Top 10 Most Expensive European Cities 2013

Europe is one among the seven continents of the world. Europe is surrounded by the Black Sea and connected waterways to the southeast, Atlantic Ocean to the west, Arctic Ocean to the north and Mediterranean Sea to the south. Europe is the second most smallest continent by surface area and also the third-most popular continent after Asia and Africa. Languages spoken in Europe are mainly three Indo – European languages which are Roman languages, German languages and Slavic languages. There are 50 countries that come under Europe such as France, Austria, Norway, England, Switzerland, Denmark, Greece, Iceland, Italy, Poland and many more. The area around which Europe is extended is around 10,180,000 km2. Most of the population in Europe follows Christianity. World’s most of the expensive cities are located in Europe. This article consists of the list of top 10 most expensive cities of Europe which are not affordable by every class of people.


berlin germany Top 10 Most Expensive European Cities 2013

Berlin is the capital city of Germany and is the tenth most expensive city of Europe. It is considered as the city of science, culture, politics and media. It is one of the popular tourist destinations because of various sites such as Brandenburg Gate, Reichstag dome, Museum Island, Berlin Cathedral, Rotes Rathaus, Oberbaum Bridge and many more attractive places. Berlin is known for its high standard of living, nightlife, festivals, public transportation networks, etc. There is an expensive chain of hotels, restaurants, tourist sites and many more things in Berlin. Even the gas prices are high in Berlin as compared with other places. The reasons behind the rise in prices in Berlin is its incredible music scene and nightlife, amazing start up culture, Berlin’s central location and the amazing and delicious food.


BRUSSELS BELGIUM 300x164 Top 10 Most Expensive European Cities 2013

Brussels which is also known as the Brussels Region and Brussels Capital Region is the ninth most expensive city of Europe. It is the capital of Belgium and is also considered as the main center for international politics. Brussels is close to Atlantic ocean and because of this reason it experiences oceanic climate. The weather and tho geographical location makes it a big tourist spot, thereby making it all the more expensive. If we talk about specialties in food items, Brussels is known for its waffle, chocolates and french fries. Even the education and transport in Brussels is very expensive. Atomium, Mini – Europe, Auto – world, Center for Fine Arts, Musical Instrument Museum and many more attractions are there in Brussels which even add up to the expenses.


VIENNA AUSTRIA 300x225 Top 10 Most Expensive European Cities 2013

Vienna is the 8th most expensive city of Europe and is also the capital and the largest city of Austria. Vienna is famous for its music, theater and opera which add a royal touch to this city. Even the flights to Vienna are more expensive as compared to the flights which take off to other locations. Reason behind the high prices in Vienna is mainly because the people there pay higher prices. And if people are ready to pay higher prices, then why should they be lowered. Also, the market there is free and there is almost no competition which can also be a reason for such higher rates. Prater, Albertina, Belvedere Vienna, Wiener Riesenrad, etc are some attractions in Vienna which make it more popular and thus more expensive.


STOCKHOLM SWEDEN Top 10 Most Expensive European Cities 2013

Stockholm is at seventh position when it comes to the costliest cities of Europe. It is also the largest city of Fennoscandia and is the capital city of Sweden. Since the city center is situated on the water, it makes this city more beautiful and popular, thereby making it all the more expensive. Transportation in Stockholm is thus expensive, as it is mostly water transport. There are over 1000 restaurants in Stockholm where almost every type of cuisine may it be Asian, Italian, French, Greek, Spanish, etc are available which could have been affordable, but the location of these restaurants adds to the prices of the food which makes the city even more expensive. Stockholm City hall, Royal Dramatic Theater, German Church and many more places are there to visit in Stockholm, which make the city more attractive and thus expensive.


PARIS FRANCE Top 10 Most Expensive European Cities 2013

Paris is one of the most beautiful and romantic place to visit. It is also the capital city of France. As we know, the more the demand, the higher will be the prices. This concept is fully applicable on Paris, thereby making it the sixth most expensive city of Europe. Paris is a great tourist place to visit as it has Eiffel Tower which is one among the wonders of the world, which makes this place very popular. And, the more popular the place will will be, that is the more will be the demand, the higher will be the prices. This makes Paris all the more expensive. Even the food, the transportation, the education and many other things more costly as compared to other places.


LONDON ENGLAND Top 10 Most Expensive European Cities 2013

London is the capital city of England and is the fifth most expensive city of Europe. May it be  restaurants, markets, transportation, utilities, clothing, shoes, sports, leisure, rents, etc, everything in London is sold at very high prices. There are many reasons which makes London so expensive such as high sales tax, retail competition which higher the retail margins and so the prices, high property prices, weak consumerism, biased consumption bundle and strong sterling. Also, because of the uncountable attractions that make the London city more popular, leads to the rise in prices.


GENEVA SWITZERLAND Top 10 Most Expensive European Cities 2013

Geneva holds the fourth position when we talk about the most expensive cities of Europe. High quality of the life of people make this city so much expensive. Chocolates, wine and spirits, clothing and accessories, food, etc are some thins which are really costly in Geneva. Budget hotels in Geneva are very hard to find. Geneva is also the second most popular city in Switzerland and have many beautiful buildings and attractions such as The Old Town, Reformation Wall, Gateway of Mont – Saleve and many more which make it more costly.


STAVANGER NORWAY 300x225 Top 10 Most Expensive European Cities 2013

Stavanger is the third most expensive city of Europe. Since, oil is found in the North Sea beside which Stavanger is located, so Stavanger is also known as the Norway’s petroleum capital. It has almost 43 tourist attractions, which make it very popular and thus more expensive. The most expensive items of Stavanger that are hardly available at budget prices are food and beverages. Also, even the movie theater ticket are very expensive in Stavanger. It has also emerged as the city having the most-expensive housing market.


ZURICH SWITZERLAND Top 10 Most Expensive European Cities 2013

Zurich is the largest city in Switzerland and also the second most expensive city of Europe. Zurich is situated above the sea level between the wooded hills on the west and east side which makes this city pure beauty to watch. Zurich is considered as the leading financial center and a global city to stay in. Since, there are a vast number of international companies in Zurich, so it makes the people living in Zurich mostly rich, thus having high standards of living, which automatically makes it very expensive. Education. food, nightlife and clubbing, etc, are all very expensive in Zurich and are not easy to afford by every class of people.


OSLO NORWAY Top 10 Most Expensive European Cities 2013

Oslo is the top most expensive city of Europe and is the capital of Norway. It is also the most popular city of Norway which makes it more costly. Prices of the good and services available in Oslo, are extremely high. Oslo, is considered to have the most expensive housing market in Norway. It has almost 2654 companies mostly of oil and gas, which obviously leads to high standard of living of people, which eventually increases the cost of living and thud making Oslo the most expensive one. There is not a single commodity that is available within budget, in Oslo, thus making it the top most expensive city of Europe.

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