Top 10 Ways to keep your Elders Happy

One cannot truly define the importance and role of our elders in our life. We were born as helpless creatures into this world and have come this far only because of the efforts , love and blessings of our elders. If they have devoted a part of their life and time  in moulding, training and taking care of us , we should ensure their happiness at all times. A rocky relationship with an elder is always a strain in a persons life and being unreasonable to them for selfish issues is an extremely ungreatful thing to do.If they have taken every step in their life with the purpose of our wellbeing , we can take an extra step to keep them happy and content. Apart from it being our moral duty and obligation , nothing beats the warm feeling of seeing a wide grin on their face Here are the top 10 ways in which you can keep your elders happy

10)  Remember things

remember Top 10 Ways to keep your Elders Happy

When you remember things about your elders , its shows that you were attentive , listened to them and that you genuinely care about them. Remember birthdays and other important days so that you can be present with them on their special day. Don’t just listen to what they say just for the sake of it. Retain it in your memory and the odds are that it will be of some use later on.

9)    Be thankful

thankful Top 10 Ways to keep your Elders Happy


Do not ever forget that you are who you are and you are where you are only because of your elders. They have made innumerable sacrifices for our well being and have always been putting us before themselves. Although our gratitude may not compensate for the immensity of their generosity , we must still try and thank them for everything in whichever way possible. Whether its through gifts , assistance or just a simple action like a hug.

8)    Do not break their trust

 Top 10 Ways to keep your Elders Happy


Once you break your elders trust , its going to be a very hard task to get It back.Avoid lying to your parents about issues and respect the rules they have established. Don’t try to be sneaky and go for activities that they have strictly forbidden. As much as you don’t like being caught , they don’t attain sadistic pleasure by catching you red handed either. They don’t enjoy reprimanding you for going against their will and more than anything , only feel hurt. It is very hard to move forward in life with elders who don’t trust you at all. It may cause a lot of difficulties in the future which can easily be avoided if we follow them .

7) Say you love them

love elders Top 10 Ways to keep your Elders Happy


Just knowing how much you love them can make your elders very happy.Whether its through words or actions , express yourself and make sure that they always feel loved and wanted. Remember , you are always going to be treated in the same way you treat your elders. So go out of the way to tell them how much they mean to you.It doesn’t necessarily mean  that you have to arrange for an expensive affair and your effort  could be something as  simple as a hand written thank you card.

6)     Try and help whenever possible

elderss Top 10 Ways to keep your Elders Happy


Offer help when you see elders having a work overload or if they’re working on something that could use an extra hand. Even if they might not accept the offer , they will be pleased with the fact that you were considerate enough to help.Physically, financially or in anyway possible , this is one of the greatest way to show how grateful you are for all that they have done for you.

5)  Do well for yourself

do well for yourself Top 10 Ways to keep your Elders Happy


Nothing makes your elders more happier than seeing you at a good place in life. When you’re successful and doing well for yourself , you make them immensely proud and happy. While your parents have spent resources , time and effort , the others have always wished for your well being and supported you as you went up the ladder.Being more responsible for yourself will make them happy because of the feeling that they have done their job well.

4)Discuss and not argue

do not argue Top 10 Ways to keep your Elders Happy

Your elders and you may not always agree upon the same thing and are bound to have differences come between the both of you because of the age/generation gap. However try to discuss these issues and work on a compromise rather than having a tiff and ending it on sour terms.Try to understand that your elders take a stand on everything because they care about you and want the best for you . Focus on justifying your statements rather than attacking their words and unintentionally saying something that might hurt them . Plus getting their perspective on what to do can be helpful and can work in your favour many a time.

3) Become their friend

friend Top 10 Ways to keep your Elders Happy

Treat them as your friend and try to involve them in your life in whichever way you can . Have talks with them , introduce them to your friends  etc and make them feel like an integral part of your life. Listen to their woes and try to be there for them whenever they need to just be heard out. Share a laugh or two with them and lift up their spirits when they’re feeling low.

2) Respect your elders

elders2 Top 10 Ways to keep your Elders Happy

We must always bear in mind the fact that our elders are definitely more experienced and thus more wiser than we are. We must acknowledge this fact and actually consider what they say because they might have had to tackle a similar situation.They don’t speak for the sake of it and speak out of sheer wisdom for they have been there and know how to deal with the the same dilemmas that you face. Often people lose their temper and begin swearing while arguing with their elders. Avoid this and keep your language clean and  in control while talking to them.


1)      Spend time with them

elserd Top 10 Ways to keep your Elders Happy

More than anything else , they only want to spend more time with you and expect the same from you. Even if you’re stuck with an extremely busy schedule , try to find time to at least have small talk on a regular basis. Plan and indulge in  activities that garner both your interests or find something that you can both call your tradition. Even if its something that you can do only once in a week or once in a month , give in all of yourself to make that limited time a memorable one.Its the thought of consideration that really matters and will keep your elders happy and content. If you find that there’s absolutely nothing in common between both of you , try doing something they are interested in and you could probably introduce them to what you’re interested in later on.

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