10 Amazing Places you can’t Miss when you Visit Europe

Europe has been truly considered as the most beautiful continent and is therefore the dream destination of everyone. Visiting Europe is definitely worth it. Countries of Europe cover a wide variety of eye catching scenarios. Some of the stunning buildings and structures of Europe form the memories of historic times or say even prehistoric times but they still possess the capacity of exciting the tourists. There is not even a single country in Europe which lacks behind in providing splendor and adding magnificence to the continent. Beaches, food, monuments, squares, ghost towns, mountains are all charms of Europe that are capable enough to fascinate people of varied types. Europe is famous worldwide for a lot of things but the most famous out of them are listed below:

europe beaches 10 Amazing Places you cant Miss when you Visit Europe
The beaches are the best spot for spending holidays. The beaches of Europe truly make it the finest tourist destination. Varied climate, global culture, natural beauty and scenarios, large number of surrounding water bodies, population, immense popular festivals, etc. or more specifically the overall Europe diversity contribute to the greatest to enlarge Europe into list of stunning continents. These beaches are perfect spaces for water sports, rock climbing, historical sights, cocktail parties, and superb resorts. Amalfi coast, Sesimbra, Bulgaria’s Sunny beach, Positano beach, Navagio beach, Playa Papagayo, Portal Vells and many other more breathtaking beaches exist in Europe.

europe bridges 10 Amazing Places you cant Miss when you Visit Europe
Bridges basically provide a way to cross over spaces like water bodies (seas, rivers) or cliffs or valleys etc. And so their structure is thought to be very simple. But Europe even dominates this field by adding creative architecture and fabulous look to the bridge. The biggest and amazing bridges of Europe include Szacchenyi Chain Bridge, The Old Bridge, Oresund Bridge, Charles Bridge, Tower Bridge, and Ponte Vasco Da Gama. In addition to it, these European bridges also cover a nice interesting history. The bridges are so attractive that people don’t miss to visit such places when they visit Europe and hence called home for impressive spans.

europe spa towns 10 Amazing Places you cant Miss when you Visit Europe
Spa towns also form a great space behind the popularity of Europe. During ancient times or10  middle Ages, the Romans, kings and princes were in habit of using mineral water for the prevention and treatment of various ailments as that water has healing properties. But as time passed on, the areas containing the sources of mineral water were converted into resorts for relaxing and soothing the body. Franzensbad, Aix-les-Bains, Bath, Bad Ischl, Heviz, Leukarbad, Baden Bei Wien, Vichy are some of the very prominent and beautiful spa towns situated in European cities. These glamorous spa towns or say home to thermal hot springs allow the visitors to enjoy the sight as well as health-giving powers.


europe railway stations 10 Amazing Places you cant Miss when you Visit Europe
Train stations add a unique beauty to Europe. These railway stations are so famous both for good and efficient transport networking and for the exquisiteness of art and architecture encompassed over the area as well. Some of the Europe’s popular shines of railway stations include Central Station of Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, and Finland as well as Gare des Benedictins of France, Berlin Hauptbahnhof of Germany, Union Station of California, and Kuala Lumpur railway station of Malaysia. These eye throbbing attractions of Europe not only house whistling trains but also hold tourist from different corners of world.

europe ghost towns 10 Amazing Places you cant Miss when you Visit Europe
Catastrophic events or mining activities are root causes for the generation of ghost towns. Europe is famous for such interesting snapshots of the past termed as ghost towns because it claims a diverse range of modern ruins. These ghost towns have been very well preserved. Despite of big dangerous and difficult access, people especially historians from various parts of the world visit such ghost towns of Europe. Basically the stories engraved behind these ghost towns catch people towards their path. Some of the ghost town or abandoned cities of Europe encounter Wilmarsdonk in Belgium, Imber in UK, and Pyramiden in Norway. Pomppeii is considered as the most famous ghost town of Europe.

