Top 10 Ways to help Increase Nature’s Greenery.

If you have ever heard your old ones speak about how things were in the past during their time they will specifically mention that there were no tall buildings and malls. They will tell you where you see a mall and complex today was all covered under trees. It is one drastic change that has taken place that earlier the place was full of greenery but all that exists is a concrete jungle. Looking at the drastic consequences this change has brought various initiatives have been taken by the people and the government on the whole throughout the globe. Many NGO’s have come forward who work for the cause tirelessly encouraging people to come forward and make this planet even greener. the following are the top 10 things that if done can help make the nature greener.

10 . Awareness.
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For anything to get started on a large scale it os important for people to know about and to realize its importance. In order to implement afforestation or deny deforestation it is important for people to know how important trees are for our survival. It is therefore the first step in this effect that awareness should be spread in the society. this can be done by various media like news papers , advertisements etc. Students should be taught in school and colleges the advantage of an action in this context. Various celebrities can be taken into the campaign as they have a great influence on the masses.

9. Agriculture.
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In a country like India where the population is ever booming and the demand to meet the food requirements is on the rise more and more land is being brought under cultivation. The civilization cannot be moved and so more and more forest areas are cleared off to get land for cultivation. This is reducing the already scarce green land in the country. Same is the scene in other countries where in order to meet the demands for land forests are cleared off. This practice should be stopped. Modern methods should be employed for agriculture so that more productivity is obtained from available land.

8. Roof gardens.
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A very smart move to merge urbanization with nature is the designing of roof gardens. The urban structure that is rising towards the sky day by day it is getting more and more difficult to keep up with the nature’s demands. One solution was to use the existing space above the buildings. The roof gardens are created on the roofs of cottages and buildings etc. These create a green zone above the concrete structure. Many places are already adopting this practice. These roof gardens in totality add considerably to the city’s green area and to its beauty as well.

7. Law.
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No plan can be a success without the correct amount of vigilance from the authorities. When we talk about adding to the greenery we also should lay down penalties for people who destroy it. The government needs to get stricter with its rules and policies against the people who destroy natural habitat for their selfish gains. penalties and fines should be laid down which can prevent this from happening. The criminals should be dealt strictly with and should be fined accordingly. To have a rigid law is the demand when it comes to add to nature’s greenery.

6. Construction.
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Newer and newer projects are on the rise to increase the standards of living for the people. Be it malls or multiplexes or beautiful residential complexes the construction has become a never ending trend. when on one hand it is the need it should also not be forgotten that nature too is our need. The mangroves and swamps which are often reclaimed to create base for the scrappers should be stopped. No construction zones should be created around the natural green zones. The fly overs and high ways should be planned such that they do not destroy the nearby forests. Construction in the region should be well planned in terms of its Eco friendliness.

5. Restrictions.
restrictions Top 10 Ways to help Increase Natures Greenery.
There are various industries that rely on the forests for their raw materials. Be it the sap and gum or rubber industry. So many products that we use be it turpentine , lac , various herbs and drugs obtained from the trees drastically affect the natural functioning of the trees due to which they die off at an early age. Also some companies that deal in timber drastically chop of hundreds of trees. This should be restricted. a limit should be set on these traders and also it should be implemented that when they shop off tress they should also undertake their replanting so that we do not run out of the greenery around. Obtaining raw materials and plant extracts should be well planned so that they are harmed in the least.

4. Paper.
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One of the major product prepared from trees is paper. Paper is prepared from the wood pulp found in the interior of the tree trunk. hundreds of trees are chopped off for their production. Hence a vigilant control should be led on them. as buyers what you can do is buy paper or books that use recycled paper. do not throw paper in the garbage instead sell it to the scar dealer because from here the paper reaches various industries where it gets recycled and reaches back into the market. This tiny action can help add to the nature’s greenery and protect it.

3. Wood .
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In country like India where the number of villages and illiteracy still are great wood is still the source of fuel. This precious element is wasted as fuels in the kitchens. This should be prevented by making them available cooking gas and other stuff. As buyers we can prevent the use of wood by not buying wooden furniture , toys . artifacts etc. When the demand will fall automatically the production will and so will the destruction to the forests. If we stop using wooden products the act of deforestation can be controlled and the Earth will remain green.

2. Parks.
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The government should take initiatives and increase the number of parks in cities. With parks there will be automatically increase in the cities greenery and its beauty. The parks not only provide the residents with a pleasure spot but also add to the quality of the environment. The parks are inaccessible to deforestation and therefore remain as such for as long as they stay. Good care should be taken of the parks and more trees should be planted to make the maximum use of them.

1. Plant trees.
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There is no substitute to this. The only thing that can take place of trees are the trees themselves. as far as possible wherever you have sufficient space plant trees. Use your society compounds and nearby areas to plantĀ saplingsĀ  water them so that they can grow. Use species which grow well in the wild. Use the road side vacant place to plant trees. Also you can plant trees along the beach side which naturally has a climate to sustain tree growth. Plant trees in you accessible regions and this will definitely make your nature greener.

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