Top 10 Ways to Avoid Internet Scams

Computer world is improving day after day. However internet has become common rage in each of our life style. Earlier people suppose to stand in a long queue for doing ticket reservation. After standing for long time finally once you reach ticket window, it is frustrating to listen that reservation is not available.  This problem has been solved now with help of internet. You can check reservation status before booking ticket even you can book ticket online if you are having online banking facility. Bill payments, Fund transfer, video communication have become easy with internet. Sitting at your home without leaving your computer chair you can do shopping of house hold product. You can browse many shopping sites for best buy of desired product. When you want to do bargaining for any product you can search for auction sites which offers you good bargaining for your desired product.

Beware of any fraud website while you are hunting for any auction sites because indirectly these sites are hunting a new comer on their websites by offering a good deal and making them target. Online scams are increasing very rapidly. There are many online Scammers who do misuse of technology and cheat people across internet. They want to earn is shortcut way so they target people by offering them free gift, lucky draw on victim name, donation etc.  There are many hacking and scamming websites present on interne which gives training on how to earn by hacking, how to do online scam etc. So beware of visiting such site because these fraud sites are being already highlighted to cyber crime squad and these sites are closely monitored by cyber crime official. So visiting such sites may put you in trouble. Cyber crime has found most cases of online scam in which people are ignorant and careless. Simply they respond to unknown mail or click on popup sent by hacker. One should always be cautious while browsing over internet or checking mail. Don’t ever open or respond to unknown mail or download any unknown attachment. It can be virus and may infect your computer also it can share your personal data over internet. Below we are listing down top 10 ways to save your self from internet scam.

10. Beware of “phishing”

Beware phishing Top 10 Ways to Avoid Internet Scams

Phishing is a very dangerous fraud. One should always be cautious while checking any banking or financial related mail. In Phishing type fraud indirectly criminal is capturing your Bank account details. In this type of fraud you receive mail from criminal pretending as mail sent by bank for re-verification of Account. When you click on given link on mail, you are redirected to another website which looks as original as bank website and ask you to login your account with your account number and password. When you are giving input everything is getting recorded on that fraud website and finally you may loose money from your bank account. So whenever you receive such mail don’t ever respond it and report this mail as phishing to Messaging Administrator. So in future messaging team will monitor such type of mail communication and mark such mails in their black list.

9. Something sounds too good to be true

Something sounds too good to be true Top 10 Ways to Avoid Internet Scams

Fact is true today also as it was long back ago. Normal product which you get too cheaply compare to its market value makes your mouth open for a while. If you found that the price of the product is too cheap or the price of that product is unbelievable compare to other site. So be ready to loose your cash. To avoid becoming victim of such sites, always check retail price of that product at stores or do compare it from different sites. Descent looking website could be prepared in very short time, so don’t go on look of website. Most of time these fraud shopping websites does not share seller contact details.

8. Do Shopping from trusted website

Shopping from trusted website Top 10 Ways to Avoid Internet Scams

Never buy product from any unknown site always go for trusted site which is popular and known by everyone. Trusted site always use secured payment gateway having SSL signed certificate. After purchasing when you check out for making payment  you will see a lock symbol appearing on left bottom of your browser, if you click on that you will able to see certificate information. This indicates your payment is getting transfer to merchant account through secured channel.

7. Fraud Email

Fraud Email Top 10 Ways to Avoid Internet Scams

Email has become a common channel of online scam. Most of the online scam cases have been found due to email. Never open or unsubscribe any unknown email. If you respond to mail by clicking unsubscribe link, it will redirect you to different site and in background your email id is captured into the sender database. So it is advice to mark such email as spam and delete that email. Cyber criminals use the current news event as subject line in their e-mail and sending to many users with attachment. People are eager to see news related to particular event, so they open the attachment which contains Virus. Once the virus is downloaded, we can’t predict how it will behave.

6. Avoid unknown friends from Chat room

Chat room Top 10 Ways to Avoid Internet Scams

People enjoy in making new friends through various chat rooms and the best part is that if the opponent is female then you are addicted in chatting.  Majority of college students are seen in chat room. Cyber criminal appear as female chatter and he may win your trust by word game and demands money from you. So avoid sending money to unknown friend without verifying their condition.

5. Be Cautious on Social Networking Sites

Social Networking Sites Top 10 Ways to Avoid Internet Scams

Social Networking sites such as Facebook are ready made available free data for scammers. In social sites people are updating their email address, date of birth, profession, university, college etc. In social sites you can visit anyone profile and see their friend list. Here scammer makes fake profile same as your friend profile and ask you to transfer money. To avoid such condition do not disclose too much personal information also do security setting in social site by enabling display profile to your friend only.

4. Use plastic card for Transaction

Credit Card Top 10 Ways to Avoid Internet Scams

Plastic card is nothing but addressing towards your credit card. Doing online shopping is fun but precaution should always be taken while doing payment to merchant. Use credit card for doing online transaction because credit card departments keep track for all your transaction also provide some refund scheme in case of any fraud transaction. If you are scammed by such online scammer, immediately you can report for dispute at credit card fraud department and request for tracking culprit and refund back your amount. Also don’t expose too much about your credit limit, it is better to keep credit limit low rather than high on your credit card.

3. Never believe on stories

Never believe on stories Top 10 Ways to Avoid Internet Scams

Cybercriminal tells you false stories or ask you to give donation for child welfare committee. Scammers are sending you mail mentioning themselves as needy person. To win your belief of their condition, they may send you images and videos so you can trust them and help them by transferring handsome money. Many times these also happens in social networking site where scammer create fake profile and appear as needy person and finally ask you transfer money in their account. It has also seen that scammers are sending mail regarding lottery jackpot which is won by you because your email id got selected in lucky draw. In order to claim your million dollar prize they ask you to pay processing fees. So never respond to such mail and mark them as a spam.

2. Never Login to your Financial or bank sites from unknown area

Bank Login Top 10 Ways to Avoid Internet Scams

Whenever you travel and accessing internet from public wifi available at airport or railway station, avoid login to your bank account or any personal financial account from unknown network. Public network is open channel and unsecured network, so it better to take precaution from getting into online scam by scammer. Also avoid same thing from public computers such as cyber cafe, hotels etc because there are many hacking software which records your keystroke and capture all activities done in that computer. This software captures your username, password, browsing history and everything you have done on that public computer. So it is better to take precaution if you are using public network for browsing internet.

1. Change password frequently

Change password frequently Top 10 Ways to Avoid Internet Scams

It is one of the best practices to change your password frequently. If you are not changing your email password frequently, your account may be hacked and hacker will misuse your account for any fraud activity.  Even your bank is also advising you to change your online banking password frequently for smooth and secure operation of your account. Your password should not be name or mobile number or date of birth it should be very strong. A strong password should have at least 10 character including alpha numeric character, one special character, one capital letter. It becomes difficult for hacker for breaking such strong password.


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