food in europe 10 Amazing Places you cant Miss when you Visit Europe
Europe is continent which is rich in different cultures, languages and most important cuisines and food. Europe is famous for its food all around the world. Famous European food is Frogs legs, Snails, Muscles etc. Muscles are a well known food of Europe from France. Teewurst is German sausage that is spread on breads just like pastes. Another most famous food of Europe that almost everyone has tried is pizza. Pizza is one of the tastiest foods from Italy. Moussaka is one of the famous pasta dishes which are famous all around the world. In Eatern Europe there is a tradition Serving of Cakes and coffee. A Mazurek is a royal flat polish pastry. Hungarian Dobosh Torte Recipe is famous Hungarian cake. This is cake with seven layers with a caramel top. Italy is the most famous for its food. Some of the famous dishes are Pasta, Pizza, Parmesan cheese etc. Pizza is a oven baked round food. There are two types of Pizza one is Neapolitan and the other is Roman. Parmesan cheese is cheese from Parma that is why it is named as Parmesan.

hostels in europe 10 Amazing Places you cant Miss when you Visit Europe
Hotels in Europe are famous in all round the world. There are many hostels in the Europe. London alone has more than  100 hostels. Europe hostels are just like the Palaces. Foresteria Valdese is a most famous hostel in the world which is situated in Italy. This hostel is centrally situated between all the venice’s beautifull attractions. It is located in a very costly city and costs 24 Euros with breakfast. Another most famous  hostel of Europe is Cardiff Backpacker’s Hostel situated in central Cardiff in Wales. The people who are very fun loving this is the best place for them. Other most famous hostel is Flying Pig Hostel which is one the worlds famous hostels  in the world which is situated in Amsterdam in Netherlands. The other famous hostels in the Europe are Kabul Hostel in Barcelona in Spain. Three ducks Hostel in Paris in France etc.

europe mountains 10 Amazing Places you cant Miss when you Visit Europe
Europe is very famous for its mountains. One of the famous mountains is Alps. Alps are a famous Mountain of southern Europe. Alp is a small discontinuous mountain that starts from North America to southern Europe and Asia to the Himalayas. Other famous Mountains are Mountain of Georgia which is situated in Georgia. These mountains very famous and are eye catching mountains. Other mountains are Alabania. There are almost 44 different types of mountains. Different Mountain are mountain of Cyprus, Mountains of Hungary, Mountains of Portugal are very famous mountains as the name says these are situated in Portugal. If anyone has a keen interest in mountains then there is no best place than Europe.


museams in europe 10 Amazing Places you cant Miss when you Visit Europe
Europe is very famous for its museums. Musee du Louvre is one of the top most museums in the world. This museum earlier was very famous royal palace and has one of the most amazing arts. Another famous museum is Uffizi Gallery which is situated in Italy. Inside the museums everyone is treated with such a masterpiece like “birth of venus” and “primavera” and very famous painting by Leonardo da Vinci. It was based on the idea of Vasari who put the portrait of DIFFERENT ARTIST and its biography. Museums Island is one of the best museums in Germany. Germany’s capital has about 150 museums. Vatican Museums is situated in Europe. One of the most famous museums is Rijksmuseum. Rijksmuseum is a very famous museum. It was founded in 1800. It was also known as national art gallery. Other famous museums are Museu Calouste Gulbenkian, Guggenheim museum etc.

Europe is very famous for its edifices and structures. Europe is full of all the attractive structures. Its famous monuments are the stonehenge which is situated in southern England. It is believed that it was believed in 2000 B.C. It is said that it may have been used for astronomical instrument to measure solar and lunar movements. Another famous The Parthenon which is in Greece, which is build on the acropolis in Athens and is the chief temple of all the Gods. Colosseum is one of the Seven Wonders of the World. The Colosseum is situated in Rome. It is elliptical in shape and is of three stories and its upper gallery which was rebuild in stone. The Eiffel tower which very much famous in the world. It is situated in Paris. Other famous buildings are Tower of London, Vatican, Palace of Versailles etc.

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