Top 10 Best Hong Kong Tourist Attractions

One of the China’s most developed city Hong Kong has got many attractive place to visit and not just a few and it is very difficult to select ten out of them because each and every thing is unique and as good to visit. This city is a tourist place and is known for its skyline and deep natural harbor. The city is also one of the most densely populated city in the world. The city is a remarkable place with many attractions and some of the best tourist attractions are,

 10. Avenue of Stars

Avenue of StarsHK Top 10 Best Hong Kong Tourist Attractions

A city of attraction for many Hollywood cinemas and all around the world, the Avenue of Stars is a place of tribute to the film stars, both past and present Hong Kong cinemas. Its said that Avenue of Stars is built mainly to show the contribution of the film industry to Hong Kong and promote the city’s

fame world wide. There is a list of all the stars in the plaques emblazoned and the visitors are also treated with a video of the local movies, sculptures of famous movie stars and interesting tidbits about the film industry all over. Recently there was an addition made is the statue of the famous Bruce Lee in the year 2005, on the occasion of Bruce Lee’s 65th birthday. It is a best place to visit in the night, because of the beautiful view in the twinkling lights and the Promenade at the Tsim Sha Tsui also provides a good view and is a good place to view Symphony of Lights, a place of must-see for tourists.

 9. The Victoria Peak

The Victoria PeakHK Top 10 Best Hong Kong Tourist Attractions

This is something like a top view or a view point from where you can see the entire city of Hong Kong. At the top of the peak there is a a tower in a wok-shaped called the Peak Tower. This tower is a place where a lot of people go to view the city and there is a market as well with shops and restaurants. There is a festivity feel to the people who visit because a steady program’s of dance,music, concerts, theatrical performance. Another attraction of this place is the Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum located here. The best way to reach the tower is in one of the oldest transportation of Hong Kong is by the Tram. There is also a leisure garden to relax and a walk.

 8. Ladies Market

Ladies MarketHK Top 10 Best Hong Kong Tourist Attractions

Now Ladies, this is something especially for women. Hong Kong is known for its shopping, while the ladies market is a special place where you can find all kind of ladies products with better rates and discounts. Though lot many people experience it different way because of the hyper crowded place, it is something not to miss to see when you are there, when you are out shopping, a crowd also can be enjoyable isn’t it. If you are there, be ready to bargain, if you are good, you can get the things for half of the price of the actual price of the deal. The market runs along Tung Choi Street, from Argyle Street to Dundas Street in Mongkok. Do not get fooled with the branded tags of the products as they can be fake. They open their shops from 12 noon to 11:00 PM in the night, and most stalls open by only 1 PM. They are a night shopper streets.

 7. Clock Tower

Clock TowerHK Top 10 Best Hong Kong Tourist Attractions

The Clock Tower is located on the Tsim Sha Tsui and is one of the oldest landmarks. This city attraction is a part of the city railway as it is built on the site of the old Kowloon station. Though the construction of this tower was started a century before it was stopped because of the World War I and was completed later only in the year 1910. The tower is about 44 meters (144 feet) high and sports a 7 meter (23 foot) tall lightning rod at its top.

 6. Hong Kong Disneyland

Hong Kong  Disneyland Top 10 Best Hong Kong Tourist Attractions

A place truly meant for entertainment and a place where children never gets exhausted and never like to walk out. Though it might be a place for children but adults also can have the same fun in this wonderful place of Hong Kong’s Disneyland. This was started for the public viewing on September 12, 2005. There are around six theme areas which are Main Street, U.S.A, Fantasyland, Adventureland, Tomorrowland, Grizzly Gulch, and Toy Story Land. There are around on a daily capacity 34,000 visitors to the theme park. Each of this theme areas are inspired by originals and is based on the particular theme. There are a lot many day and night time celebrations such as “Flights of Fantasy”, firework show “Disney in the Stars”,“Tinker Bell Castle Illumination”, “Celebration in the Air”. A person visiting this place never comes home disappointed.

