10 Reasons why your Car may not Start

How bad will you feel if you are late for work, hunting for the car keys in your bag and then you jam the keys in the ignition but, damn, your car is not willing to start? Very bad indeed. This happens to a people very often and unfortunately they cannot do anything about it. People cannot do anything about that means they are not aware of the common reasons of a car not starting. A car works properly if the electric and fuel systems of the car must work properly and if any one of them fails at any point, your car will not start. This is a list of the most common bugs that you must check when your car gives up and doesn’t starts:

10. Starter Motor:

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The engine of a car must have something that can forcefully push the pistons up and down. The car has a starter motor for this job. The starter motor must be powerful enough to move the pistons and turn on the engine. If the starter motor is damage and do not have enough strength for the job, then the engine combustion process will not even start. So, a faulty motor is the in-charge for not letting your start. But this case is not very likely as the starter motors have a long life and do not get corrode or spoiled very soon. Sometimes, it is the bearings that get worn out, can’t move the pistons as smoothly and one blames the starter motor.

9. Ignition Coil:

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There is an induction coil in your car’s ignition system which is responsible for transforming 12 volts of a storage battery into more than a thousand volts. This is present because ignition requires thousands of volts. This induction coil transformer is called Ignition Coil. If the Ignition coil is not as it should be, then it will not supply the required amount of voltage or electric power and therefore, the engine will not spark and hence, not start. So, whenever your car gives trouble to start, you can check for the faulty ignition coil.

8. Bad Crank Sensor:

CKP 300x263 10 Reasons why your Car may not Start

Crank Sensor, also known as crank position sensor (CKP), is again an important thing that possibly won’t let your car start. The role of the crank position sensor is that it will make sure the cylinders of the engine are in proper shape and order. Basically, it checks the fire of those cylinders. For this, the crank sensor examines the rotational or positional speed of the car’s crankshaft. If the crank sensor is faulty, then it will not allow your car to start even if everything, including the cylinders, engines and fuel, are perfectly fine. So, one can assume that car is not starting because of a bad crank sensor and get it replaced by the nearest mechanic.

7. Lack of Fuel:

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When you are out of oil, your car will definitely not start. Not only being out of oil means lack of it, instead lack of clean fuel indicates the same. The engine of a car requires a particular amount of fuel to get started. Also, the fuel must be clean and there must not be particles of water or something else that will stop ignition of engine. If there is not enough fuel, or I would say not enough clean fuel, then there will be no ignition in the cylinders and thus, the engine will get locked up. This can harm your engine as well and to avoid this, one must get the oil changed at regular intervals.

6. ECM/PCM failure:

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ECM stands for Engine Control Module and its function is to read the information from all the sensors and specify the fuel intake such that efficiency is at its best. To do this, ECM sends signals to the fuel injectors and the timing belts to supply perfect amount of fuel for best performance of the car. PCM stands for Powertrain Control Module and its function is to adjust the speed of car’s engine and decide the amount of fuel must the engine use. ECM and PCM are the computers for your car or you can even say the brains of a car. So if any one of these both fails, your car will not get started.

5. Timing Belt:

TIMING BElt 300x215 10 Reasons why your Car may not Start

The fuel enters and leaves the exhaust through the timing belt. Actually, the valves of the engine that control the passage of fuel are opened and closed by this timing belt. So, if the timing ails, the valves will not be able to open and close at required time and the fuel will not be able to reach the engine in desired amount and at the desired time. This leads to choking of the engine and thus, your car will face trouble while starting. So, you must consult the manufacturer about when after what period of time must you replace the timing belt.

4. Lack of Combustion:

Piston rings failed 300x225 10 Reasons why your Car may not Start

The combustion process in a car requires both air and fuel. Lack of Compression means the charge of fuel and air is not being compressed properly. This can occur due to a number of reasons. One of them is worn out piston rings. If the piston rings are not in proper shape, then the air and fuel can leak from the piston, resulting in lack of combustion. The same is the case with the internal and external valves. Another major reason of combustion problem is the presence of a hole in cylinder. The cylinder, usually, has gasket between the body and the head for ensuring the seal. But if the gasket gets broken over time, it forms holes between the cylinder head and cylinder itself; resulting in leakage of air and fuel, further resulting in no combustion and no engine start.

3. Spark Plug:

Spark Plugs 300x196 10 Reasons why your Car may not Start

Spark plug is another part of the car that plays an important role in starting your car. The fuel in your car is rich with either of aerosol, gasoline, or LPG etc. The spark plug is that part which will ignite the fuel. It produces a spark and therefore, ignites the fuel to run the engine. But if the sparkplug is wrong, then the fuel will not burn and engine won’t start. Not always the plug is bad, sometimes it can be the cables that are attached to these electronic spark plugs which are missing or broken. So when your car refuses to start, check the spark plug and the cables connected to it.

2. Clogged Fuel Filter:

Fuel Filter 300x224 10 Reasons why your Car may not Start

The car contains a part which is called Fuel Filter. As the name suggests, the fuel filter’s role is to filter the fuel present in your car so that the engine uses a filtered fuel. It plays a vital role to keep the dirt off the engine and does not allow any debris to clog in the fuel’s delivery path to the engine. But if the filter itself gets clogged, then there is no chance that you will be able to start your car. Once the fuel filter is clogged, the fuel will not be able to flow till the engine and will not allow the combustion process at the engine and therefore, will not allow your car to start.

1. Dead Battery:

dead battery 300x168 10 Reasons why your Car may not Start

Most of the times when we wonder about what happened and why the car is not working, we may forget that the battery might be dead. But the fact is that the commonest reason for a dead car is a dead battery. If the battery of your car is dead, then the car will not get started. A battery means that the battery has lost all of its charge. If there is no charge present in the battery that implies that there will no electric power. As the battery of your car becomes incapable of supplying the required electric power, the motor will not start, the engine will not run without the motor and hence, the car cannot get started. To prevent this from happening, you must keep a regular check on the battery’s charge and replace it with a new one as soon as you know about the discharged battery.

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