Top 10 Best Movie Reviewers in the World

We all prefer to read newspapers or online review and comments of any new movie which might be releasing or yet to release. Reporters and film critics are some of the journalist who write about their opinion and views about the new movies, who might be working for the newspapers, magazines, broadcast media. There are many such websites such as Rotten Tomatoes, Metacritic which publish the reviews of the critics. Some times the movie ratings depends on these critics opinion. These critics rating also depends for choosing the movie for Oscar nomination as well. There are a few famous movie reviewers who have a high opinionated views on certain movies and give ideas as how they want the movies to be shot. Some of such well-known movie reviewers are,

 10. Roger Joseph Ebert

Roger Joseph Ebert Top 10 Best Movie Reviewers in the World

Roger Ebert is an American journalist, film critic and screenwriter. He has won many awards including the Pulitzer prize who is first to win it. He is famous for his column of film review in Chicago Sun-Times since 1966 and later it was also started online. He co hosted a television program along with Gene Siskel until Siskel’s death in 1999 due to a Brain Tumor. Ebert’s movie review’s are sold and published around 200 newspapers across the U.S and he has written about 15 books. In an early age he wrote and published his own local paper called as The Washington Street Times. Ebert and Siskel’s television show was named as ‘Opening Soon at a Theater Near You‘ in the beginning, which made both of them rich and famous. Later he co hosted with Richard Roeper. Roger had to quit the show as he was diagnosed of thyroid cancer and was unable to talk. Ebert ‘s interest in journalism started when he was a student in school and he won Illinois High School Association state speech championship. Among his movie reviews career, the first one he wrote was a review of La Dolce Vita published in The Daily Illini in October 1961. According to many Ebert is very much direct in his review style and tells it as it is. If he feels there is something wrong he puts it out front that the movie is bad. Ebert is suffering from speech problem and other problems and has a full time nurse to take care of him. He went through a series of surgeries for different kind of health issues. He refused any more surgeries after a repeated of surgery for his thyroid cancer.

 9. A.O. Scott

A. O. Scott Top 10 Best Movie Reviewers in the World

Anthony Oliver Scott born on July 10, 1966 and is a chief critic from New York Times along with Manohla Dargis. Both his parents are professors and he himself graduated in B.A degree in Literature (magna cum laude) from Harvard in 1988 and a dropout of grad-school from John Hopkins. He started his career as a New York review for Books and later as a book critic for Newsday. He has served repeatedly for the Ebert and Roeper show when Ebert was ill. He hosted a television program along with Michael Philips which was not that successful and got low ratings and the program did not continue after one season. He lives in Broklyn along with his wife and two children. His choice of films for the 2012 year are Amour, Lincoln, Beasts of Southern Wild, Footnote, The Master, Zero Dark Thirty, Django Unchained, Goodbye,First Love, Neighboring Sounds, and The Grey. Recently in 2012 there was a controversy between Scott and Samuel.L.Jackson as Scott made some negative remarks on the movie Avengers. Jackson tweeted with some heated comments. Though Scot accepted this with grace telling that when critics make negative remarks its natural that people involved in the movies get affected and it makes them talk negative towards him.

8. Peter Travers

Peter Travers Top 10 Best Movie Reviewers in the World

Peter is a film critic who has written for People and Rolling Stone. He also hosts a celebrity interview show called ‘Popcorn’ on ABC News Now. Travers is best known for his writing style and in an opinionated form. He has shown dislike to many directors particularly to Michael Bay who has done some of the famous movies such as Armageddon, Pearl Harbor, The Rock and many such. Since 1989 until 2011, Travers has reviewed around 2, 465 movies for Rolling Stone. He uses a star rating system of No Star to Four Star.

 7. Manohla Dargis

Manohla Dargis Top 10 Best Movie Reviewers in the World

Monohla is a chief film critic for the New York Times along with A.O. Scott. She has formerly worked with the Los Angeles Times, LA Weekly and The Village Voice. She is a strong women supporter in films. She was born in April 1961. Recently she voiced her opinion in an interview that most of the productions do not give a chance for women directors and she said Sandra Bullock need to consider about giving more chances to women in her productions. She has written for many publications including many film comments and sight and sound. She graduated in the year 1979 from Hunter College High School. According to her Kathryn Bigelow is one of the best women directors and women like her should be given a chance. Her pick of movies for the year 2012 are Amour, The Deep Blue Sea, The Gatekeepers, Holy Motors, The Master, Moonrise Kingdom, Once Upon a Time in Anatolia, Searching for Sugar Man, Silver Lining Playback, And Zero Dark Thirty.

