Top 10 Most Beautiful Miss World Winners

The world has been a devotee of beauty since long. Even after thousands of years the world still remembers Cleopatra the woman renowned for her beauty throughout the world. Various countries in the world since long has challenged each other to see which one is superior. They not only did this by challenging each others manpower , industrial output , intelligence etc but also by stepping as competitors into the field of beauty. Beauty is something that cannot be created it is a god gift and many are blessed with it magnificently. It goes without saying that women are also at a superior position when it comes to beauty and glamour  Since long various women from each country steps to take the post of the most eligible woman. We all are acquainted with our Miss worlds. Those lovely ladies who have a perfect combination of beauty , body and brain. They have got the looks to die for. They are envied by every woman and coveted by every man. They symbolize God’s perfection in the visible world. Although since 1951 various women have taken up this post but there are a few best of the bests. The list I am displaying takes into account the miss worlds from the year 1990 onwards. The following are the top 10 most beautiful miss world winners.


10. Jacqueline Aguilera

jacqueline aguilera 276x300 Top 10 Most Beautiful Miss World Winners

Jacqueline aguilera a simple girl born in Valencia in the country of Venezuela on the 17th of November in the year 1976. At the age of 19 years she was entitled the miss world for the year 1995 that is the year right after Aishwarya rai was crowned the same. Jacqueline was given the crown by her that ended her era as the miss world and started the year of glory and stardom for Jacqueline. In the same contest she was given the most photogenic award of the pageant as well. In the same year she contented for the Top model of the world and was declared a winner which gave her nation the very first top model title holder.


9. Agbani Darego

Agbani Darego 222x300 Top 10 Most Beautiful Miss World Winners

Agbani Darego was a not so privileged girl who spent her childhood in the hostel and lost her mother owing to breast cancer. She desired to be a model and she accomplished this with all the hard work. She has been a student of mathematics. She was crowned as the most beautiful girl and latter was moved on to the Miss Universe pageant and became the only black women ever to reach in the top 10 of universe pageant. In the year 2001 in November she finally won the miss world crown and became the the only African lady till then to hit it this big at a beauty pageant.


8. Ivian Sarcos

Ivian Sarcos 300x240 Top 10 Most Beautiful Miss World Winners

Ivian is a Portugal beauty and was born in Venezuela in the year 1989 on the 26th of July. In the year 2010 she became the beauty queen of Venezuela and in the next year 2011 she became to rule the world as she became the miss world 2011. She was also face of the year. Venezuela has been very lucky with the world beauty pageant and Ivian was the 6th tittle holder for the country. She wanted to do something for the orphans and so she started an organization whose title means beauty with a purpose which helps various people who need any kind of help.


7. Diana Hayden

daina hayden 300x201 Top 10 Most Beautiful Miss World Winners

Diana Hayden Is the Indian title holder at the miss world pageant holder. She was born in the city of Hyderabad on the 1st of may in the year 1973. In the year 1997 she was crowned miss India and later miss world at the respective beauty pageants. She was also given the photogenic award for the year 1997. Returning to India she took up modelling and was also sen hosting the prestigious Biographies on History Channel. She is an actor and also an author. Her book talks about personality development and intellectual capabilities. She has worked as an actress in many overseas projects.


6. Maria Julia Mantilla

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Maria Julia Mantilla Garcia was born in Peru on the 10th of July in the year 1984. Ironically this miss world tittle holder is the niece to the miss world title holder for the year 1969 Julia Mantilla Mayer. In the year 2004 Garcia won the pageant and gave Peru the second miss world title after her aunt. She was welcomed with a lot of celebration as it as almost after 40 years that the country got another title on this scale. During her reign as the miss world she did various useful duties. She performed various tasks including fund raising for various noble tasks. She traveled to various countries in her order to give her contribution for the betterment of the society and victims.


5. Zhang Zillin

zhang zilin 300x240 Top 10 Most Beautiful Miss World Winners

Zhang Zillin was born in China in the year 1984 on the 22nd of March. At the age of 23 that is in the year 2007 she became miss China and got the right to represent her nation at the miss world pageant. People had high expectations from her. Finally she bagged the crown of miss world and became first of the south east Asian to win a title  She is a model undoubtedly as she has the perfect sleek body and an radiant skin. It is interesting to know that all her life until 2003 Zhang has been an athlete that too a top class one. She has many attributes to her athlete side. But fate had something else for her and in 2007 she became a world renowned beauty. She has been at the top fashion pageants be it Paris or Berlin.

4. Priyanka Chopra

priyanka chopra 300x225 Top 10 Most Beautiful Miss World Winners

Priyanka Chopra unlike most of the beauty queens has her roots in army back ground. Her father and mother both are a part of the Indian army. They serve as army doctors to the nations and therefore were continuously on the run throughout the nation on service. She therefore studied in various schools throughout the country. She was born in Bihar on the 18th of July in the year 1982. Finally in the year 2000 she became the face of India on the international platform of beauty queens. She was crowned the Miss world 2000 and it was India’s consecutive second victory. Since then she is a part of Bollywood and one of the most established actresses in the country. She is a well trained singer as well.


3. Ksenia Sukhinova

ksenia sukhinova 300x236 Top 10 Most Beautiful Miss World Winners

Ksenia Sukhinova is a Russian beauty who bought the nation the world beauty title in the year 2008. She was the Miss Russia in the year 2007. She was born in the year 1987 in Siberia and has been a cybernetics. She is also a die hard sports fan and has been associated with sports since childhood. She was rumored to date Bharat Manghnani a famous playboy  During her coronation ceremony she was seen dedicating her achievement to the homeland and to its citizens. She traveled throughout the globe during her miss world reign and supported various causes like fund raising for various purposes.


2. Rosanna Davison

rosanna davison 300x255 Top 10 Most Beautiful Miss World Winners

Rosanna Davison was born in Ireland in the year 1984 on 17th April. She is the daughter to a great musician who even dedicated a song in his album to his daughter. She was crowned miss world in the year 2003 in Dublin and she wrote history by becoming the first Irish to get the world beauty tittle. She traveled to various major countries during her reign as the miss world. She later on became part of the various modelling campaigns. She even acted in a few movies. She even shot for the eminent Playboy Magazine.


1. Aishwarya Rai

Aishwarya Rai 300x225 Top 10 Most Beautiful Miss World Winners

She undoubtedly is the best when it comes to the world beauties. The world has not seen a beauty better than hers. Aishwarya Rai was crowned as the miss world in the year 1994. She was and is one of the most beautiful woman of the world. She is one of the most influential actresses in Bollywood and a known name throughout the globe.

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