 5. Tsim Sha Tsui Promenade

Tsim Sha Tsui Promenade Top 10 Best Hong Kong Tourist Attractions

This East Promenade is a place for long walks and relaxations though it is a spectacular view in the nights. The Symphony of Lights is a wonderful show of sound and lights involving 44 buildings on the Hong Kong island skyline. The first part of the Promenade is the Avenue of Stars. The place gives a great deal of relaxation from the busy life of the Hong Kong city with the cool breeze of the Victoria Harbor. Many say that sitting here and looking at the buildings and the Symphony of Lights is something one should not miss in their lifetime.

 4. Ocean Park Hong Kong

Ocean Park Hong Kong Top 10 Best Hong Kong Tourist Attractions

Ocean Park is a marine mammal park, oceanarium, animal theme park, and amusement park situated in Wong Chuk Hang and Nam Long Shan districts. This theme park is the 12th most visited in the world. The park is separated with large mountain in two areas, The Summit (Headland) and The Waterfront (Lowland). The theme park has about 20 rides overall. Apart from being a theme park, Ocean Park also operates as observatories, laboratories, an educational department, and a Whales and Dolphin Fund. The Ocean Park has the cable car facility to connect from the headland to the lowland and vice versa.

 3. Temple Street Night Market

Temple Street Night Market Top 10 Best Hong Kong Tourist Attractions

Temple Street Market is known for its night business and is famous for night market. The night market is in the Yau Ma Tei, Jordan part of the street. This street is also known as Men’s Street. Like Ladies Street this street is famous for men’s fashions and all kind of men things, so men need not be disappointed about ladies street, here is your place for all your things. There are numerous shops hidden behind the shops and one need to search here for the shops and it is one thrilling and unique experience here. There are old Chinese clinics in this street who use the old Chinese methods to treat and cure illness. The place is also famous for variety of tasty snacks.

 2. Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition center (and Golden Bauhinia Square)

Hong  Kong Convention  and Exhibition  center and Golden Bauhinia Square Top 10 Best Hong Kong Tourist Attractions

The Hong Kong convention and exhibition center is a world wide famous one and is known as HKCEC and is famous for its entire design of glass curtains and 40,000 square-meter aluminum roof sculpted which looks like a bird features. The center was awarded the best convention and exhibition center in Asia for the ninth time. It is located in Wan Chai North, Hong Kong Island. It is built along the Victoria Harbor and can be reached by the Star Ferry.

Golden Bauhinia Square: On July 1, 1997 in celebration of the formation of Special Administrative region (SAR), the Central Government presented China with a statue of Golden Bauhinia. This location is called as The Golden Bauhinia Square. On the body of the monument one can see the inscription of great nine Chinese characters, by Jiang Zemen. Every month on the dates of 1st, 11th and 21st the police service hold a flag hoisting ceremony in neatly dressed with uniform exactly at 8:00 AM. Followed by the National Anthem and music of bands. This is one of the place where one could have an experience of the Symphony of Lights.

1. The Big Buddha and Po Lin Monastery

The Big Buddha and Po Lin  MonasteryHK Top 10 Best Hong Kong Tourist Attractions

The Big Buddha also known as the Tian Tan Buddha is located in the Lantau Island. It is a big bronze statue which attracts a huge number of people and tourists who come all along the place to visit. This statue is one of the five largest statues of China. The statue sits on a lotus and is surrounded by six small statues known as the “The Six Devas” each one is posing in different offering to the Buddha. Its 34 meter tall. There are about 240 steps to climb for visitors, though there is a small road with vehicles for handicapped and old age. The unique thing of this statue is that the statue faces to the north while the remaining statues faces to south. His raised hand reflects on blessing people while his left hand represents by his givings to the blessed people and his disciples. There is also a bell in the hall, which rings for every seven minutes, 108 times in a day, representing the 108 kinds of vexations of mankind.

Po Lin Monastery: One of the most tourist place in Hong kong, Po Lin Monastery is located in the Lantau Island. The Monastery is interesting with many interesting structures such as Da Xiong Bao Dian (The great hall of Treasure), The Maitreya Hall, The hall of Ti-tsang Bodhisattva, The Weituo Hall, The Banruo Hall, and the Sutra-Collection Hall.

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