Top 10 Worst Dictators in History

As the leaders of the country, they had the responsibility of the welfare of the people, taking care of the people. But as it is said “power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.” The world saw some horrible leaders, the dictators. No right to vote, no right to equality and moreover the biggest right was also violated- right to live. Here is presented the list of top 10 worst evil dictators.

10. Pol Pot:

pol pot Top 10 Worst Dictators in History

The dream of establishing a Maoist (communist) rule in Cambodia, the rule of the Khmer Rouge guerrilla movement and theories of agrarian socialism marked the offset of genocide in Cambodia. Lon Nol’s anticommunist ideology and pro-western theories were overthrown along with his government, his republic by the Khmer guerillas. The mentality was based on the fact that all people should work physically and as laborers. As a consequence, the ones who could not do the physical work, the old aged, the physically handicapped and the children-everyone became a casualty. But sadly, afterwards, all the people who were responsible for upliftment of the nation be it an engineer, teacher, professionals they all had perished in the genocide where the number of victims is said to be more than 3 million officially.

9. Ante Pavelic:

Ante paviliv Top 10 Worst Dictators in History

Born in a fierce Catholic family, an alumni of University of Zagreb and a lawyer by profession, Ante Pavelic  showed the worst form of rasicm. The leader of Ustaše movement focused on pure Croatian race and catholic religion, anybody not belonging to this had to see the end of his life be it Serbs, Jews or Romanian people. Whole villages were looted and settlements were burnt. Gypsies, men women and children- no one was spared. According to a report, such was the genocide that only 5% Jews and 35% of Gypsies were alive after World War II. If we talk about the Serbs, he strategy was 33% of them were to be killed, other 33% to be expelled and the remaining ones to be converted into Catholicism.

8. Mao Zedong:

Mao zedong1 Top 10 Worst Dictators in History

This person is founder father of People’s Republic of China. He converted china into single party political state and is responsible for bringing socialism in business and industrial fields. He lead the wars for two decades in the wake of creation of Chinese nation where millions lost their lives. It is believed that 65 million people perished due to his activities, either by execution, imprisonment or starvation. In the name of “great leap forward”, there were great lies which resulted in famines, catastrophic farming techniques and mis distribution of food products. His saw intellectuals as their enemies, and buried 46000 of them. 20 million people died of forced labor imposed on them which continued up to 14 hours in one day.

7. Caligula:


caligula1 Top 10 Worst Dictators in History

The roman who was after the British Empire, he was killed by his guards after their limit of tolerance crossed. His lavish lifestyle was financed by robberies and led to loss in economy of Roman Empire. His insanity is believed to be such that that he committed incest with his sisters. He declared himself to be living God and often portray himself as Mars or Venus and forced the people to worship instead of Gods. His horse was fed gold flakes and oats, its stable was made of precious stone. This dictator was said to be “a snake for  the Roman Empire” and unfortunately, he justified that for his theory was “Let them hate, so long as they fear”.

6. Augusto Pinochet:

Agusto pinochet Top 10 Worst Dictators in History

Though acclaimed as the person who gave a boost to Chile economy, he is known for human right abuses, corruption and tyranny all around the world which he carried out in his nation during his rule. He was the commander in chief of the armed forces and when he overthrew the contemporary president Allende, his force made many people gather in the national stadium- and started the killing then and there only. He also made a pregnant woman dropped out of plane. Not only he closed the doors of himself becoming accountable, he also ended all attempts of trial of his soldiers in human right violation cases. 29000 people officially, are reported had been crucified in his regime, whereas the actual is higher. There have been charges of personal level corruption also.

5. Idi Amin:

Idi amin1 Top 10 Worst Dictators in History

With an eye on western Kenya, responsible for displacement of many Asians/Indians and houses taken by natives by force, Idi Amin has written the worst chapter in history of Uganda. Not highly educated, not so intelligent by mind but this military commander overthrew the government and ruled since 1971 on Uganda. Initially he killed many soldiers, then after Britain refused to supply him arms for his cruel activities, he turn       ed to rival tribes and Obote supporters. He has killed number of people ranging from 100000 to 500000. The bodies were thrown in Nile river, no one was spared be it Chief Justice, diplomat, cabinet minister or a commoner. His policies left Uganda with a huge debt , a mismanaged economy and the pain of widow women, orphan children with a spot on the face of Uganda.

4. Ismail Enver Pasha:

Ismail enver pasha Top 10 Worst Dictators in History

Started as the leader of the union and progress committee. The committee i.e the Ittihadits overthrew Sultan in 1908 and started Ottomanisation of Turkish lead to the start of Balkan War and ethnic killings. Then the Pashas started military dictatorship and after their army got defeated from Russia, he got blindly after the Christian minorities. His atrocities led to around 10 to 15 lakh deaths. When he was charged of this genocide, he fled to Germany, then to Russia and finally in Asia where he was killed by forces in 1922.

3. Saddam Hussein:

saddam hussein1 Top 10 Worst Dictators in History

The famous and cruel dictator of Iraq. His regime saw the torture inflicted on persons from every field. Be it journalists  killings for press related issues, be it food officers in anti-inflation time. His secret police raped women, dishonored them, beaten people in bright daylight because of his mentality which gave him happiness and proud on harming his own people. He is responsible for killing of half a million people. Even his mentality traversed through his genes into his progeny. His son Uday was a woman hungry guy, kidnapping, rapes and sexual harassment of girls was his daily routine. University students, brides on their wedding nights, women on their dinner dates were picked and tortured by Uday. When he took charge charge of country’s Olympic committee, he tortured the players also.

2.Joseph Stalin:

joseph stalin1 Top 10 Worst Dictators in History

The person who followed socialism in one country concept, and is still regarded as a controversial figure of USSR. Replacing the economic structure to transform USSR from an agrarian economy to an industrial giant made this person blind and it resulted in imprisonment of lakhs of people in labor camps, and many were forced to move to unknown areas. His dictatorship saw death ranging from 3 to 60 million people. The notable incidents include German population transfers, Katyn massacre and mass shootings of Red Army personnel.  He took 300000 polis prisoners and executed them, mass graves were discovered later on and until 1990, Soviets did not claim the execution.

1. Adolf Hitler:

adolf hitler1 Top 10 Worst Dictators in History

The believer of annihilation, expiration and cleaning up against the Jews, Adolf Hitler is still counted as one of the most cruel dictators of the world. He started execution of Jews mercilessly. The plans were already in his mind, he never gave written orders or openly said in clear words that he was going to destroy the Jews and their race. He named this as cleaning up and this period is a holocaust where around half a million people lost their lives. Hitler is also believed to be a sociopath as he did not have guilt for the bad he did. His army rounded up and gathered all Jews, took them to concentration camps and inflicted brutal tortures on them.

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