Top 10 Best Sufi Singers in the World

There are many sufi singers known all throughout the world. Sufi music is a very famous devotional music. Sufism is itself no religion. there are many people in the world who are very fond of sufi music. In recent years its popularity has grown. According to many great sufi poets any one can sing sufi music if he is aware of the inner as well as the outer life. The most common type of sufi music is qawwalis and gajals. They mainly belong to India and Pakistan. Sufi music has been loved by many people all throughout the world from a very long duration of time. Originated in Pakistan and India now this music has spread its roots to countries like Egypt, Persia, Syria and many more countries. The word sufi can be thought to be derived from the word safi which means pure. This is the reason more people have learned it. The top 10 Sufi singers are mentioned below.

10. Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan

nusrat fateh ali khan Top 10 Best Sufi Singers in the World

Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan is a very well known Pakistani singer. He is very well known for his qawwalis. Qawwalis is a devotional music in the sufis. His birth date is 13 October in the year 1948. He had the capability to sing at very high cords and intensity for a long duration of time. He had a vocal range that varies widely. Due to his extraordinary talent he was called as Shaneshan- e- Qawwali. He belongs to Faisalabad in Pakistan and he is known to take the sufi music particularly Qawwalis to an international platform. He is very well known in countries like Japan, Europe, India as well as U.S. he is known to have showcased his talent in more than 40 countries.

9. Rabbi Shergill

rabbi shergil 300x222 Top 10 Best Sufi Singers in the World

Rabbi Shergill’s original name was Gurpreet Singh Shergil. His birth year is 1973. He was born in Delhi. He is not only a singer but also songwriter and a guitarist. Sufi music or Sufism has a very big impact on his singing. He is an Indian musician. He became very famous with his song “ Bulla Ki Janna”. This song was on ten top ten lists in the year 2009. His music style is Punjabi rock music with blend of Bani melody. His first band was Kaffir which he made just after completing his college. Through this band he got a little popularity and his singing became known to people. In the starting days of his career he worked with Sony Music. He finally earned great fame through his album released in the year 2004 by the name Rabbi which gained him popularity.

 8. Kavita Seth

kavita seth 300x157 Top 10 Best Sufi Singers in the World

Another Indian playback singer famous for her sufi songs is Kavita Seth. She has a very melodius voice which can take the breath of any person who listens to her singing. Her birth year is 1970. At the beginning years of her career she sang on All India Radio as well as Doordarshan. She has performed many of the sufi songs and has also performed in Karwaan Group which is a musical group. Her home town is Bareilly in Uttar Pradesh. Karwaan Group is a group of sufi singers. She has won many prices and awards for her singing. In the year 2010 she won a Filmfare award for the best playback singer female. She has also won Star Screen Award. She was a follower of Ustad Ahmed Ali Khan. She has given performances all throughout the world. She has appeared in more than 500 concerts.

7. Harshdeep Kaur

harshdeep kaur 300x224 Top 10 Best Sufi Singers in the World

Harshdeep Kaur is an Indian sufi singer. People are not only charmed by her beauty but by her voice too.  She is a very popular playback singer in the hindi cinemas. Her birth date is December, 16 in the year 1868. Her hometown is Delhi. She belongs to sikh family and her music inspiration is his father, Savinder Singh. His father owned a shop of musical instrument. When she was just at the age of six she started learning music. She knows both Indian classical music as well as Western classical music. She is the first women to win any of the musical reality shows. The two shows she won were Junnon Kuch Kar Dikhane Ka and MTV Video Gaga fest. Recently her famous songs are Jugni which she sang in Cocktail and for Rockstar she sang Katiya Karun.

 6. Pathanay Khan

pathaneykhan 300x196 Top 10 Best Sufi Singers in the World

Pathanaya Khan was born in the year 1929 in Pakistan. He was a very famous sufi singer who was particularly known for his work in Ghajals. He had a magic in his music that used to take away the breath of his listeners. He had the capability for singing continuously for long duration of time. in the year 1979 he was awarded with Pride of Performance award for his singing. Though he died in the year 2000 yet his work is still loved by many people all around the world.

5. Rahat Nusrat Fateh Ali khan

rahat fateh ali khan 300x201 Top 10 Best Sufi Singers in the World

Another Pakistani singer famous for his qawwalis is Rahat Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan. He is the relative of the renowned sufi Pakistani singer, Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan. Not only does he love singing Qawwalis but is famous for his ghajals and other types of light music. He also belongs to Faislabad in Pakistan. His birth year is 1974. He has credited many Star Screens, Filmfare awards in his name for the best playback singer. He is known all over the world for his sufi music. His first performance was in U.K. when he was just 10 years old. As a playback singer he first sang in the Bollywood movie Paap.

4. Wadali Brothers

wadali brothers 300x163 Top 10 Best Sufi Singers in the World

The Wadali brothers from Amritsar in Punjab are Puranchand Wadali and Pyarelal WAdali. Before becoming renowned sufi singers they had the most uncommon profession any sufi singer ever had. Puranchand use to work in the wrestling ring and Pyarelal used to do the role of Indian God Krishna in the village dramas. After this Puranchand did his music training under great singers like Ustad Bade Gulam Ali Khan and Pandit Durga Das. Pyarelal was taught music by his elder brother, Puranchand. In the beginning days of their career thet recorded songs in Jalander FM. They also have credit many awards in their name like Tulsi Award which they won in the year 1998 and Punjab Sangeet Natak Akademi Award which they won in the year2003.

3. Shaukat Ali

shaukat ali 300x265 Top 10 Best Sufi Singers in the World

Shaukat Ali belongs to Pakistan and he is a very renowned sufi or folk singer in Pakistan. He starts to sing when he was in college that is around in the year 1960. Shaukat Ali’s brother, Inayat Ali Khan helped him to learn singing. He took birth in an artist family. He has been known to sing not only the ghazals but also the Punjabi songs. He has been given the award Voice of Punjab. His first performance on the stage was in the year 1982. He sang in the Asian Games which were conducted in delhi. His son Imran Shaukat is also a very renowned song. His songs are even used in movies like Love Ajkal.

2. Ustad Ghulam Ali

ghulam ali Top 10 Best Sufi Singers in the World

Ustad Ghulam Ali is a Pakistani singer. His birth date is 5th December in the year 1940. He belongs to the Patiala Gharana. He used to sing in radio shows during his starting days of his career. During his time he was the best rated ghazal singer in the world. He has a very different style of music variations and singing. Unlike the other sufi singers in the world he mixed ghazals and Hindustani classical music which is a very different style of singing. Not only his singing is popular in Pakistan but he is very much known in countries like India, USA, Bangladesh, UK and many other countries in the Middle East. His work is mainly on the relationships. You would find his work in many of the Hindi movies.

1. A.R.Rehman

a.r. rehman 300x257 Top 10 Best Sufi Singers in the World

Allahrakka Rehman more popularly known as A.R. Rehman is not only a very famous singer but is also a very famous song writer and a successful musician. He was born on 6th January in the year 1966. His birth place is Madras in India. He has won numerous awards and the list of the awards he has won is too long. He has won 2 Grammy Awards, 2 Academy Awards, 4 National Film Awards and the list continues. He is a prolific music composer and writer. He is a very good hearted person. He is popularly called as the Mozart of Madras. He is also the world most influential people as listed by Times in the year 2009. He has his own recording studio by the name Panchathan Record Inn

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