Top 10 Must Visit Amazing Places when you Travel India

India is the well known country of the world. The country is famous for enduring it heritage and it culture from years. India is the only place in India which encompasses is large variety of cultures in it.  Each culture has its own meaning and own priorities and so they are entirely different from one another. It is very difficult to visit the whole India in just few days, it takes time to understand the culture of India. So here we have the list of top 10 must visits places of India, which will make your tour planning much easy and better.

10. Khajuraho-poetry of stones

khajuraho Top 10 Must Visit Amazing Places when you Travel India

Khajuraho is another very famous and must visit lace of India. This place is kept on the tenth position in this list. The place is even tagged as a world heritage site in the year 1986 by the UNESCO. The place is said to have 85 temples but out of those 85 temples only 22 temples are left. These 22 temples are just magnificent. The architecture and the rockwork ,which is done in the temple is very unique and incredible.  In the temples with the help of many tools the shapes of different variety of goddess, gods, dancers, animal and musicians are made. You can understand the heritage and the culture of the place in a more deep manner if you get to watch the light and sound show which is held there, so if you are planning to visit India then do not forget to add Khajuraho in your list. The place is also called the poetry of stones because at this place many things are depicted with the help of sculptures and shapes which are made on the stones and it seems as if someone is depicting a story with the help of the shapes made on the stone

9. Kashmir- Paradise on earth

kashmir Top 10 Must Visit Amazing Places when you Travel India

Kashmir is considered to be the heaven on the earth. This place named Kashmir is placed on ninth position on this list.  The place is extremely beautiful because of the snow covered hill in it. The atmosphere is quite freezing and the total sight is just outstanding. One must include this place while visiting India. The place is located in the northern part of India.  There are many adventurous things to do in Kashmir like shikara ride, houseboat on the very famous Dal lake. Try and endure many varieties of different cuisines of Kashmir. The artwork of Kashmir is quite different and unique, so you can even buy the shawls and dress material for yourself and your friends. The craft work of Kashmir is also very famous.

8. Mahabalipuram-Temple town

mahabalipuram Top 10 Must Visit Amazing Places when you Travel India

Mahabalipuram is a place which has a couple of temple and so it is known as a temple town. The place is also known as Mamallapuram. it is a wonderful place to visits. If you are a true devotee of god then you must take a note to this place while you visit India. The place seems to be very beautiful because the location of the temples at this place is outstanding. The temples are located on the rock, which are surrounded by water. This sight of the temple enhances its beauty. The sight is not just the factor responsible for the beauty of temple, but the architecture and the infrastructure are also one among the major factors responsible for it. The place has around 14 famous temples. It has 3 stone temples, 9 monolithic shrines and the shore temple.

7. Pondicherry- The French connection

pondicherry2 Top 10 Must Visit Amazing Places when you Travel India

Pondicherry is another very famous place of India which is placed on the seventh position. In history the place was bought up and developed by the French people. So the place is seem to have French look. Today also the effect of French colonisation is still a part of this place. The roads at this place are named as boulevards, which is again a sign of French. This is again a place which has water all around. So you can take the fun and pleasure of water beaches and many other things.

6. Goa- The beautiful beaches

goa1 Top 10 Must Visit Amazing Places when you Travel India

Goa is said to be another most coveted places of India. The place is very beautiful and is India’s smallest state. If you are visiting India then you are not miss this place. The place will give you real fun. The place has beautiful beaches. The place will become quite fun loving for those who love to remain near water. There are plenty of beaches in Goa and each beach has its own qualities. Each beach is entirely different from one another. Goa can entertain any variety of people, from a history lover to architectural lover. The church places in Goa are just outstanding. It feels great to take a sunbathe on a beach and even more great when you are spending your evening on beautiful beach with a jazzy music which makes your feet to dance automatically. One among the famous beach of Goa is Anjuna beach.

5. Kerala-god’s own country

kerala Top 10 Must Visit Amazing Places when you Travel India

Kerala is another very nice place to visit in India. This place is placed on the fifth position. If you plan to visit India then you must include Kerala in your list. The place can be a great fun for the people who are in actual love with greenery and wildlife. Kerala is considered to be one among the most beautiful states in India. There are a large variety of temples churches and museums here.

4. Agra- City of Taj Mahal

taj mahal Top 10 Must Visit Amazing Places when you Travel India

Agra is one among the most adored and appreciated places of India. The place is famously called city of love. This place named as Agra is placed on the fourth position of this list. The place is very famous because of the monument Taj Mahal. Taj Mahal was constructed by the Mughal King named as Shahjahan. This king named Shah Jahan made this monument for his beloved wife Mumtaz mahal. Since he made this monument for his love so, Taj Mahal is said to be the symbol of love. Taj mahal is even counted in the Seven Wonders of the World. The monument is extremely beautiful and the art work of the monument is just amazing.

3. Gujarat-wonderfully Viberant

gujarat 3341 15 Top 10 Must Visit Amazing Places when you Travel India

Another very famous and must visit place of India is Gujarat. This place named as Gujarat is placed on the third position. The place Gujarat is very colourful with its colourful culture. It is very famous throughout the India for it culture and food. The gujarati culture is completely and entirely different from other cultures of India. The places which are likely to see in Gujarat is very famous national park, the land of Kutch and the Indian forts. Another thing for which Gujarat is very famous is Garba. Garba is the form of the dance which is a part of gujarati tradition. This dance is outstanding and fun loving. Other beautiful places which can be taken into account while visiting Gujarat is Akshardham, which is located in Gandhinagar.

2. Rajasthan-The land of royals

rajasthan Top 10 Must Visit Amazing Places when you Travel India

Rajasthan, is another very famous and stunning place of India. If you plan to visit India then do experience the Rajasthani culture. Rajasthani culture is very much famous throughout the India. The Rajasthan is well known for its hospitality and charm. The place is known to be the land of royals. There are many places which are very famous in Rajasthan. Amer fort which is a  part of Jaipur is an incredible haveli. The place is very good and completely depicts the history and the royalty of Indian Rajput kings. Additionally Hawa Mahal is another very good monument present in the city Jaipur itself.  You can get more delighted form of our Indian heritage and beauty of Rajasthan. Ranthambore and Jodhpur are very cherishing places in Rajasthan.

1. Delhi-the capital of India

Jantar Mantar Delhi Picture 3 Top 10 Must Visit Amazing Places when you Travel India
Delhi is the capital of India and is placed on the first position of this list. Delhi is the most famous place in the India. The place depicts the incredible history of India with the help of numerous monuments present at the place. If you come to visit India, then Delhi should be the most prior place to visit. In Delhi there are many things which are incredible and should be visited. The very famous monument in Delhi are Qutumb Minar, Jantar Mantar, Red Fort, Humayun’s tomb and very famous lotus temple. These all the places are very beautiful. The monuments are designed incredibly. The architectural work which is done on the monuments is outstanding. Delhi is the land of Indian heritage.

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