Top 10 Fun Ways to Spend your Wedding Anniversary

Tying knots with your spouse and taking vows to be together forever is something that requires a lot of patience, understanding, love and trust between couples. Marriage surely adds colour to your black and white life but retaining the vibrancy of those colours over a long period of time is in itself a big achievement and an occasion to celebrate. That is why it is very crucial that you make your every wedding anniversary as memorable as your wedding day. Below mentioned are the top ten best ways in which you can spend your wedding anniversary and make it worth putting in your love scrapbook!

10) Organise a surprise party 

Organise a surprise party 300x275 Top 10 Fun Ways to Spend your Wedding Anniversary

If your other half is fond of parties and loves celebrating every other small or big occasion of happiness with his friends and kin, then nothing can turn him on other than a lavish surprise party at his favourite restaurant, resort or farm house. Party hard, cut a delicious cake and celebrate your special day with your friends and relatives with gusto. For some people, the most crucial thing is sharing your joy and special days with their loved ones. So just whine to the tunes of the party, enjoy yourself with others and once the party is over, you will be gifted with brimming love from your overwhelmed partner.

9) Revive your old memories

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Cuddle with your partner on a couch and revisit your old memories by watching your wedding videos and wedding albums. Reminisce your memorable moments by taking a journey of all the good times you have spent with each other till now. This can include viewing all possible photographs and videos of both of you together, before and after the marriage. You both will be left blushing at each other after reviving you good old memories and will leave you feeling more exultant about your marriage.

8) Exchange gifts

Exchange gifts Top 10 Fun Ways to Spend your Wedding Anniversary

Being an exquisite couple from quite some time now, you both know how much you love each other. But small actions like complementing each other with a small memorable gift can act as a cherry on the cake. Gifting is always pleasure and it is more pleasurable for the person receiving it. The gift need not be an expensive one. It can be something small yet valuable, like you can make a scrap book that showcases all the time you have spent together, it can be a love letter or may be a small poem written by you for your partner, or maybe a cute card or a small movie on the time you have spent together till now. These small yet loving gifts will be treasured by your partner forever and will make your wedding anniversary day more memorable.

7) Treat yourself and your partner to cake and champagne

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There’s no better way to celebrate your wedding anniversary than cutting a small delectable cake and savouring it along with a toast to your years of wedding with your favourite brand of champagne. Sit over a table; treat yourself and your spouse with delicious dinner, delightful cake and royal champagne and spend time with each other talking about the god memories that you guys have created over a period of time. Take this golden opportunity to tell your partner how much you love him/her and what does his presence in your life mean to you. Let me warn you, if you do this there are fair chances your partner is going fall for you all over again!

6) Go outdoors to a far off place (lavish resort) where you can relive your memories

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If both of you are fond of travelling and exploring new places then give a unique touch to your wedding anniversary this time and go out to a far off place where you can spend quality time with your spouse. Go to a farm house or a luxurious resort where you can relax in each other’s arms, talk for hours and just relish the love and relationship that you share with each other. Always remember, there’s no gift more valuable than giving your time to your partner. You can choose to go to a nearby hill station or a beach where you can just loose yourself in each other’s arms and feel the warmth of love as the cold breeze touches you.

5) Go to a health resort

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You can also go to health resorts and get body spas and massages together, so as to rejoice the relaxing break that you get once in a while with your partner, from your daily routine. Pamper yourself as a couple with spas, Swedish massages and have a brilliant time in Jacuzzi. Make use of all in-house facilities that a resort or club offers you. Once you have treated yourself with all the marvelous delicacies and services, take a walk on the beach or just hold hands together and see the sky turn into shades of orange, red and yellow as the sun goes down.

4) Renew your vows

Renew your vows Top 10 Fun Ways to Spend your Wedding Anniversary

The vows that you both exchanged while getting married is the reason why you both are together even today on your wedding anniversary, holding hand together and wishing to continue the same way for the rest of your lives. So on this sacred day, make it a point to renew your vows may be formally with a pastor, priest or any other officiant in front of your close friends and family or you may choose to renew your vows informally by simply looking into each other’s eyes and reciting again the promises you made to each other during the time of marriage. It will make you realize what a great couple you are and how you have stuck together while walking on the path that was filled with both flowers and thorns.

3) Take another honeymoon

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De-stress and rejuvenate yourself with your partner by going on a second honeymoon on your wedding anniversary. This is the most perfect way to celebrate your wedding anniversary and it will undoubtedly cheer you both up. Get those adrenaline rushes and red blushes on your cheek back that you had on your first honeymoon. You can plan to go back to the sae destination where you spent your first honeymoon or go on a tour to some new exotic place where the two of you can embrace each other for hours. This is the perfect time to explore the world while simultaneously re-discovering your other half.

2) Indulge in each other’s hobbies

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Make your wedding anniversary a unique and exhilarating experience for yourself and your partner by engaging in some of your hobbies. In your routine busy life, it is almost next to impossible to find out time for yourself and pursue your hobbies. So give this day a chance when you can pursue you old hobbies. Say if you both have a mutual love for theatre, music or dance, you can attend one such concert and enjoy your evening. Or you can simply indulge in adventure sports, swimming, trekking, sky diving and skating. If you have a keen interest in history, you can visit a museum or spend an evening watching movies or circus. Indulging in your hobbies and helping your partner do so is always bliss!

1) Have a great sex night

Have a great sex night 300x225 Top 10 Fun Ways to Spend your Wedding Anniversary

Refabricate the enticing world where only you and your partner shared exuberant moments with each other. After celebrating your wedding anniversary with your close family and friends, it’s time that you spend the wedding anniversary night in each other’s arms. Adorn your bed with rose petals, silk wraps and light candles all over the room and dedicate this night to your partner. Enjoy each other’s company and make love to each other.

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