Top 10 Best F1 Racers of World

Formula One which is referred to the FIA Formula One World Championship has become one of the most crowd-pleasing and beloved sport of the world today. It snatches interest of million of viewers and fans and make a big business for enormous sponsors. High speed thrill and excitement has become the cause of captivation for the audience. The term ‘formula’ is referred for set of rules which every racer has to follow. It began in 1906 and gain its popularity basically in the 20th century second half. It effects the economic factors as it creates lot of jobs and results in dozens of political and financial controversies. The event of Formula One Racing takes place over three days and is also famous with name ‘Grand Prix’. Formula One cars are the fastest racing cars which usually take speed up to 350 km/hr. Formula One Racers are the most experienced drivers and have complete evaluation of cars and tracks.

10. Heikki Kovalainen

Heikki Kovalainen Top 10 Best F1 Racers of World

Heikki Kovalainen is the formula one racing driver from Finland. He made his racing debut in year 2007 at Australian Grand Prix and achieved the first podium in the same year at the Japanese Grand Pix by securing second position. He raced in 2012 for Caterham F1 but has also drove in 2008-2009 for McLaren and in 2010 and 2011 for Team Lotus which was the earlier version of Caterhan F1. He has won Nissan championship and end up in the GP2 as runner-up when he was provided support by Driver Development program organized by Renault. During the 2004 Race of Champions he has defeated various Formula One drivers like Michael Schumacher. The initial few races prove to be disappointing for Kovalainen but later he proved himself after learning from various mistakes. In 2010 he makes a return in the journey after he was crushed by Sébastien Loeb in a harsh race.

9. Kamui Kobayashi

Kamui Kobayashi Top 10 Best F1 Racers of World


Kamui Kobayashi is Formula One racing driver from Japan Origin. He is 26 years old and made his F1 debut in year 2009 with team Toyota when he was supposed to replace Timo Glock because Timo was crashed in the qualification round of Japanese Grand Prix. In year 2010 he is chosen as the leading racer for team Sauber. His name means to enable great dreams. He is the winner of  GP2 Asia Series in early 2008 during the second race of the season.He was also proving himself to be successful in GP2 Asia campaign followed at the end of years 2008 and 2009, when Kobayashi won two races and was on the path to become the champion. Though he did not peform the same way in the main series and end up at the sixteenth position.It was decided on 11th march 2013 that Kamui Kobayashi would compete in the 2013 FIA World Endurance Championship season for AF Corse.
8. Rubens Barrichello

Rubens Barrichello Top 10 Best F1 Racers of World

Rubens Barrichello is a brazilian F1 racer who has recorded tenth highest points in total in the history of F1 Racing. He has been competing in seasons of Formula One from 1993 to 2011. He has to go with KV Racing Technology for IndyCar Series in 2012 after loosing his place from the team Williams F1. For the 2013 season he was not able to find seat for himself therefore he was compelled to move into Brazilian Stock Car V8 Series. From the year 2000 to 2005 he was the team member of Ferrari and also worked with Michael Schumacher. He was the runner up of the 2002 and 2004 World Championship. He recorded himself in the F1 history as most experienced driver at Turkish Grand Prix in year 2008. He proved himself in 2010 by becoming the first driver who reach the level of 300 starts and 300 Grand Prix entries. Before he lost his place in Formula One he was also appointed in 2010 as the chairman of the Grand Prix Drivers’ Association.

7. Michael Schumacher

Michael Schumacher Top 10 Best F1 Racers of World

Michael Schumacher is one of the greatest F1 racer ever and is regarded as the best out of rest. He is the seven time World Champion of F1 racing and has recorded heartbreaking achievements like most championships, points scored, pole positions, fastest lap etc. The history of racing has recorded his name for the maximum number of wins in a single year i.e 13 in year 2004. Statistically,he is the greatest driver that the sport has ever encountered. He is German driver and competed for teams Jordan, Benetton, Ferrari and Mercedes. He took his second retirement on October 2012 and for the 2013 season Hamilton will replace Schumacher for Mercedes. His first retirement was after he won the 2006 Italian Grand Prix. He has shown his active participation in racing from 1991-2006 and then from 2010-2012. Considered as the epitome of humanity he has donated millions of dollars in charity. He is the spokesman for safety driving and ambassador of the organization UNESCO. Schumacher is among the highest paid athlete of the world. £515 million is the estimation of his personal possessions. In year 2004 for aid of the victims of Indian Ocean earthquake,he has made a huge donation of $10 million .
6. Nico Rosberg

Nico Rosberg Top 10 Best F1 Racers of World

Nico Rosberg is a German Formula One Racer who is currently under the team of Mercedes formula One Racing. He is presently competing under German flag but earlier was the part of Finland racing team as he has nationality of both the countries. He has raced in Formula 3 Euro Series for his father’s team and also won GP2 Series for the team ART in year 2005. For the 2010 Formula One season, he has joined team Mercedes. Born to the Finnish F1 Champion Keke Rosberg he has spent his early life sincerely and in discipline. He is the youngest driver who recorded fastest lap in Bahrain Grand Prix in year 2006. Lewis Hamilton was teammate of Rosberg when he started karting at the age of 10. He can be compared to Schumacher and is recognized for his victory in 91 GPs. For the session of 2013 Rosberg will staying for team Mercedes and will be partnering Lewis Hamilton. In 2012 he has beaten Lewis Hamilton at the Chinese Grand Prix which was the outstanding comeback after the racing seasons in Malaysia and Australia same year.

