Top 10 Beautiful Tourist Destinations & Attractions in Thailand

Thailand is one such tourist destination where you will find everything from mountain climbing and trekking to spiritual temples and picturesque beaches to ultra glam bars and cafes. The country is rich with history, culture, amicable locals and quirky lifestyles. Every year it attracts many tourists from around the world towards its calm and quiet beaches, bustling metros and towering hills. It has everything for everyone and one visit is must for everyone in this truly Asian country,

We give you top 10 travel destinations you should visit in the country:

10. Hin Daeng

hin daeng Top 10 Beautiful Tourist Destinations & Attractions in Thailand

Hin Daeng meaning red rock is an underwater formation and a must visit for pitching and diving enthusiasts. This is the most popular and favorite scuba diving site in Thailand. In the deep blue you can see whale sharks and Manta rays performing artful tactics and gliding over you. It just protrudes 3 m above the surface and its northern and eastern sides are relatively shallow compared to southern and western sides which have long sandy slopes and coral patches. It has red soft and lush coral and when you enter the blue from western side, watch out for the depth. You can see crocodiles stalking their prey and a multitude of rocks hiding the underwater world.

9. Koh Phi Phi

koh phi phi Top 10 Beautiful Tourist Destinations & Attractions in Thailand

The west coast islands are located between the vat islands of Phuket and Andaman sea coast. This is the largest island in Thailand and only one with permanent habitants. The islands came to prominence when they were depicted in an American-British movie The Beach which was highly criticized for destroying the beauty of the beach. Bit it managed to attract tourists to the islands. It was also destroyed by Indian Ocean Tsunami in December 2004 but now it has been completely restored to its former beauty. It is a very relaxing spot with having the most beautiful sunrise and sunsets.

8. Railay

railay Top 10 Beautiful Tourist Destinations & Attractions in Thailand

The tropical paradise is situated in the city of Krabi in Thailand. It is characterized by its high and rugged limestone cliffs, turquoise water and powder white sand. The beautiful area with its picturesque beaches and quiet relaxing atmosphere attracts tourists because of its beauty as well as rock climbing activities.  The relatively secluded area is only accessible by boat due to its towering cliffs which cut it off from mainland access. The beach was worst hit during the December Tsunami of 2004. In addition to its water sports and rock climbing the fact that it is a secluded area also attracts tourists.

7. Ayutthaya

ayutthaya Top 10 Beautiful Tourist Destinations & Attractions in Thailand

The ancient city of Ayutthaya was a Siamese kingdom from 1351 to 1767 and lies 76 km outside Bangkok. It is one of Thailand’s major tourist attractions because of its numerous magnificent remains. The old city now has ancient ruins and artworks that cannot be missed. It has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site due to its elegant and towering temples and buildings. It can be conveniently accessed by roads and is just a few hours’ drive from Bangkok.

6. Mae Hong Son

Mae hong son Top 10 Beautiful Tourist Destinations & Attractions in Thailand

Mae Hong Son is a town in the province of northwest Thailand. It is located along the banks of river Pai in Shan hills, near Burma border which gives it a very different flavor than rest of Thailand. The quiet hills and valleys are often thronged by visitors who come seeking adventure and peace together. The place is visited by tourists for mountain trekking, beautiful sceneries and its own unique hill tribe communities. Along with such communities people also visit caves, waterfalls and hot springs in the surrounding area. The PHA Sua waterfall is very impressive and you can take home the handicrafts and artworks of hill tribe people as souvenirs.

5. East Coast Islands

east coast islands Top 10 Beautiful Tourist Destinations & Attractions in Thailand

From the estuary of Chao Phraya River, unfolds the beauty of east coast’s bays and beaches. the scenically arresting areas are a treat to the eyes and are also one of Asia’s premier beach resort. The coats feature cliff hidden bays, palm fringed beaches, fishing communities, amazing islands and soft and tranquil Gulf waters. Most visited ones are Koh Samui and Koh Phangan islands on the east coast. Both are lined with palm trees and white sandy beaches with a range of places to stay. Koh Phangan also plays host to unique and famous full moon parties as well as it houses various bohemian style bars and cafes.

4. San Kamphaeng Hot springs

hot springs Top 10 Beautiful Tourist Destinations & Attractions in Thailand

San Kamphaeng is located 36 km from Chiang Mai town and is famous for its hot springs. Set amid colorful bungalows in lush green mountains and 40 acre parkland. The water is over 100 degree Celsius and has a high content of sulfur and restorative properties. It also has a mineral swimming pool and traditional style mineral bath. You can do whatever you want to and if nothing seems fine just boil some eggs in the water. (They are available in the area).

3. Chiang Mai

chiang mai Top 10 Beautiful Tourist Destinations & Attractions in Thailand

Though it is much calmer and serene than Bangkok but you have got to visit it once. It is the largest and most religious or culturally significant city in northern Thailand. Chiang Mai means New City and it was so named because it was the new capital founded in 1296 after Chiang Rai. The city is located 700 km from Bangkok and lies among the highest mountains of the country. Its historic significance is also derived from its close proximity to the Ping river and is one of most visited destination in Thailand. It has everything for everyone, temples, craft shops, massages, spa, restaurants and being in the mountainous region also adds to trekking experience.

2. Floating market

floating market Top 10 Beautiful Tourist Destinations & Attractions in Thailand

There are many floating markets in Bangkok and each one has its own flair. The most popular one being the fair market located on Damnoen Sadauk Canal in Bangkok region. It was featured in one of James Bond movies called “The Man with the Golden Gun”. The original canals which now have the floating markets were built on the demand of a king to ease communication in the province. The actual floating market started in 1967 and today these markets attract many tourists worldwide. A number of boats can be seen in the canals with a large variety of products from food items to local stuff. The market is a fun and unique experience but shop only when you have time because it is avert=y time consuming experience.

1. Bangkok

bangkok Top 10 Beautiful Tourist Destinations & Attractions in Thailand

The thrill and excitement that you will get to see in Bangkok, cannot be found anywhere in Thailand. It paints a perfect picture of a chaotic metropolis apart from being the capital of Thailand and is a must visit on every visitor’s itinerary. People might bypass the city because of its rapid urban lifestyles and usual flavor but there are some places that you should not miss. It has the delicately bejeweled Grand Palace and the beautiful Wat Phra Kaeo and Wat Po where a huge statue of Buddha resides. You can also try out the city for its nightlife and bars and cafes and amazing markets.





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