 6. Richard Corliss

Richard Corliss Top 10 Best Movie Reviewers in the World

Richard Nelson Corliss was born on March 6, 1944 and is a writer for Times Magazine. He is critic on movies but is also interested to write in sports and music as well. He was born in Philadelphia and has done his master’s degree in film studies. He has written for many magazines and his best outcome was in the Film Comment. He has written critics on many movies and movie stars.He was one of the invitees of the Cannes Film Festival along with the others as such Roger Ebert and Todd McCarthy and some of them. He is a fan of Pixar movies and like many his all time favorite is Finding Nemo. Though being the tough competitors between him and Ebert, he praised Ebert as ‘Thumbs up to Ebert” in his article ‘All Thumbs’. He is the author of the books ‘Talking pictures‘ which is a study of Hollywood Screenwriters, and ‘Greta Garbo‘.

 5. Todd McCarthy

Todd McCarthy Top 10 Best Movie Reviewers in the World

Todd McCarthy an another journalist who worked as a chief film critic for Variety of about 31 years and he was laid-off in 2010. Later he joined the Hollywood Reporter and became a critic there. He has also directed four documentary movies. Todd has picked about 15 films from 2012 as one of the best for the year and which can get an Oscar, while he is also disappointed with few of the movies of the year 2012. In the year 1991 he won Primetime Emmy award as an outstanding individual. According to his recent remarks on the Sundance 2013 fest, he conveyed his liking towards the new movie Fruitvale (a movie based on the real story of Oscar Grant in a police shooting in 2009) and says the year is a promising year for new comers of directors.

 4. Kenneth Turan

Kenneth Turan Top 10 Best Movie Reviewers in the World

Kenneth Turan was born in Brooklyn, New York and has done his M.S from Columbia University. He began his career as a writer for Washington Post as a sports writer and feature writer. He is a film critic since 1991 for Los Angeles Times. He is a strong believer of speaking his mind and had an incident with James Cameron when he wrote a negative review on the movie Titanic. According to Turan article on Sundance, this year 119 feature-length films were selected from more than 4,000 entries.

 3. Lisa Schwarzbaum

Lisa Schwarzbaum Top 10 Best Movie Reviewers in the World

Being born in a family who had less interest either watch television or movies, Lisa was a child who learned all about music. Though she participated in many musical concerts, her interest was always in writing and she began writing on music for her school newspaper. She got selected to write for a month of interning in magazine writing for Mademoiselle magazine. She joined Entertainment Weekly in 1991 as a senior writer and began her career as Critic on movies by joining along with Owen Gleiberman in the year 1995. So far according to Lisa she has never graded the current movies with a A+ as she cannot come up with giving such a grade in comparison to all the beautiful movies made in olden days.

 2. Richard Roeper

Richard Roeper Top 10 Best Movie Reviewers in the World

An American columnist and film critic working for the The Chicago Sun Times. He was a co-host with Ebert in their show in television called the At the Movies. He was born on October 17, 1959 in Chicago Illinois. He began his career as a columnist and his topics varied with importance to politics, media and entertainment. He has written about seven books and in his next is on gambling which was released on 2010 called Bet the House. Like all other his favorite film is God Father and he hates all the movies of Adam Sandler comedies. He joined the show of Ebert after Gene Siskel, the former host of the show died. Roeper was selected by Ebert for the show after interviewing about 30 of new critics, and he selected Richard Roeper, and they gave good show until Ebert had to quit because of his Thyroid Cancer, though Roeper continued the show until he announced that he is quitting the show and will be bringing a new show.

 1. Michael Philips

Michael Philips Top 10 Best Movie Reviewers in the World

Philips is born in 1961 and is a film critic from the Chicago Tribune Newspaper. He has appeared a lot many times along with the host of the show At the Movies. He was later hired by A.O.Scott in their show, though it lasted for only one season. He is a three times pulitzer drama juror. Philips is a graduate of the university of Minnesota and lives in Chicago. As a teenager Phillips wrote to his High School newspaper called as ‘The Shield’. Based on an interview he expressed tat he would like to meet Buster Keaton, Vincente Minnelli, and Orson Welles if he has a chance.

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