Top 10 Best Entrepreneurs in the World

There might be a large number of entrepreneurs all over the world, but only a few of them have made it to our list of the top 10 best entrepreneurs in the world. As we all know, entrepreneurship is based on just one single idea, and it depends on the mind of the entrepreneur how he or she is going to make this idea a big one and how to start a business with that idea. Here, we are presenting before you a list of the top 10 successful entrepreneurs. You can say, there idea just worked out perfectly. May be you can get some inspiration from any one of them.

10. Rupert Murdoch

rupert murdoch Top 10 Best Entrepreneurs in the World

People living in Australia must be aware of the News Corporation. And, about the rest of the world, I guess at least 10% of the world would have heard of this name. Rupert Murdoch is not only the CEO of the great News Corporation, but also the sole founder and the chairman of this corporation. You would be wondering that the founder of such a big corporation should have been retired by now and passed on his chair to some other. But, the thoughts of this man are quite different. He believes in work as long as he is living in this world. This is something which has brought him this far.


9. Sir Richard Branson

Sir Richard Branson Top 10 Best Entrepreneurs in the World

Not many people would be unaware about the Virgin group of airlines. Sir Richard Branson is the head of this group and he has definitely worked very hard to earn this much reputation. About 400 big companies are under his control right now and he is still striving for more. He believes in perfectness of everything, this is the major reason why Virgin Airlines is so much successful.

8. Warren Buffet

Warren Buffet Top 10 Best Entrepreneurs in the World

Berkshire Hathaway is a very popular company and by the reputation of this company only, you can say how much talented its CEO would be. Warren Buffet has worked very hard and he has used the most of his mind to settle down his business, and not get affected by the negative thoughts of the people around him. He is a patient entrepreneur and I guess, people who are not getting success at this moment must learn something from him. Patience is the only thing that can keep you moving towards your goal even if you are not seeing any signs of success. Warren Buffet worked very slowly and yet came out with a great empire.

7. Indra Nooyi

Indra Nooyi Top 10 Best Entrepreneurs in the World

It’s a really proud feeling when a woman is introduced as one of the best entrepreneurs in the world. Generally, what the people believe is that women cannot do business. But the women of this generation are proving this thing wrong. Indra Nooyi, the founder of the PepsiCo group, is a very strong lady. She did not just stop her work after the foundation of this company but she is still working in order to give a better direction to the PepsiCo group. As a lady herself, she is very nice and cares about her colleagues.

6. Tim Cook

Tim Cook Top 10 Best Entrepreneurs in the World

When Steve Jobs left all of us, we were not very sure about the upcoming Apple products, but, by the work of Tim Cook, we have been reassured about the growth of Apple. Nobody can be the second Steve Jobs, but still, someone has to take over his empire and so far, Tim Cook has been praised all over the world. He is not working the way the legend, Steve Jobs did. Rather, he is trying to build his own idea- the idea of the inventory management techniques by Apple. Not many people would know about it I am sure, but whenever this idea comes into the market, people would definitely be curious about it.

5. Larry Page

Larry Page Top 10 Best Entrepreneurs in the World

There would hardly be any individual here who does not use Google at least once in a day. Such is the power of an idea and this is rightly proved by the entrepreneur- Larry Page. This man is one of those entrepreneurs who have become successful in spite of the criticism that he had to face at every step of his business. Later on, when he became successful, there were other kinds of people too who praised him for all he had achieved. Larry never gets influenced by the peoples’ feelings towards him. He was constantly working in the favour of his company.

4. Howard Schultz

Howard Schutlz Top 10 Best Entrepreneurs in the World

You might have heard stories about people being born in poor families and yet building great empires later on. Howard Schultz, the head of Starbucks in one amongst those people. He was born in Bronx and his family was one of the poorest families. Howard did not let the poverty of his family come in the way of his growth. He worked very hard and was never afraid of anything, probably because he had nothing to lose in his initial days. As a person, Howard is very nice and never gets jealous of other peoples’ success. Rather he invests in other peoples’ success, which is what the reports about him say.

3. Brad Smith

Brad Smith Top 10 Best Entrepreneurs in the World

When we are talking about the biggest or the most successful entrepreneurs of the world, Brad Smith is a name that could not be left unsaid. Intuit is the largest financial software company and Brad Smith has worked all his life to bring this company to level at which we see it today. Brad Smith has never forced his employees to work in the manner he wants, rather, he prefers that his employees learn from their own failures.

2. Anne Mulcahy

Anne Mulcahy Top 10 Best Entrepreneurs in the World

Again, I have a proud feeling here. At the 2nd position, we have a woman- Anne Mulcahy, the CEO of Xerox company. It was in the year 2001 that she was elected as the CEO of this company. And since then, she is striving hard towards the growth of the company. Even the great financial crisis that came over the company could not affect it to that much extent, and this was all due to the hard work of this lady. According to the Forbes magazine, this lady has been elected as the year 2009’s most influential woman.

1. Jeff Bezos

 Top 10 Best Entrepreneurs in the World

And, at the top position in our list of the top 10 biggest entrepreneurs in the world, we have the head of Amazon- Jeff Bezos. Predictive analysis, which we see as a concept in the market of internet commerce today, has been invented and implemented by this man only. It was not that there were no internet shopping sites before this one, but Amazon is something that has changed the entire scenario. All over the world, customers are happy with this one.

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