Top 10 Best Windows Phone Apps 2012-2013

Windows Phone popularity has increased a lot since the launch as the Operating System from Microsoft is well developed and stable, extremely fluid and now has a lot of apps too. Also the manufacturing partners have built very beautiful and solid Window Phones over the last two years which has made this Mobile Operating system a success. The Mobile apps developer realize the potential of Windows Phone in the coming years and hence they are developing a lot of Windows Phone apps to cope up with market demand. Some of these apps are built using native code and others run on HTML5 but the performance of most of the apps in the list is top quality.

Soon after the launch of Windows Phone, the market store was found flooded with Windows Phone apps. Everyday around thousands of apps used to get their place in the store hence making it difficult for the people to search for the best app which fulfills their needs and demands. In the windows phone marketplace, you can find various apps of a wide variety of categories. Not just new apps come into sight regularly but also the previous ones get updated with time coming up with new features. The following list provides us the top ten Windows Phone apps who have the highest rating and are the most popular.

10. Flashlight-X

10. Flashlight X Top 10 Best Windows Phone Apps 2012 2013

Flashlight-X is the only fastest and true flashlight app which makes use of phone’s LED flash to constantly light up. It is a free app. When you launch your app Flashlight-X turns on instantly and to give an illusion of light does not change your screen’s image unlike other apps. Constant light is provided by it without flickering. If you talk about the marketplace, it is the most stable and fastest flashlight app on it. This is brightest, simplest and fastest flashlight utility tool anyone can use with their windows phone. It can be used when you are reading in night, looking for something in dark, in emergency situation, need an extra light, etc. It has over 1.8 M downloads.


9. Indian rail

9. Indian rail Top 10 Best Windows Phone Apps 2012 2013

Indian rail is a free app using which you can get seat availability in trains for previous 6 days and next 6 days, get train live status from two sources, PNR sorts according to the boarding date, etc. It also remembers last used ‘Class’ in Travel Plan. This app helps you to get all the data you want to have about Indian Railways. It helps in looking up for train schedule, Travel Plan, Train live status, Passing by trains, PNR enquiry and even it provides a quick link to go to IRCTC mobile website if you want to book tickets.


8.  Angry Birds

8. Angry Birds Top 10 Best Windows Phone Apps 2012 2013

Angry Birds is the most famous game ever and being a paid app it costs you Rs. 55. Angry Bird’s survival is at stake. They are ready to take revenge from the green pigs who have stolen the Bird’s eggs. You need to use the demolishing unique powers of these Angry Birds to lay waste to the pig’s construction. Angry Birds features physics based, hours challenging demolition gameplay. There are total 255 levels and each of them requires brute force and logic to crush the enemy.


7. Twitter

7. Twitter Top 10 Best Windows Phone Apps 2012 2013

Twitter is a free app that helps u in discovering what is happening right now, anywhere in the world. Real-time search, tweets, top tweets, suggested users, maps and trending topics show what is happening everywhere and nearby. Not just tweet but also share photos and send direct messages to your dear ones and to the world. If you do not have an account, just sign up from this app.


6. SkyDrive

6. SkyDrive Top 10 Best Windows Phone Apps 2012 2013

SkyDrive is a free app providing you the place to store your files so that you can access them virtually from any device. Windows Phone gives you built-in access to SkyDrive right from the Picture and Office hubs. Another feature is that automatic upload of pictures to SkyDrive takes place for easy access. Windows Phone’s SkyDrive app makes it now even easier to manage and share files-everything in one place. Its new version 3.0.1 has bugs fixed. You can delete, move, create or rename new folders here. Not just that, you can also view recently used documents too.


5. Google

5. Google Top 10 Best Windows Phone Apps 2012 2013

The new Google Search app for Windows Phone is free of cost. You can use it to find better results from your Windows Phone. Its latest features like Voice Search, My Location, Google Autocomplete, etc. help you to search the web easier and faster. Voice Search prevents typing and you can search by voice. In Autocomplete you get search results faster. In Search Nearby you can find places near you preventing the typing of your location. It is a small app with 1 MB size.


4. Wikipedia

4. Wikipedia Top 10 Best Windows Phone Apps 2012 2013

Wikipedia is not just free but also the best Wikipedia app on the marketplace. Its latest features include advanced search, multi-live tiles, change font size, customizing the accent color of the app, lock screen resolution and keep the position of an article after a back. You get access to all Wikipedia on your Windows phone. Besides quick and easy access to articles, you also get innovative features like it displays the summary of the article, searches in 100 languages, you can view Wikipedia articles around your location, find your favorite articles, etc. You can simply share an article on Twitter, Facebook, by mail or by generating a QRCode. You can also view previous versions of articles.  The size of app is 2 MB published by Rudy Huyn.


3. WhatsApp

3. WhatsApp Top 10 Best Windows Phone Apps 2012 2013

WhatsApp messenger is a free smartphone messenger available for Windows Phone, BlackBerry, Android, Nokia phones and iPhone. It makes use of your Wi-Fi or 3G to message with family and friends. Now you can switch to WhatsApp from SMS to send and receive messages, audio notes, pictures and video messages. It is free for first year but after that the charge is $0.99/year. It is a small app of 1MB published by WhatsApp Inc.


2. YouTube downloader

2. YouTube downloader Top 10 Best Windows Phone Apps 2012 2013

YouTube downloader costs you Rs. 135 and allows watching millions of movies from around the world offline and online! It is till date the best Windows Phone’s YouTube client. Over 4 million movies have already been downloaded by the consumers using this app. It is a utility which allows downloading lots of videos from the popular video hosting site. Hence one can watch the videos even without a reliable internet connection. It is a 2 MB size app published by AnKo Software. Number of formats are supported by it like MP4, ASF, MP3, MPEG-4, 3GP, AMR-NH, AAC-LC, 3G2, WMV, etc. You can even have multiple downloads at the same time. Also search result can be limited by country. You can order search results by view count, relevance, rating and published date. You can stream over Wi-Fi or 3G. its updates are coming soon.

 1. Facebook

1. Facebook Top 10 Best Windows Phone Apps 2012 2013

Facebook is a free app for Windows Phone and makes it quite easy to stay connected and share information with your near and dear ones. You can receive Live Tile updates, post status updates, review upcoming events, check your news feed, pin Places and Messages as tiles, accept friend requests and look at your friend’s walls, photos and info. Facebook Chat cannot be forgotten- it is built into the Messaging App on Windows Phone. Facebook has some new features for Windows Phone 8 such as improved performance and support for multiple resolutions and tiles and many more. This app is published by Microsoft Corporation and is not of much size, just 4 MB. Facebook has made a strong place in everyone’s life, hence making Facebook app the most popular app in the Windows Phone marketplace.


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