Top 10 Most Compatible Sun Signs

We have many zodiac signs, It is said that the couples are made in heaven. The bond between them is governed by the planets which ruled the sun sign. The combination of two zodiac signs are required to be compatible with each other. This combination tells us about the nature of each zodiac signs and what will happen, if both zodiac signs are going to come together. All zodiac signs are of different nature, and they all differ from each other. Knowing about  these combinations is like knowing about the future mishaps or  happiness. so here we have the list top 10 most compatible zodiac signs:

10. Virgo and Sagittarius

virgo and sagittarius Top 10 Most Compatible Sun Signs

Another pair, which is said to be compatible, is Virgo and Sagittarius. This compatible pair is placed on the tenth position. The sentimental levels of both zodiac signs are completely different from each other. Virgo is said to be the most decisive and rational whereas the Sagittarius is said to be made of blaze and inferno elements, which shows its character. The combination of these zodiac signs creates clashes and arguments among their ruling planets. We can say that this match is not so perfect in nature but still this combination works many times.

9. Taurus and Cancer 

taurus and cancer Top 10 Most Compatible Sun Signs

The important thing about this pair is that both of them are quite patience and they can handle all the problem and misunderstanding easily with this enormous patience in them. Both of them will try their best to understand each other and will not go in a rush to take a particular decision.

8. Gemini and Aquarius

gemini and aquarius Top 10 Most Compatible Sun Signs

Gemini and Aquarius is another compatible pair which is placed on the eight position. The couple is graced with good sense of humour.  The intellectual level of both the Gemini and the Aquarius is on the same platform. The Gemini is said be a bit inconsistent. Both the Gemini and Aquarius are said to be unpredictable but after being unpredictable the inconsistencies of Gemini are identified by the Aquarius. The couple loves adventures and so they enjoy each other’s company. The relationship is not at all dull but is very exciting. Since both the Gemini and the Aquarius form a great level of intelligence, the relationship will come out to be long lasting.

7. Aries and Sagittarius

aries and sagittarius Top 10 Most Compatible Sun Signs

Another compatible pair which is placed on the seventh position is Aries and Sagittarius. This pair generates and enhances the enthusiasm of each other. Both the Aries and Sagittarius are a complete source of energy. The positivity in their character will increase when they will work together. The spark in the Aries is charged by the enthusiasm of Sagittarius.  The relationship bond which is shared between the Aries and Sagittarius is filled with enthusiasm, passion and energy. Both of them will become a great support to each other in the case of hard work and failure. The understanding capability will also be very good both of them will give the required space and freedom to each other. In a relationship if the man is Aries and the women is Sagittarius then the bond is just made in heaven. This couple with the combination of Aries man and Sagittarius women form a great chemistry. They share an intense bond of physical relationship between them. On the contrary if the combination is of Aries women and Sagittarius men then both of them will together make a great team and will hardly face any problem in life.

6. Aries & Libra

aries and libra Top 10 Most Compatible Sun Signs

The next most compatible pair, which is placed on the sixth position is Aries and Libra. Aries and libra shares a strong emotion bond between them. They are emotionally attracted towards each other. The emotional attraction between them is quite high. Aries is considered to be very focused. The basic mantra for their life is based upon confidence and optimism. The basic difference between both of them is that Libra will take in account the consequences of a decision while in the case of Aries, they hardly give a thought to the consequences. This difference makes up a gap. But when they are together they will fill up the gap.

5.Cancer & Capricorn

cancer caprocorn Top 10 Most Compatible Sun Signs

Another compatible pair of sun signs is Cancer and Capricorn. This pair of sun sign is placed on the fifth position. The main element of the connection between the Cancer and Capricorn is care. Cancer is very caring in nature. They are not just caring but are also very humble. They want everyone around them to be comfortable and calm. Moreover they are said to be quite emotional too. now this is the point where Capricorn supports Cancer. They help in bringing emotional stability to the cancer. The nature of Capricorn is quite protective. They want to protect everyone around them.

4. Gemini & Sagittarius

gemini sagittarius Top 10 Most Compatible Sun Signs

The compatible pair which is placed on the forth position is Gemini and Sagittarius. Both Gemini and Sagittarius are considered to be very curious.  The sun sign, Gemini has the highest probability of getting in to the problems as they are vey impulsive in nature. They get attracted toward everything they attend. They are often not firm and bounce form one  object to another. Sagittarius is the one who helps the Gemini in getting out of the trouble faced by it. Sagittarius helps the Gemini in getting more and more focussed.  Since the Gemini s very impulsive so they react while they get a piece of information on the other hand Sagittarius believes in taking the whole of the information.
3. Virgo & Pisces

virgo and pisces Top 10 Most Compatible Sun Signs
Another most compatible pair which is placed on the third position is Virgo and Pisces. The  connection between the Virgo and Pisces is quite unique and is balanced in the issue of practicality. A Virgo always support logics and practicality. On the other hand the nature of Pisces in based on the facts of spirituality. The love in the bond of Virgo and Pisces make it more stronger and intense.

2. Taurus & Scorpio

taurus and scorpio Top 10 Most Compatible Sun Signs

The air of Taurus and Scorpio is considered to be another most compatible pair of the list. This pair of Taurus and Scorpio is placed on the second position. The bond between this pair is very strong. This strong bond between the pair is dependent upon the stability and nature of the Taurus. On the other hand Scorpio can set fire on the floor. There is always a challenging environment between the pair. This challenging environment prevents the Taurus from being lazy. The relationship between a Taurus and Scorpio is quite unique and creative. Scorpio helps the Taurus in getting more and more active, so that they can accept challenges. The Scorpio is not very calm and patience, they are all set with fire. Taurus is the one which calms the Scorpio. In fact the Taurus  helps the Scorpio in becoming more focused.

1. Leo & Aquarius

leo and aquarius1 Top 10 Most Compatible Sun Signs

Leo and Aquarius is the most compatible pair of sun signs which is placed on the first position. This connection of leo and aquarius is considered to have the best compatibility. The connection is compared with the relation of hot and cool. The leo people are considered to be hot and warm whereas the aquarius people are considerd to be cool. It is said that the connection between them is quite balanced. The bond of relationship which is shared between a leo and aquarius is based on both equality and fairness. The objective of an aquarius will be helpful in providing a veiwpoint to a leo. An aquarius is considered to be a good yeam leader. Leo on the other hand keep their loved ones on priority.  This combination will definitely make a great pair. For example in a party, the leo will take care of all the invitations to their loved ones whereas the aquaries will take care of all the arrangements of the party.

Leo and Aquarius is another great and compatible pair. Leo is a lion who give affection and warmth to his loved ones and is proud of himself. On the other hand Aquarius is a water bearer. Aquarius is a bit different in comparison to Leo. Leo when give affection every time, on the contrary Aquarius can be rude some of the time. Aquarius is kind of defined to have a childish character. It can be rude and stubborn. Apart from being stubborn , The Aquarius are quite broad minded. Bothe the Leo  and the Aquarius are completely and entirely different from each other and thus the relationship is based on the fact that opposite attract each other. They are just like north and south poles of a magnet. The planet of the Zodiac sign is sun, which make himself proclaimed. Whereas the ruling planet of the Aquarius is Saturn and Uranus. The relationship is quite good but it needs some extra effort along with patience to make this relationship work successfully. The major characteristics of Leo are protectiveness, tenderness and sentimental.

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