Top 10 Ways To Impress Your Girlfriend’s Father

It can be quite a task to impress your girlfriend’s father. Every father treats his daughter as a princess and searches for a prince for him. There is no chance in the world that he will hand her over with anyone. You have to tuck your shirt in and buckle yourself up before you meet him. Even if your girlfriend has flaunted about your achievement, her father will only trust his own judgement of a son- in- law. He wants someone in his daughter’s life who can make her all dreams come true. All men are very visual in their every aspect and hence her father will check every single detail about you before he makes any decision about his daughter. If you are afraid that your first impression can go wrong on him here are some basic tips that will help you to impress him.

10. Dress up Properly

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First impression is the last impression. And your first impression will be reflected by your clothes. You cannot wear a casual t- shirt and shorts when you go to meet your girlfriend’s father. You should remember that the muddy shoes and the messed up looks will never help you to have her father on your side. A father will want to hand over his daughter to a gentleman and not to some random guy. Proper and descent clothing will make a good impression on him. Don’t wear showy and sparkly clothes instead go for some descent colours. When you can’t understand what you should wear formals can always co-me for your rescue. Men look descent and sophisticated in formals. So I suggest that formals of descent colours are the best option. If you are not up for formals then wear something that will make you look presentable.

9. Be Punctual

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If you are going to meet your girlfriend’s dad do not make other plans and keep the day free. You should reach on time and if you are not very good at keeping up with time than it is better to reach early than late. . If you can’t show up on time how will you do things you have promised your girlfriend.  A father can consider this disrespectful if you will let him wait for you. Apart from proper dressing this is another thing that will make a good impression on him. If you do not want to start things on a wrong note you should always arrive on time. Remember it is never hard for a dad to search another guy for his princess who can show up at time.

8. Show respect to his family

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It is very much important that you respect not only your girlfriend but her family too. One of the most important things a father wants to check in his daughter’s boyfriend is his attitude towards the family. If you will show respect in small things you do it is very much certain that you will earn his trust. Show her father that you are the one person he is looking for. The one who loves his daughter and respect her at the same time is what you are. You should respect whatever he is talking to you about by listening to him carefully. There may be times he gets a little rude on you but you have to understand that he is giving you the most prized possession he has.

7. Don’t pretend, be yourself

be yourself Top 10 Ways To Impress Your Girlfriends Father

You should not try to be someone else but be yourself. Every father has a lot of experience in judging people and if you will fake in front of him he will easily catch your facade. While talking to him do make an eye contact. Do not over compliment him in everything. It is good to acknowledge her father but going far off the bridge will land you up in a mess. If there are things you think her father might not like then it is better not to talk about them on the first meeting. A single lie will make you messed up in a cluster of many lies so avoid lying to him. The biggest mistake a person can make while he meets her girlfriend’s father is by agreeing to whatever he says. If you think that he will be impressed if you agree to him in every single thing you go wrong here, so just be honest and thing will go good.

6. Be confident

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If your girlfriend has seen something in you then be confident that her father will also like you. Just leave the nervousness at home and you are all ready to meet him. You should shake his hand very firmly when you meet him as this is not only the sign of a good impression but it also shows that you are confident. When a person shakes hand in a proper man it shows that he is serious about whatever he has come to talk for. Be clear when you talk and introduce yourself very confidently when you arrive at their place. Don’t hesitate while you talk and a little smile on your face can make the things go smoother between you both. Remember no plastic smile on your face otherwise things can go wrong. Be relaxed and don’t think as a forced projection of your personality. Reflect your confidence in the way you talk, and the way you move around in the house.

5. Be prepared for the questionnaire round

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When you meet your girlfriend’s father it is very much sure that you will be fired with tens and hundreds of questions. Be prepared for the most certain questions every father would ask his daughter’s boyfriend. The most common ones are “where do you see yourself in the coming years?” “How can you assure that my daughter is safe with you?”. Be confident and honest while answering this question and make her father trust you.

4. Take a gift- a ‘Manly’ one

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When you are invited at your girlfriend’s house then going empty handed will not take the things on the right track. You can again ask your girlfriend to help you in this. She can tell you what sort of things her father likes and you can take it for him. Be very respectful in the way you deliver him the gift. Taking very showy things are not always helpful to make the old man like you. If he is fond of drinking then you can take a bottle of wine or champagne or any other of his choice.

3. Be decent in front of him

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It is good to show her father that you love his daughter and care about her. But keep the public display of affection to minimum. A mother loves to see that her daughter is compatible with her boyfriend, but for a father it can be weird. If you want to show him that you care for his daughter kiss her on forehead and avoid kissing on the lips. Be modest around him and keep your love to a subtle level. It is alright if you hold her hand and wrap your arms around her but being grabby and too affectionate is not acceptable in front of her father.

2. Act like a gentleman

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Proper manners don’t mean that you have to do some mastery in the etiquettes but you just have to let your social behaviour be good. Avoid using bad and cursing words in front of him. Talk very politely and do small things that will make him happy. You can ask his father to help him in his work if you share similar interest in that field. Don’t do anything which can offend them. If they pray before the dinner join them in the prayers. Raise the toast before drinking with him. These small things can make you stand up to his expectations.

1. Do some homework

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You will need your girlfriend’s help in this. Ask her to tell you the things her father is fond of and the topics that are to be avoided while having a conversation with him. Gather all sorts of data about him so that you do not end up feeling dumb in front of him and this can happen only if you are aware about her father. Check out the area of common interest and try to talk upon them while you meet him. When you know about all his interests and his dislikes you will be at much ease in making up a conversation with him.

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