Top 10 Qualities a Teacher must have

A teacher is a person who gives knowledge and educates his students. He is among that person who receives respect from each and every one in society. Teaching a crowd is a very challenging profession. If a teacher is rude or harsh then, students won’t like him but if you need to be an ideal teacher then you must be successful in boosting up the kid to explore his/her creativity and nourishes  his/her talent. Ideal teacher are like Path Directors, who are always up for their students because students future is dependent on the way a teacher teaches, his knowledge and dedication. Teacher is among those persons who have a long lasting effect on students mind and student always cherishes and remembers a great teacher.

10. Understanding

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A teacher should be very understanding so that any student can put their opinion and queries to them. Many students do not have habit to speak up openly in front of a crowd, till he/she gets support of his teacher that’s the reason people say that if a teacher can understand his/her student well then he could be his/her best friend who advise you to follow the right path. If a teacher is understandable then he could adjust him/her with the need of hour, he is the one whose motive is to make their child that much strong and determinant so that he could find his goal and complete them easily.  Teacher guides his student to traverse through right path that could lead to his/her dreams or goals. As a teacher if you can cast yourself in what student wants from you, then only you can make yourself available for them as much as you want and become a perfect teacher for them.

9. Good Listener

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Everyone around you has some or the other thing that he wants to share with someone and a good listener can make any one comfortable within a short span of time. For a teacher this quality is important, so that he can understand student point of view and maintain a healthy relation. Now suppose if a teacher is not a good listener, then he won’t be able to understand his/ her student’s idea and work over that to improvise that to form a better output. Teacher should be good speaker but as well as good listener too.

8. Teacher should be a Good Communicator

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Teacher should have good communication skills because they are the one who are role model for many students. One thing that leaves a good impact on parents is how a teacher communicates and handles any student because, they only comments which are somehow related to teachers communication ways. Only parents know their ward properly so teacher should call or meet parents so that they could understand student in proper way. We often come across that whom so ever we meet their first impression is always more important, so try to be cheerful when we meet someone. If you lack in your communication skills then no one will understand you or your feelings because you won’t be able to express yourself before them, that’s the only reason why a teacher should be a good communicator and he should maintain a healthy and friendly relationship with children’s.

7. Teacher should have patience

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If you want to be a good teacher then you must be able to control yourself, because kids are always very curious to know everything, even if what they are asking is completely senseless and stupid. That’s why in case of small children you need to be more patient. All students sitting in front of a teacher are of different caliber  sometime students are not able to understand any particular thing taught once so you need to repeat that thing again and again. That moment is very irritating from a normal person’s point of view, but most testing period for teacher, patience he/she tries his/her best to explain to his/her kids. Thus a teacher should always have lot of patience in his arms before facing his/ her kids so as to handle them more comfortably without any sort of problem.

6. Teacher should explore creativity

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Old teaching concepts cannot be implemented now, because students will get exhausted with too long lecture and all. So teacher should be innovative and creative so that he could bind entertainment with studies in such a way, that kids can study in a creative way and gain maximum data just by reading it once. This creativity can include use of animated presentations and videos so that students can have an interactive learning session. Caring out practical’s instead of just giving them bookish knowledge. Educational trips are also another way which could be presented in more innovative way so that students can make something out from there experiences there. Teacher should be concern through what medium he/ she could teach their kids in a better way.

5. Teacher should be helping

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Teachers are the ones who guide us to choose right and appropriate path, so they should be ready to help his/her child anytime and anywhere. Sometimes it happens that repeatedly asking questions regarding same topics irritates especially in their free time, that is obvious but a teacher should try to avoid that. Books play an important role in our quality of knowledge and upgrading to good grades in examinations, so teacher can help student to select one. Teacher should mix up with children so that they could compel students to think about innovation and come up with brand new ideas. If a teacher is helping any of his/her students with open heart then, his/her student will surely get to that point where he achieves his goals.

4. Teacher should have positive thinking

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Every student has fears, if a teacher come up with a negative attitude somehow it will effect on students mind. This is as simple as this that if something needs to be molded and our mold is cracked then it would affect the output, that’s the only reason that a teacher should enter in his/her profession with lot of positive attitude in their sleeves.  If a student’s IQ level is not so high than a teacher should not discourage him/her rather he should encourage him/her with positive thoughts. As positive nature helps to tackle many problems easily in life so, teachers should have positive attitude in them so they can stand with their child to help him out.

3. Teacher should be disciplined

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The most important aspect for a teacher is to be disciplined. This is one of the attribute whose demand is in each and every field, since it is something through which we can learn many things. Each and everything in the universe is bounded to work in a proper fashion this is what discipline is we need. No doubt that too much bounded environment is not good, instead there should be a healthy relation between the teacher and student that could be helpful for students to realize there responsibility in a better way. If a teacher is disciplined than his/her teachings teaches their students about his/her responsibilities for their parents, life, society etc. and also let them live with rules and regulation to maintain some regularity.

2. Teacher should be knowledgeable

 Top 10 Qualities a Teacher must have

If a teacher is going for a lecture in a class than he should know each and everything about that so that if any student has doubt than it could be cleared at that moment, that’s why teachers level of knowledge should be up to the mark. As we all know that incomplete information is not good, so don’t pick up those subjects in which you are not perfect and always handle the subject in which you are expert. Teacher’s main motive is to share knowledge and to clear his/her child concepts properly, so if you are lacking in variety of content than you will never become a good teacher.

1. Teacher should have good personality

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Good dressing sense, be cheerful, speak well, polite, calm, is all that is needed for a good personality. If a teacher have a good personality, than this increases the probability that he can convey his messages more effectively because student are allured and can be easily influenced by his/her words. Personality does not just involves how a person looks or walks it includes many things, like the way of speaking, teaching everything and if any teacher have all these qualities than he/ she is with complete package.  

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