chishti built here. The entrance gate to the shrine is called as Nizam gate. Shah Jahan built a gate there known by the name Shahjahani Gate. People have a belief that whatever wish they ask in this place gets fulfilled. People from all around the world visit this holy shrine. This is not only considered as a holy place by the Muslims but people of all religion have faith in this place. The place is filled with innumerable devotees during the URS fest in the month of April.

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