Top 10 Most Exotic Romantic Places for Honeymoon

After marriage, ever one like to go o a place where they can spend some romantic and private time to know each other and to fall in love all over again. Places to go to honeymoon in this world are like hundreds and thousands in number. There are many romantic places to go for your honeymoon. Honeymoon is the yummy icing on the yummy cake of wedding. Who does not want their honeymoon to be the best and most memorable one? If you want it to be then we have the most romantic places for you to go on honeymoon. Read the list and decide which is the best place for you to go for your honeymoon.

10. Hawaii

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Place for couples and Honeymoon, Hawaii is a very less populated place in the world. This place is entirely made from numerous islands. if you want your honeymoon to be different and a beautiful than visit to Hawaii. This place will surely make your honeymoon the best honeymoon any one could experience. The beautiful scenery, the warm climate, and numerous beaches provide people the best experience for their honeymoon. The place is all full of romance. The water, the sand you will love everything about this place.

9. Bora Bora, Tahiti – South Pacific

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Situated in French Polynesia, Bora Bora is known to be the heaven on earth. If you want that the memories of your honeymoon last for lifetime then go to Bora Bora in Tahiti on your honeymoon. Bora Bora is the best romantic island you will find on this planet. The bungalows ad the houses built over the water are the most romantic place to stay when you visit to Bora Bora. When you will see the place you will recognize the resemblance to the color palette of an artist with shades of green and blue. Valleys with beautiful flowers blooming give the most dramatic scene to this place. Horse riding on the mountain trails is very much famous in Bora Bora.

8. Thailand– Southeast Asia      

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Thailand is situated in the centre of Indochina Peninsula. It is one of the most dreamt destinations when people think of honeymoon. The place is full of romance. The beautiful resorts and the breath- taking sandy beaches will surely make you feel good that you chose Thailand as your honeymoon destination. Not only are the beaches famous in Thailand but there are many romantic spots in this place too. Ko- Samui is one of the best places advisable to go when you go to Thailand on your honeymoon. If you want to go to a quiet and romantic place then you should go to Krabi in Thailand.

7. Goa, India

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Goa situated in India is a mixed bag of enjoyment for your honeymoon. In India Goa is the liveliest and the most romantic place people will advise you to visit to. This place is known for the beautiful beaches all over the Goa. This place is the perfect destination for honeymoon with blue water and the sandy beaches. You can enjoy the sun bath and the body massage at the beaches. The beach parties in Goa are worth going to. Goa is a paradise on this planet. Not only goa is known to be the place to visit on honeymoon in India but it is recognized all over the world to be the perfect place to go on honeymoon. The combination of history and modern culture in Goa make this place a must visit place.

6. Greece

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Greece is situated in the southeast of Europe. Santorin in Greece is a must place to go to when you go to Greece. Greece is famous for its art and its history. The beaches, the old towns and the mountains are the must visit places when you go to honeymoon. This place is the most perfect and the best place to go for your honeymoon. The exotic beaches and the beautiful mountains will make your trip worth remembering. Other than Santorin and Kos, Naxos is also a very good place to visit when you are in Greece. The best island in Greece is milos and you must go to this beach. The restaurants and the food there will surely lure you to go back to Greece again.

5. Rome

 Top 10 Most Exotic Romantic Places for Honeymoon

Rome is the best place for the newlywed couples to spend the most beautiful time of their life. Rome situated in Italy is known to be the most romantic place in the world. It is recommended not to visit the place during the autumn month as it gets unbearably hot there during this time of the year. The history of Rome has always been very beautiful and good to know. This city has love in the air. Being their will make you will feel full of love. You will love the dishes there and the beautiful arts and amazing monuments will take your breath away. The best time to visit to this place is September and October. When you visit this place you can adore the art there, shop till you drop and eat, eat and eat!!!

4. Sri Lanka – South Asia

 Top 10 Most Exotic Romantic Places for Honeymoon

Situated in the northern Indian Ocean, Sri Lanka has been another choice for the newlywed couple for their honeymoon. Not only Is Sri Lanka known to be a beautiful honeymoon destination but is also known to be the best place to get married in. this is the perfect place to go on honeymoon for the adventure loving people. This place offers you many water games like surfing and diving. Sri Lanka is very much known for the ancient cities and the beautiful gems. You will never get disappointed if you visit this place on your honeymoon. Stroll on the beaches or admire the ancient buildings, everything you will do there will be worth remembering. There are many temples dedicated to both Hindu and Buddhist gods. Spend your time in the hot air balloon over the rock fortress, what else can be more romantic than this.

3. Mauritius -Indian Ocean

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Mauritius is known to be the pearl of Indian Ocean. Located in Indian Ocean, this island is not just famous for its beautiful beaches but also the subset view will take your breath away. This place is among the best places you can visit to for your honeymoon. If you are planning to have an amazing time Mauritius is the place for you. The white sand beaches on this island are the most romantic places in the world. Spending time with your partner in the exotic spas here will make you feel like you are in heaven. The place is very diverse with more than 300 different verities of flora and around 9 different types of birds. You have so many places to visit here like Tamarind falls, Montagne du Lion and Black River Gorges National Park. If you and your partner are fond of water Mauritius is the place you must visit on your honeymoon.

2. Maldives- Indian Ocean

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Maldives is located in the Indian Ocean. There are more than 1,1,92 coral islands. Maldives in few years have become one of the most preferable places to go on honeymoon. Newly married couples are choosing this place to be their choice for honeymoon.  The place has a flawless beauty that is worth admiring. The oceanic view from this island will make you love this place. If you want a place very romantic and love privacy don’t think of any other place than Maldives. There are hundreds of beautiful and luxurious resorts built on the island that have special rooms for the newlyweds. If you are the adventures couple you can go for surfing too on this island. You will never forget the beautiful moments you will spend with your partner on this impeccable island.

1. Paris:

 Top 10 Most Exotic Romantic Places for Honeymoon

The largest city situated in France and known to be the most romantic places on earth is Paris. Paris is located near the River Sienna.  This place is so romantic that there are so many songs and stories written about the city. The romantic love stories of this place are famous all over the world. And when you are thinking of going somewhere for your honeymoon, you won’t find a better place than Paris. It is the city of lovers. Though this city is a very expensive one for a honeymoon but the price you pay to be here is worth the beauty you will see there. If you want to experience the best evening with your lover go on the Eiffel Tower and see the sun setting down. Paris is also a place to go because of the French food. It is among the most delicious food you will find on earth.

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