Top 10 Busiest Ports in the World

How times have changed!! The ports which were given no importance in the 19th century are now competing on global scale. The port related costs were so less that they could be easily ignored earlier. But now ports are having direct impact on the economy and hence the importance of ports is on rise. Countries have started giving due importance to the development of ports and also assigning private companies for development of ports. Ports help in facilitating external trade and internal market exchanges. They provide service to many industries and contribute in the economic and social development of the country. Because of such strategic importance, it is very necessary for the port management authorities to adopt practices and methods which on implementation give positive results. The role of the port exceeds the simple function of basic transshipment of goods. Many factors such as efficient customer service, state of the art facilities, easy business procedures, fair and mature legal system are some of the examples which are also on the checklist of the industries before carrying out business on a particular ports. The completion between and within the ports is everyday getting more fierce and here is the list of top ten busiest ports of world:

10. Port of Rotterdam, Netherland

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Port of Rotterdam is one of the oldest and largest seaports in Europe. Till eighteenth century this port was the world’s busiest ports, but it has lost this position to other fast developing ports in the world. This port is surrounded by highly populated and industrialized centers. Port of Rotterdam authority is responsible for looking at development activities and providing other facilities. Apart from this, the main goal of the company is to strengthen the competitive position of the port in terms of size and quality. The company wants to restore the glory of the port. The port of Rotterdam is a gateway to a market of more than 500 million European consumers and also is Europe’s largest center for agricultural business. The managing authority of the port is very positive about rise of the in the global ranking of the ports in the near future.

9. Qingdao Port, China

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The port of Qingdao is recognized for its outstanding performance. Qingdao Port is the world’s largest port for inbound iron ore. It is also China’s largest port for inbound crude oil and China’s second largest port for foreign trade. This port has a very efficient and innovative development pattern. This is one of the few ports which adopt environment friendly practices. Location of this port is a sea port on the Yellow Sea in Qingdao, China. This port has many advantages in the ongoing competitiveness in all the global ports because of simple transfer process, effective customs process and reduced logistics cost. Paperless clearances and online payments implementation have worked in the favor of this port. One of the major and unique developments this port has made is in the expansion and advancement in the wireless communication and computer applications.

8. Port of Ningbo, China

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Port of Ningbo is a perfect example of speedy development and catching worl’s attention because of ever increasing prosperity. Port of Ningbo is at junction of routes of mid china’s coastline and the Yangtze River Delta. It is a deep water port of China enjoying unique natural conditions. The port area is sheltered from strong winds and waves as it surrounded by Zhoushan islands. Ningbo port has received the biggest number of ultra large vessels in Mainland China. In the years, it has also recorded the greatest growth in the container business in the world. The reason for such big and unique achievements is the best facilities provided by the port and the natural advantages being utilized optimally at the port.

7. Port of Dubai, Dubai

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Dubai Ports is the one which has lead the extraordinary transformation of Dubai. It has made Dubai a hub for world’s leading trade and commerce industries. Port Rashid and Jebel Ali Port are the two ports which come under the title Port of Dubai. These are biggest man-made ports of the world. These ports are also the best Seaport and the best Container Terminal Operator. The ports of Dubai provides access to market of 1.5 million people. Port Rashid is more dominating in the shipping activities. It is most modern port and the reason for it being the leading port is its strategic position. The facilities provided at Jebel Port Dubai are world class. The growth in the shipping sector across the region has been constant which is having direct impact on the growth of Dubai ports. Thus Dubai ports are seeing a very positive trend in the future.

6. Port of Guangzhou, China

Port of Guangzhou Top 10 Busiest Ports in the World

Port of Guangzhou is one of the main coastal ports in China. It is situated in the center of the Pearl River Delta where waterways, highways, railways and airways which form the country’s transportation system are integrated. The port is the key national transportation hub and trading hub. The port is divided into different port operation areas. Each area handles different transportation of different industries like raw materials, food supplies, coal, fertilizer, liquid chemical materials etc. The port of Guangzhou is the largest trading port in Southern China. It plays a very important role in the economy because Guangzhou has been one of the China’s richest trading cities. It has been a constant attraction for foreign merchants and traders. The port also provides passenger services and logistics services.

5. Port of Busan, South Korea

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The Port of Busan is located at the mouth of the Naktong River in South Korea. It is the largest transshipment port in North-East Asia. The city Busan is a center for major industries like shipbuilding, automobiles, steel, electronics, chemicals, ceramics, and paper. The Busan port is of strategic importance because it influences the economy directly and indirectly. The port of Busan is managed by Busan Port Authority. Through small steps, the authority is developing the port and the facilities available at the port. Each shortcoming of the port is being identified and rectified with proper planning and continues efforts. These development efforts are also laying foundation for Busan to become a global city of 21st century.

4. Port of Shenzhen, China

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This port is located in Shenzhen which is a major city in the south of China Guangdog Province. The area is one of China’s major financial centers and became china’s first special economic zones. The Port of Shenzhen is ranked as fourth busiest container port in the world in terms of container throughput. Shenzhen’s proximity to manufacturing markets is primarily responsible for the trade to grow considerably. Another advantage is the presence of Shenzhen Free Trade Zones which offers freedom in negotiating and entering into trade contracts. The business practices at Shenzhen port are very simple and streamlined. Because of such customer friendly attributes of Shenzhen port, it is emerging as one of the fastest developing port in terms of infrastructure and also in terms of shipping companies being associated with it. The port is home to 39 shipping companies and there are 560 ships on call on a monthly basis.

3. Hongkong Port, Hongkong

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HongKong Port is the key factor in the development of Hong Kong. It is located in the Far East Trade Routes and is in the center of the fast-developing Asia-Pacific Basin. Hong Kong Port provides a good access for vessels from all over the world. Director of Marine is responsible for managing the port. It has shown constant efforts to promote Hong Kong port as a leading container port in the world. One of the main qualities of the port which differentiates it from other port is that it efficiently handles cargo operations. The other qualities which are worth appreciating in the management of Hong Port are mature legal system, open business environment and readily available financial supports. Hong Kong as served as the gateway to Modern China and its port has palyed a very important role in this function. It is location in the Pearl River Delta region of Southern China which is the leading trading region in China.

2. Singapore Port, Singapore

singapore port Top 10 Busiest Ports in the World

Singapore port is the collective term for all its waterways, shipping facilities and services. Singapore was one of the few who recognized the opportunities to establish ports for commercial trading. In eighteenth century the port of Singapore expanded rapidly, becoming an important military and commercial base for England. Singapore port started along the Singapore river. Another very interesting aspect is that it is the third busiest petrochemical refinery in the world, even though Singapore does not produce any oil. The port of Singapore provides very excellent facilities which allow all ranges of business to flourish there.

1. Port of Shanghai, China

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The port of Shanghai has been one of the world’s most active international trade hubs for over a century. It is located in Shanghai, China which is known as “the port on the sea”. It is one of the largest seaports. This port has boosted economic development of China. Another advantage of the Shanghai port is the geographic location. It faces East China Sea. It enjoys near ideal natural conditions and serves a vast economically developed area. With the developing economy, Shanghai port has become an important hub for foreign trade. This port has both deep-sea port and river port and total of five working areas. It is the busiest port in the world in terms of cargo tonnage. Shanghai International Port Group is the sole body that manages the Port of Shanghai.

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