Top 10 Best Smart Phone Mobile Operating Systems 2013

Smart phone’s popularity has been on the rise, they are a lot more smarter and intuitive today. We have a variety of phone’s to choose from and select the one’s that we feel can perform our required daily tasks with ease. But all this has been made possible by the people who develop Mobile Phone OS since that’s what the most important ingredient of a Mobile Phone.

A lot of very smart Mobile OS have come up in the market in last couple of years and have become extremely popular among the mobile users. The current trend shows that Android is leading the Smartphone OS market closely followed by iOS but seeing the competition in the market we can expect a lot of things to happen in the next few years specially since a lot of New Mobile OS are expected to come in the next couple of months.

We have made here the list of the Best Mobile OS of 2013, the list also includes the OS’s that are about to come or launching and surely does include the other major players that are already ruling the smartphone os market.

The list has been made considering the following factors: Stability, Speed, User Experience and Interface, Apps and Ecosystem, Multimedia and Camera Ability, Hardware Partners, Multitasking Capabilities, SDK, Security and Support.

Based on the factors above the best 10 Mobile Phone OS available or launching soon in the market are:

10. Facebook Mobile OS

Facebook Mobile OS rumours have been in the market from long and now recently we hear that Facebook is officially launching a phone in partnership with HTC. We are not yet sure if the Phone would have a total new Facebook OS or would it be heavily customized Android OS by Facebook. But we are sure that the outcome is definitely going be a great mobile phone specially for Social Media lovers. Also there are chances that Facebook OS may not come as a total new OS but could possibly be a heavily customized version of Android with great Social media integration and capabilities. If it turns out to be an Android app we are sure that it would give a total new life to the Android OS and would give it a higher market share.

9. Aliyun OS

Aliyun is a mobile OS developed by Chinese Internet Company Alibaba. This Mobile OS was launched in China by Alibaba in 2011. The OS runs on Linux Software and is developed to bring in greater cloud functionality and support in Mobile’s. The OS hasn’t really catched up since it’s launch because of stability issues and extremely low number of Quality apps. Also no substantial backup from a major Hardware partner has also lead to low sales of phone’s supporting Aliyun OS.

8. Jolla Sailfish OS

Jolla Mobile OS from Sailfish looks like a very promising upcoming Mobile OS. It is based on Linux and is an extension of Meego and Mer Project that was supported by Nokia but unfortunately couldn’t pick up. Jolla OS has awesome multi tasking capabilities and importantly has said that Jolla Mobile OS would be able to support Android applications too when it gets launched. This capability of the OS can help it over come the Apps issue that have made a lot of other Mobile OS’s unsuccessful. Jolla Sailfish OS is also said to be compatible with tablet’s too so along with the Mobile launch we may also see Jolla tablets coming out.

Also it would be interesting to see which major Mobile phone manufacturers come out to support this New OS and also how does the OS performs in real life conditions under heavy usage and the OS effect on Battery.

7. Tinzen

Tinzen looks like another very solid Mobile Phone OS to hit the market in coming months. The OS has the backup of the World’s biggest Mobile Phone manufacturer Samsung, and this alone makes Tinzen as one of the Hottest Mobile Phone OS to launch. Tinzen has been made to work with Mobile Phones, Tablets, Notebooks, Smart TV’s and GPS’s. So Samsung certainly seems to be betting big time with this OS specially since it can be deployed on a lot of Products Samsung manufacture and they could certainly seem to depend less on Android if Tinzen works out well for them in future.

Tinzen would also be able to Support Android apps as with Jolla OS. Also the SDK for developers of this OS has already been out and we may see a new phone running Tinzen very shortly.

6. Firefox OS

Firefox the famous Web Browser makers are out with a Mobile Phone OS. This new OS certainly looks very polished and is on it’s final stages and hence a mobile phone running on Firefox OS could be launched very soon. Firefox OS is based on Linux and HTML5 applications would be able to run directly on this OS. Hence a new application for this Mobile OS can be made just like simple website so the developers are going to find it very easy and we can expect good number of apps to be made for this Mobile OS in short time.

