Top 10 Famous People Knighted by the Queen of England

Knighthood is one of the highest honors the Queen can confer upon an individual. It is part of complex and ancient honors system. In the past, it was solely for military merit, but now recognizes contribution to improving lives and improving relations between Britain and other countries.  This award is of a very high level because it recognizes how people regard what you do for society and how you conduct yourself. The other interesting aspect of this award is the conferring authority has the right to withdraw it. So the person being conferred has to maintain a good and similar kind of behavior which he was maintaining before being awarded.The knighting ceremony usually takes place on feasts or holidays. With knighthood come several privileges. Knights obtain the title “Sir” is one of the biggest among them. In this article I will list down 10 persons who have been knighted by queen :

10.Eduardo Paolozzi

Eduardo Paolozzi Top 10 Famous People Knighted by the Queen of England

Eduardo Palozzi was an artistic person. He was the person who used to see the same thing differently. He used to place objects out of their context in different combinations and make them look more beautiful. He was one of those artists of British which had a influence on many people. Many people rich and poor alike used to admire his work and his thinking. He was a Scottish sculptor, artist and print maker. His vision an interpretation of the world was very different from a normal person. His art had a set of admirers in all classes of British society. His most famous work include a series of mosaics on the walls of Totenham Court Road tube station in London. Sir Issac Newton also had a chance of being drafted by the hands of Eduardo Palozzi. 1989 was the year in which this artist rightfully claimed the knighthood.

9. Nick Faldo

nick faldo Top 10 Famous People Knighted by the Queen of England

When ever golf is discussed or people who are golf players, Nick Faldo is a source of inspiration.He is the personality who has many outstanding achievements in the field of golf. Faldo  has grabbed attention by kissing success in major golf tournaments. A six time major winner, Faldo has three times won the Open Championship and the Masters. He also has one more feather in his cap.In 1990, he became the first non-american to be named PGA Player of the year. He was also the youngest player to compete in Ryder Cup. Thus Nick had many first and also many records in his career and he was successful in attaining popularity through most of the records. Even after retirement, Nick Faldo has continued to pusure his person by serving as television golf analyst.He was knighted by the queen of United Kingdom in 2009 for his services to the game of golf.

8. Alex Ferguson

alex ferguson Top 10 Famous People Knighted by the Queen of England

As Nick Faldo is an inspiration to golf players. Alex Ferguson is an inspiration to soccer players. All the Manchester United supporters would be very well versed with this name. Alex Ferguson is the manager of Manchester United since 1986.  He is considered pride of Manchester United and is a legend in England and some parts of Europe.  He also received an award as “Manager of the Decade “. Before establishing himself as successful manager, he was also a very well known soccer player.Alex Ferguson started playing soccer at an early age of 16 which is one of the prime reasons why he has proved himself has a wonderful manager to a team. He was awarded knighthood in the Queen’s Birthday Honours list.

7.Jonathan Ive

Jonathan Ive 300x168 Top 10 Famous People Knighted by the Queen of England

Everybody is in awe of Apple and its products. The user friendliness, the design it offers are very unique and is appreciated by all. The designer who is one of the prime persons for bringing this idea is Jonathan Ive. He is the senior vice president of industrial design at Apple inc. He is the chief designer at Apple. The look and feel of the phones, music player went into massive transformation because of the designs of the Apple Iphone, Apple Ipad and other products. Jonathan Eve was knighted for being the design genius.

6. Gordon Wavamunno

Gordon Wavamunno Top 10 Famous People Knighted by the Queen of England

Gordon is the name which is well known with business tycoons. Tried his hands in different business domains, this man has managed to not only be a successful business man but also made in the list of the list of wealthiest people in Uganda. He is the owner of Spear Group of Companies. He is currently Commander and Chairman of the Order of St John in Uganda. The another reason why he came into spotlight is that he is one of the few Africans who has been admitted to the British royal order of chivalry as Knight . He was given the award for his philanthropic work which included sponsoring the education of more than 400 students and contributing to the building of schools, hospitals and worship places.

5. Armando Iannucci

Armando Iannucci 300x187 Top 10 Famous People Knighted by the Queen of England

Comedy and Armando Iannucci are synonyms in the British entertainment industry.   He has been in the British comedy past 20 years in front of and behind the camera. He has been in the industry so long that now he has written his name in memories of many people and his a role model for some people. He is comedian, satirist, writer, television director and radio producer.  His other talent  includes being a  columnist on the Observer, who has produced, hosted and written extensively for television comedy.  His comedy has no bounds and takes people from all domains into its wraps. He does not think or fear about including people at  higher positions  He was knighted by the Queen. When he was knighted there were lot of talks about his the reason for which he was knighted. Many thought that this was an incentive to stop him from making fun of politicians and other eminent personalities.

4. Thomas Sean Connery

Thomas Sean Connery 204x300 Top 10 Famous People Knighted by the Queen of England

When we think about super stars there are very few names which come to mind. Sean Connery is definitely one of them. He is a Scottish Actor who became well known because of the popularity of James Bond spy thrillers in which Sean Connery was an actor. These thrillers are responsible for his successful film career. Sean Connery is an actor who has grown mature in his acting skills with age. He has won many awards which include names like Golden Globe Awards, BAFTA awards and Academy Awards. At age of 69 , he was voted “Sexiest Man of the Century”. This itself shows his charisma and popularity. He was conferred knighthood in year 2000. He was honoured for his services to film drama

3. Paul McCartney

Paul McCartney Top 10 Famous People Knighted by the Queen of England

Paul McCartney is the man who gave a complete new dimension to music industry. He introduced the music industry in its new form – the creative and commercial form. With this transformation he also changed his fate to become key figure in music industry. He is a very versatile person. He is known to be very popular singer, writer, poet, artist and humanitarian. He also has an entry in the “Guinness Word of Records” for most records sold. He was song writer for Beatles which was very popular ans is still preferred by many people. He was knighted by Queen Elizabeth II for his services to music.

2.  Ben Ainslie

Ben Ainslie Top 10 Famous People Knighted by the Queen of England

Sailing is one of the rarest games which people choose. Ben Ainslie is a man who not only pursued that game but also made noticeable records in it. His popularity has climbed new charts and one of the prime reason is the Olympic 2012 games. In 2012 Olympics he became the first person to win medals in five different Olympic Games in sailing. Along with this he became the second to win four gold medals. With such records, he has become the most successful Olympic sailor with four golds and silver to his name. He was conferred with knighthood recently in March 2013.  His knighthood marks and honors the twenty years, he dedicated to Olympics. This knighthood came as incredible honor to his sailing career.

1. Salman Rushdie

Salman Rushdie Top 10 Famous People Knighted by the Queen of England

Everybody is well known with this name. He has been constantly in news for both appreciation of his work and controversies because of his work. Salman Rushdie is an Indian born English novelist. His novels are typically historical in nature. His novel “Midnight Children” brought him in spotlight and also won a booker prize. He is also author of controversial novel “The satanic verses” which landed in controversy as it was accused to being against Islam. The book brought widespread protests from Muslims and was immediately banned in India. He has been highly acclaimed writer whose books continue to trigger arguments on the nature of free speech and author’s social responsibility. He was conferred Knighthood for his life long career in writing.

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