Top 10 Most Powerful Countries of the World

Since human evolution, the war for dominating each other has started along with. the world got divided in countries, regions, federations on basis of language, ethnicity, religion etc. Nations have always tried to make progress in economy, education, military fields to provide a better quality for its citizens and be a powerful nation itself also. Here, we present the list of top 10 nations around the world.

10. Brazil:

brazil Top 10 Most Powerful Countries of the World

Being seventh in the world’s economy by gross domestic product, this country is at tenth place in our list.  Previously it was a colony of Portugal, and got independent in 1820s. It has maximum population of White and Brown. In terms of expenditure on armed forces, it spends 1.5% of its GDP and 2% of the world share and has largest army in the region. The country struggles with high crime rate as a serious civil problem but still it has great potentials to grow.  This country has contribution in peacekeeping in Haiti and also supports World Food programme. Tourism has been a significant income generator in Brazil and also employs 1.87 million people.

9. Italy:

italy 300x200 Top 10 Most Powerful Countries of the World

With a GDP of 2.1 trillion, Italy is at ninth position in powerful countries of the world. It is a member of NATO, G8 and other alliances. Italy has a military budget of $37 million and has human resource of 308,000 personnel. it is the founder member of European Union. It has high quality of life and assimilates many cultures and that’s why, it is a well-known name in World heritage sites. It has low unemployment rate and per capita gross domestic product is high which makes it a strong economic power. In spite of having voluntary military service, Italy has great power consisting of fighting vehicles, tank destroyer in the army and good number of aircrafts, helicopters as parts of their air force.

8. India:

india Top 10 Most Powerful Countries of the World

Being a developing nation, its economy is growing at a good pace. The nation has supported in peace keeping operations in several countries. Its might lies in its number of human resource because it is the second most populous country. It has world’s fourth largest army with 1.45 million active personnel and twice the number is of reserved personnel. It has support in favor of Nepal, Maldives, Bhutan in moments of external aggression against these countries. India has valuable opinion in ASEAN, SAARC alliances and hence, its economic as well as political capabilities have made it a growing influential power in the region. Though it deals with problems like poverty, illiteracy and corruption but it is doing fairly good at present times and is at number eight in the list.

7. Germany:

Germany Top 10 Most Powerful Countries of the World

Having the highest population in European union, this country is one of the most prominent nation today. With Adolf Hitler as its head at some point of time, Germany is a great political and economic power in the 21st century. The nation has an expenditure of $48 million every year on its armed forces and hence is a great military might. The technological and scientific advancement of Germany can be attributed to the fact that it has more than 100 Nobel Prize winners including Albert Einstein and Karl Ziegler.

6. France:

france Top 10 Most Powerful Countries of the World

The largest country in west Europe region stands at sixth place in most powerful countries list. The public education level is also very good and according to WHO, the health facilities are best. In terms of military power, it’s a nuclear enabled country with hundreds of warheads. Apart from being active member of other alliances, France is permanent member of United Nations Security Council also. The legal framework does not have religious laws in France. The aerospace industry of France is a symbol of power and it is a seller of weapons to many countries. Thus, not only possessing power, this nation has given power to military forces around the world.

5. Japan:

japan Top 10 Most Powerful Countries of the World

With a turnover of around $5 trillion, this island nation situated in the Pacific Ocean is at number 5 position. In spite of lacking in natural resources, Japan has emerged as a world leader in technology ranging from calculators to robots making and from automobiles to machine tools in the contemporary time. Being struck by nuclear attacks in World War II and repeatedly hit by natural disasters, this country has always maintained its stature and hence, today is the third largest economy of the world. In terms of military capabilities, Japan is one of the world’s leading countries in expenditure on army. Previously facing conflicts with China, Russia etc. today it has renounced its right to declare war but still is an important political player at global level.

4. Russia:

Russia Top 10 Most Powerful Countries of the World

A permanent member of United Nations Security Council, this nation was once the topmost in terms of power.  It is close to Japan and USA and has 9 time zones as it is the largest country. The Russian economy gets a boost because it has largest reserve of mineral and other energy. On the international stage, Russia is largest oil and natural gas producing. In the last decade, the economy has shot up to great extent. In terms of military strength, Russia has missile troops, space forces and is also a nuclear arsenal. The military might can be estimated from the fact that this nation is the largest supplier of arms to the world and also has ballistic missile submarines which increases its strength further.

3. United Kingdom:

united kingdom Top 10 Most Powerful Countries of the World

Consisting of England, North Ireland, Scotland and Wales, the United Kingdom or UK is the third most powerful nation. The economic strength can be attributed to the fact that it is the world’s first industrialized country and London has hundreds of multinational company’s headquarters. The UK consists of more than 90% white people. When it comes to military power, this nation is a nuclear baron. If one looks into history, its UK military which had been active in Napoleonic war, both the world wars has helped to establish British dominance in the world. Many countries have been British colonies before they got independence.

2. China:

China Top 10 Most Powerful Countries of the World

The nation which stood high in the time when all other nations were struggling with economic crash, People’s Republic of China is at second rank in our list. The country has highest population and also covers third largest land area in the world. Heading to become a superpower, this country is led by the communist party and also face restrictions on internet, press etc. The former Chinese President Hu Jintao was ranked most powerful person. In terms of military, it has the largest army and is a nuclear power with many inter-continental ballistic missiles in its store. When it comes to economics, the manufacturing sector has given an edge to China with its inward FDI of $100+ billion and outward FDI around $65 billion. China is also a world leader in terms of technology and electronics, its super computers are considered world’s most powerful super computers.

1. United States of America:

United states Top 10 Most Powerful Countries of the World

The think tank of the world tops the list and it’s an ideal country in many terms. It is the oldest federation. New York has the headquarters of the United Nations and United States has great relations with other countries and it has a dominating stance in many alliances. When it comes to spending on military, US spending are 43% of global spending. It has highest number of fighter aircrafts (around 3000) and house to many nuclear weapons. Economy wise, the natural resources, their proper utilization and good infrastructure makes it a powerful economy and hence, the GDP of United States is 25% of the world GDP. This country is the largest importer of goods.

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