The UI of this OS resembles both iOS and Android and it has similar app drawer so the users might not find something extremely different when they first use the phone. The OS makers have claimed that the Firefox OS would run smoothly on Single Core devices too so the initial plans are to bring in only Single Core devices. Also we can expect a great battery backup with this Mobile OS considering that it needs less processing power. A lot of hardware partners have also already partnered with Firefox OS and we could see mobile phone companies like ZTE, LG, Alcatel to launch Firefox OS running Mobile Phones very shortly in 2013.

5. Ubuntu Touch OS

If you are a Linux fan and love working on Ubuntu, we are sure this Mobile OS is surely going to be your favorite from the list. The much awaited Ubuntu Touch OS is finally out and it’s initial releases have been shown to developers and has garnered very positive reviews. Ubuntu Touch is supported by Canonical and would run on both Mobile Phones and Tablets (it already supports Desktops). Developers can build both native apps and html5 apps for this OS using the SDK and already a large number of important apps have already been built so they would make the initial adaptation to this Mobile OS very simple. Ubuntu Touch OS would have higher minimum requirements as compared to any other Mobile OS and with the need of more processing power the hardware partners would need bigger batteries to support the phones throughout day.

4. Blackberry 10

Blackberry OS 7 and earlier versions usage was on the decline and that is when Blackberry decided to bring in much more Polished Blackberry 10 based on QNX. This latest version of Blackberry Mobile OS has a lot of important changes and enhancements that has again again contributed in a lot of people loving the OS back again. The user interface has been completely revamped and is now more apt for Touch screen devices. Also this new Mobile OS has one of the Best Multi tasking capabilities, the new set of features include Blackberry hub, Time Shift Camera, Android Player, New Improved Keyboard, etc.

The phones that currently support this new Blackberry OS are blackberry made Z10 and Q10 and it would be interesting to see how blackberry plays the another chance it has got.

3. Windows Phone OS

Windows Phone OS is one of the most refined and stable Mobile OS. The OS is supported by Software Giant Microsoft and has become fairly popular in last year. A lot of users have adopted this Mobile OS by shifting from iOS, Android and Blackberry and the OS users are continuously growing. Windows Mobile OS has a different Live Tile based User Interface that gives all the latest updates right on the home screen even without opening the app. The OS’s latest version is Windows Mobile 8 which brings in a lot of advanced capability and also has more than 150,000 apps hence all the important apps you would ever need are already on the OS.

The main hardware partner for Windows Phone is the Mobile phone giant Nokia which has developed beautiful phones and hardware that has helped increase the sale of Windows Mobile OS. This Mobile OS has a lot of Promise and we might see a lot more hardware partners working over Window Phones this year.

2. iOS

iOS developed by Apple under Steve Jobs era is one of the oldest Smartphone OS to feature in our list. This is also undoubtedly the best Mobile Phone OS available thanks to it’s simple to user User Inteface, more than 750,000 quality apps and beautiful iPhone designs. This extremely polished mobile phone OS has tons of features and is extremely stable and has awesome Multi Tasking capabilities. Also Apple solely develops phone’s for iOS which has allowed the Quality of the Phone’s to be best in class.

iOS is currently one of the most popular OS and has great Multi Media and camera capabilities. Also it has been regularly updated by Apple which has made it total bug free and breeze to use. The user interface of Apple is very similar to that of Android which has also led to a lot of Legal disputes between Google and Apple. iOS is also used on iPad Tablets which also has become huge successful market for Apple.

1. Android

Android from Google is the World’s highest used Mobile OS and is based on Linux Open Source platform. The OS lets it’s users the customize their phone to any level which makes it one of the hot favorites among the users. Android has around 700,000 apps in the Android Play store and hence people can find any sought of app they need. The advantage this OS has over iOS is that the consumers can have a lot more phone options to choose from as with iOS they would be able to choose on iPhone. The range of Android Phone’s starts from $100 and goes upto $800 (You can checkout some best android quad core phones) so you can choose the phone you want.

Also Android has great integration with Google related services which includes Gmail, Google Search, Google+. etc so a lot of Google users tend to prefer it.  Also Google’s is bringing some brilliant features in Android with every update like Google Now, Butter Project, Cutomization ability, Widgets which is making this as the hot favorite Mobile OS among consumers.

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