Top 10 Ways to Deal with Bad Customers

Does your heart starts beating faster and your mind goes numb, the moment you see an angry customer approaching you? Or does your throat just choke when a customer calls you and starts abusing the company and the products it offers? Well, if that is the case then indeed you are on the right page. This article gives you a classic guide to the top ten ways in which you can deal with such bad customers that suck the blood out of you. So go ahead, have a read and if you succeed in implementing these tips, I assure you that you are soon going to fall in love with your customers and the company.

10)      Never blame any third party

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If a customer approaches you with a problem, never say that you are not responsible for it and that the company or the manufacturer or any other third party is responsible for it. Such responses will quite often blow off your customer’s mood. So try sounding accountable and compassionate about his problem. Tell him that you will soon figure out and get back to him about what can be done about his problem in case you can’t cater to his problem immediately. Even if it’s not your mistake, you can’t just tell the customer it’s none of your business. It is very much your responsibility to rectify any flaws that your customer is facing in the product or service that you provide to him. So be reasonable and polite to them.

9)      Give a freebie

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It is obvious to encounter customers who have been victims of defective products in an industry where you are dealing with hundreds of customers every day. In order to create a positive image about your company or brand and to retain your customers for a long period of time, it is necessary to accept your mistake and offer the customer a freebie. As soon as the customer gets something for free, he is so joyous about it that he is bound to forget his anger or keep any grudges against your company. An angry customer with a genuine problem deserves a freebie and this will in turn help you and your company in retaining customer loyalty and positive brand image.

8)      Don’t be too defensive

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There might be times when the customer is getting onto your nerves, though none of his arguments are even in the vicinity of being logical enough to be heard. You know your company is right but under no circumstances you should get defensive about it. The moment you get defensive, it actually starts highlighting your weakness. So wear a mask of confidence and address your customers’ problems with poise. This will in turn make them succumb to your wishes or policies.

7)      Be well-versed with your product and be logical

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Before you even start talking to your customer, make sure you know everything about the product from head to toe so that, while the customer is trying to rob you off your clothes you have good enough reasons and knowledge to make your point. Until you are not well-versed with the values of the company and technicalities of your product, you would not be able to convince the customer. Things get more smooth and easy when you have enough facts to support your point to persuade the customer.

6)    Try to find all possible solutions

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Instead of just beating around the bush, come up with multiple solutions as fast as you can. The customer will immediately calm down if you make him see a ray of hope. Remember, some customers are genuinely in trouble and are naturally exasperated due to their depraved experience with the product. Even if they are just aiming to trouble you, your good solutions will for sure shut their mouth up. So be creative to come up with good solutions and stay informed with the company policies while dealing with the customers. Don’t offer solutions that might satisfy the customer but are against company policies. If you fail to find any viable solution, try getting someone who can immediately cater to the customers’ problem and gratify them.

5)      Respect your customer

Respect your customer Top 10 Ways to Deal with Bad Customers

Don’t forget that the customer is the person who is actually responsible for the money in your bank balance that gets deposited in your account every month. If you don’t respect your customer and end up disappointing him, there are high chances you will end up disappointed forever in your life. Caring and respecting your customer are the prime things that should be naturally inbuilt in you. If you succeed in encompassing these two qualities in you, you can deal with any kind of customer, no matter how quirky and frustrating he might be.

4)      Never argue

Never argue Top 10 Ways to Deal with Bad Customers

If you want to lose your job or haven’t heard from your rude boss from a long time, then please go ahead and argue with your customers. Arguing is the last thing you would want to do while dealing with customers. Agree to what they are saying and then very smartly and ingeniously present your version of the story in a way that they could actually make sense of what you are telling them. Arguing will further aggravate the situation and enrage them. So try settling the situation because that is what is going to help you and the customers in the long run.

3)      Empathize

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Try to understand the customer and empathize with him. Listen to him and try to understand his point of view. It will make them feel that you care for them and are as much concerned about their problem as they themselves are. Talk to them from their point of view and they might submit to you and your idea easily. Show sympathy to them in a way that they feel you can actually feel their pain.

2)      Talk very softly

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Watch your voice tone! Never let your tone get high while talking to the customers. The customer might be abusing you, creating havoc and you might feel like whacking the customer and ask him to shut up. But you must not forget that he is the person who is helping you earn your living. And keeping this thought in mind, just control your anger and talk very softly. Raising your voice is definitely going to turn things bitter for you.

1)      Be patient and keep calm

Be patient and keep calm Top 10 Ways to Deal with Bad Customers

Even when the customer loses it and is burning with anger, you have to make sure that you keep calm. Just patiently listen to him and don’t get hyper at any point of time. Your patience and calmness will eventually calm down the customer and will ease things for you. The customer might not want to listen to you initially, but with your constant patience and calm, he is bound to give up and listen to you. So work upon your patience levels now, if your daily routine revolves around dealing with irksome customers.

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