5. Mark Webber

Mark Webber Top 10 Best F1 Racers of World

Born on 27 August 1976, Mark Webber is an Australian F1 racer who made his debut in 2002. He won first time in 2009 German Grand Prix with racing team RedBull which was followed by win in Chinese, British and Turkish Grands Prix in the same year. In 2009 he has scored eight podiums and added ten more in 2010. He also obtained victory in the Brazilian Grand Prix in 2011 with third position when the champion was Vettel and runner-up Jenson Button.The Formula One drivers’ union which is called Grand Prix Drivers’ Association has chosen Webber as its long term director. Webber has keen interest in outdoor pursuits like cycling, fitness program and mountain biking. He has also won tennis tournament F1 Pro-Am which was held in Barcelona in years 2002, 2004 and 2005. He has attempted to raise funds for cancer research for children in year 2003. He has left Australia and moved to United Kingdom to nourish his career in racing.
4. Jenson Button

Jenson Button Top 10 Best F1 Racers of World

Jenson Button is 2009 F1 World Champion born in England. He started his journey in Formula One racing in year 2000 with Williams F1. Top Gear magazine has named Button in year 2009 and 2011 as the title of “Men of the Year”. In the following years after 2000 Button has joined several teams like Renault and Honda. In 2010 he has become partner of British racer Lewis Hamilton moving in McLaren. He completes the 2011 championship as runner-up. He is known for his smooth driving style. He won in the Brazilian Grand Prix. Button is ideal for his attitude of willingness and handling severe situations calmly. His style of driving is under steer which is different from Hamilton’s over steer style.The Jenson Button Trust is the charitable society created by Button.

3. Lewis Hamilton

Lewis Hamilton Top 10 Best F1 Racers of World

Lewis Hamilton is 28 years old F1 racer from England. He is famous for the tag “the first of black driver in F1 Racing”. He worked with McLaren from 2007 to 2012 and presently racing for Mercedes AMG team. He was signed to the program for Young Driver Support by Mercedes and McLaren after he approached team principal of McLaren,Ron Dennis and told him about his interest of racing for McLaren at the age of ten. He is the youngest ever driver to have a contract with a team like McLaren which consequently gives him opportunity to race in Formula One. In his debut year 2007 he has recorded several astonishing achievements and also wind up 2007 F1 Championship securing second position. He has demonstrated his confidence and interesting style of driving while performing on a rainy day which has become drive of the year. Through his aggressive style of racing he freaked out the attention of critics several times.

2. Fernando Alonso

Fernando Alonso Top 10 Best F1 Racers of World

Fernando Alonso nicknamed El Nano is a brilliant F1 racer who makes most of the every possibility. He is a Spanish driver accomplishing World Championship two times. In 2001 he starts with Minardi and then works for Renault in the following year. He won the title of F1 World Driver’s Championship on 25 September 2005 and recorded as the youngest World Champion of the time. He also succeeded the following year and became the youngest racer to achieve double championship at that time. In 2007 he become prominent driver of McLaren but later returned to his old team Renault. Currently he is racing for Scuderia Ferrari. He won pole position in 2003 Hungarian Grand Prix and 2003 Malaysian Grand Prix as the youngest F1 racer but his records were later broken by Vettle. His success increased the interest of F1 racing in Spain and the fan following of Alonso is caved out with the name of ‘Alonsomanía’.

1. Sebastian Vettel

Sebastian Vettel Top 10 Best F1 Racers of World

Sebastian Vettel is the World Champion currently and have won the 2010,2011 and 2012 championships. He is a German F1 driver and driving presently for Red Bull Racing which is an Austrian team. In the last few years he has enumerated several youngest accomplishments like competing in Grand Prix official practice session and to secure position as a winner. In year 2009 he participated firstly for World Championship and wind up the race as runner up. After that he has continuously conquest the title of World Championship in three consecutive years. His name is recorded in the history of sports as the youngest F1 driver to chalk up championship three times constantly. Vettel has a supporting hand in the winning of first World Constructors’ Championship for the Red Bull team. In the Top Gear programme by BBC Vettel has recorded second for fastest lap-time after Lewis Hamilton under F1 racers category.


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