Top 10 Ways to get Over your Ex

Our world falls apart and we lose all reasons to live when we fail in a relationship or are betrayed in a relationship. The last thing on this earth that we ever want to hear from our partner is ‘I want a break-up’. Mere mention of these words sends a chill down our spines and we don’t even want to think about it. But then we must not forget that life is not a smooth and straight highway. It is a path that comforts you with roses and lilies on one hand and pricks you hard with thorns and boulders on the other hand. Sometimes things just not go according to your wish and you might just end up losing the person you loved the most. It may be due to compatibility issues, trust issues, lack of understanding or other economical/social issues, but the fact remains that in a wink of an eye you need to detach yourself from the person with whom you had spent the most precious moments of your life and with whom you had once wished to spend your life. It feels almost impossible to do so and you might suffer from extreme withdrawal symptoms of a break-up just like a junkie experiences pain when he is refrained from his drugs. But at the end of the day nothing is more important than the precious life that our parents have gifted us and in order to make our life more meaningful, we need to move on in our life. Here are 10 simple steps which can help you get over your ex and live a peaceful life ahead.

10) Keep your will strong

Keep your will strong 278x300 Top 10 Ways to get Over your Ex

Remember the old saying, “When there is a will, there is a way.” Meaning, if you keep your will strong and stick to your decisions, there is nothing that is impossible for you in this world. So, under any circumstances don’t even think of contacting your ex. It is very natural to feel for your ex even after the break up and time and again you will feel like calling him/her up. But try to control your emotions and irrespective of how hard it is for you, make sure you don’t even dare to contact him/her.  If you commit this mistake, you will never be able to get over your ex and would eventually find yourself destroyed and wasted in love.

9) Get rid of all the things that remind you of your ex

Get rid of all the things that remind you of your ex Top 10 Ways to get Over your Ex

Probably the teddy bear that used to hug you to sleep everyday and the most expensive ring that you adored more than yourself was gifted by your ex. But don’t forget to tell yourself that it was gifted to you by the same person who doesn’t even care now if you are dead or alive. So just erase this person from every aspect of your life. Take huge carton, put all the things that remind you of him in it and throw it in a dustbin. You might have to place a huge stone on your heart in order to carry out this action, but if you do this, permanent reservation of peace is guaranteed in your life. Delete his/her pictures, phone numbers and any other memories from your life’s database.

8) Socialize

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If you think confining yourself in a cocoon after break up will do any good to you then you are absolutely wrong about it. Don’t succumb yourself in a solitary room, rather if you wish to overcome that creepy feeling post break-up then go out and enjoy yourself. Avoid being alone and hang out more with your friends. Talk to your friends, go to movies, play games with them and laugh out loud with them. Chilling with friends is the best medicine to heal your post break-up wounds. So just forget everything and let yourself loose with your good friends. Talk to new people and socialize as much as you can.

7) Avoid going to places where your ex hangs out frequently

Avoid going to places where your ex hangs out frequently Top 10 Ways to get Over your Ex

Even though you have broken up with you boyfriend or girlfriend, deep inside your heart you will always crave to go to places where the probability of coming across your ex would be the highest, so as to get a glimpse of your old sweetheart. But doing this will create more mess in your life and head. So to make things easier and better for yourself, make it a point to not to go to places where you know you will come across your ex. Even if you come across him or her, just act as if he/she does not even exist for you. It might sound rude to you but if you don’t do it now, you will never be able to live a better life in future. So recollect all your courage and implement the famous saying “Ignorance is bliss” in your life.

6) The case is over, so stop spying

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The first and the foremost thing that you should do after your break-up, is to change your relationship status on facebook to single and delete him/her from your friends. Delete and block your ex from any social networking sites and control your urge to stalk him. Stalking him/her will hurt you more when you will find out he/she is moving on with his life normally and even if it’s the other way round, it will make things complex and remorse for you. So, it is better that you stay away from your ex in all possible ways. Also don’t try asking about your ex’s life to your common friends. Stay away from any kind of conversation that involves your ex.

5) Try the ‘jab we met’ technique

Try the ‘jab we met’ technique 300x199 Top 10 Ways to get Over your Ex

Just like Shaheed Kapoor gets his peace of mind after flushing away the picture of his ex and Kareena  Kapoor basks in glory after abusing her ex on phone, you can also get over your ex by doing the same. If post break-up, the memories about your ex has cooked a volcano inside you that is eagerly waiting to erupt then just forget everything and let the volcano erupt. It might sound stupid to you but after implementation you will realize that it actually works. Go to a terrace rooftop and shout your lungs out or sit with your best friend and bitch about your ex or maybe you can directly tell it to the person concerned. This will give you eternal peace and happiness.

4) Make yourself busy

Be busy 300x239 Top 10 Ways to get Over your Ex

This is the ultimate solution to all your emotional and mental problems. As long as your mind is engaged in some important work, you wouldn’t even have the time to think about your ex. Even though you want to think about him, you want to cherish your old memories and cry over it, you wouldn’t have the time to do so. So, involve yourself in your favourite hobbies, take up more projects, may be do a side job and study hard. Work so hard that at the end of the day when you go to bed, your eyes don’t even have the strength to remain open and your mind doesn’t have the audacity to think about anything but sleep.

3) Don’t make the mistake of being ‘just friends’ with your ex

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It is obvious that your ex would try to hold sweets in both the hands. In an attempt to not lose the better you even after break-up, he would undoubtedly give you the offer of being ‘just friends’. But this offer doesn’t give you the statutory warning of ‘permanently making your life hell’, that it comes along with. So, give yourself sometime to get over him before you agree to his offer. The statutory warning will dissolve if you decide to be friends with the same person after a considerable period of time, when he/she doesn’t affect you in any way.

2) Love yourself and your family above anyone else

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Before deciding in your head that your world is over with your lover leaving you, do not forget that you have no rights to destroy your life as you have not created it. So before becoming numb and depressed, make sure you are not hurting the people who gave you bought you in this world. You must love yourself and your family above anyone else and once you start giving priority to yourself, your and your family’s well-being, you will no more give a damn about your ex and the miserable affect he had on you. You will stop acknowledging any feelings that might arise because of him and that will for sure help you get rid of him.

1) Don’t forget, there plenty of other fish in the pond

other fish in the pond 200x300 Top 10 Ways to get Over your Ex

Last but not the least, done ever forget that there many other beautiful girls and handsome guys out there who will want you. Look into your glorious past so that you can realise how awesome you are. Think of all the proposals you have received so far and all those hot chicks and guys you had avoided till now, because you were committed. Now is the chance when you can enjoy being single and go fishing for the biggest and best fish.


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