Top 10 Scooty for Women & Girls in India 2013

Why should boys have all the fun?” this is what Pleasure came up with while entering the Indian market. But it completely suits the metropolitan scenario where girls do not want to sit at homes and wait for drivers to take them to college or tuition or markets. The Indian women these days are fiercely independent and they do not want to rely on the males of their family to ferry them off to places. So, they learnt to drive and with the boom in automobile industry in India, we have vehicles of every kind that suit the tastes of women. But the most appealing to women here are Scooty or a female version of scooter for women and girls of India. Ever since, scootys were introduced in the market, they have been a favorite of girls everywhere from ultra modern cities to small towns. You can always spot girls zooming on roads on their trendy and ultra modern two wheeler giving boys a tough competition and claiming the roads to themselves . These scootys offer great mileage and also look super girly and are available at a great price.

We give you a list of top 10 scootys’ for women in India:

10. Piaggio Vespa

piaggio vespa Top 10 Scooty for Women & Girls in India 2013

The stylish and tradition model of Vespa was launched in Indian market under collaboration with Bajaj auto and Piaggio & co. in it was initially launched under two models- smallframe and largeframe. The automatic gear scooty has a 125 cc and 4 stroke engine and comes equipped with active and passive security. The younger generation of Indians might not be much familiar with the scooty but the older ones were quite obsessed with its models. Its new model LX 125 was unveiled in auto expo 2012 and right now it is available in the price range of 60,000 INR.

9. Suzuki Swish

suzuki swish Top 10 Scooty for Women & Girls in India 2013

The sleek design of this Japanese scooter plays a role in attracting young customers in India. It is a restyled version of Suzuki and is now 125 cc gearless scooter. The sharp and edgy lines of this scooter provide it an even fresher look and so does its aerodynamic access. It also has the prominent V shape which looks even better from ahead and its side panels have graphics along with a black colored silencer. Suzuki is leaving no stone unturned to beat its competitor Honda Activa. Beside the scooter is available in 5 ranges of shades- blue, red, black, white, and grey.

8. Kinetic Flyte

kinetic flyte Top 10 Scooty for Women & Girls in India 2013

This is an Indo- Taiwani model under the brand name Mahindra. It is the same scooter used in Aamir Khan’s movie three idiots. It has fuel tank of 5 lt and a 125 cc engine with front fuelling while most of the scooters have it in the back. It also has a 4 stroke 8 bph engine and can speed up to 80 kmph. It falls down in the price bracket of 43,000- 45,000. It has a vibration free engine at all speeds and an air injecting system for a smoother start. It is available in five shades- Black mystique, Silver flash, Jade Charisma, Lavender groove and red oomph.

7. Suzuki access

suzuki access Top 10 Scooty for Women & Girls in India 2013

This is another Suzuki product with a tagline “Access to all your wishes”. It has a 125 cc, single cylinder and 4 stroke engine and an overwhelming design with eye shaped front view of the turn indicators. Beside s it has Xtra Torque Performance (XTP) for better power and pick-up and wider seats for better comfort along with a stylish and chrome plated silencer cover along with analogue instruments for speedometer and fuel gauge. It falls down in the range of Rs. 42,800- 43,500.

6. Honda Dio

Honda Dio Top 10 Scooty for Women & Girls in India 2013

This is another common scooter amongst youngsters because of its unique design as well as funky and sporty outlook. It has 109 cc engine with cooling capacity. It also has a refined engine which is quite fuel efficient. The company has now come up with enhanced and combined brakes system. The funky outlook and low saddle height makes it a popular among college goers. It falls in the price range of Rs42, 500- 43000.

5. TVS Scooty Streak

TVS Streak Top 10 Scooty for Women & Girls in India 2013

This is probably the most stylish scooty launched in Indian markets till date. It is powered by 4 stroke 87.8 cc engine with air coolers and extremely sharp and pointed panels. It has newer generation of headlights which are more stretched and are quite noticeable from other versions. There are also bigger air inlets near the headlights. They have also worked upon the knee space and seat comfort with a wider floor board and more storage space. It is available in a wide range of shades with Sinfully black being the latest addition. It is equipped with powerful suspension and braking system and anti skid tires for better grip. Its light weight is also what makes it a favorite among girls and it comes at a price of Rs 35,800.

4. Mahindra Rodeo

mahindra rodeo Top 10 Scooty for Women & Girls in India 2013

It is designed for people who want solid performance, comfort and convenience along with eye catching designs. It has a 4 stroke and 124.6 cc displacement engine. It can be called a unisexual vehicle because of its design and colors. The scooter does push some boundaries in the existing market with revamped instrument panel and color changing digitized instrument clusters. It gives the rider complete control over ride as it features a digital speedometer, tachometer, clock, odometer and an over speeding alarm and acceleration timer. It falls down in the price bracket of Rs 48,500- 50000.

3. Hero Honda Pleasure

pleasure Top 10 Scooty for Women & Girls in India 2013

The scooter caught rage when it was launched with the tagline “why should boys have all the fun”. May be it is the effect of well planned advertisement that you can spot this scooter everywhere in India, usually girls as the riders. It has very less turning radius with a 102 cc engine and a fuel tank of 5 liters. Its oval shaped panel is quite trendy and it is high on luxury and comfort. Its stylish features and streamlined body is also eye catching. It is available in nine shades and is priced at Rs. 42,000 to 52,000 depending upon city and other added features.

2. TVS scooty Pep Plus

TVS Pep Plus Top 10 Scooty for Women & Girls in India 2013

Again, a favorite among girls! Its light weight design and style along with a wide range of colors attract many female riders. It has a single cylinder, 4 stroke and 87.8 cc engine which is air cooled. It is mainly designed for city usage and you might find it a little less in capacity. But keeping aside the negatives, it pulls out heavy number of girls as its users. It is available in a range of Rs. 39,000 to 41,000.

1. Honda Activa

Honda Activa Top 10 Scooty for Women & Girls in India 2013

The undisputed winner! It is an ideal two wheeler for males as well as females irrespective of age. It has a 102 cc engine which provides an average of 52.2 kmpl. Its mudguard, side panels are very sleek and well designed and are bold as well. It has larger headlamps and oblong turn indicators. What sets it apart is its heavy body which is heavier than all its rivals and it appeals to metropolitan driver. It falls down in the price bracket of Rs. 45,000 to 52,000. It is what rules the Indian roads.

Let us know which do you feel is Best Scooty in Indian market below in comments.


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