Top 10 Ways to become More Happier

Happiness is not something you can buy in any shop. It is something you have to achieve. Happiness is like a beautiful butterfly, it will fly away from you if you try to chase it. Once you stop paying attention to it, it will sit on your hand. Similarly if you will run after happiness it will never come to you. Learn to smile at everything and try to be satisfied with what you have. These are the key points to be happy. Here are some very basic points that will help you to be happier in your life.


10. Be Satisfied

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There are very less people in this world who are not greedy. Men have forgotten to be satisfied with what they have. With their increasing demands and as the standard of living is increasing people have missed out the happiness they can feel when they are happy. if you will run after things that are not under your control and you cannot get them you can never be happy. Look around you, you will find people who have lesser assets than you and still are happier than you. You should learn something from them. Being unsatisfied can never make anyone happy in their life. Lean values and ethics which will teach you to be satisfied with whatever you possess.


9. Expect less from others

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Expectations from people always hurt. If we expect more from people and if we do not get what we expect from them than it makes us unhappy. Keeping expectations from others can never make you happy. If you will expect less from them and if they do something special and something unexpected for you it will surely make you very happy. When you expect less there are very less chances that you will face any kind of disappointment. If sometimes our expectations are not fulfilled we fell disappointed and hence we feel less happy.

8. Be positive

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People who believe that everything that is happening to them or happened to them in the past is for their own good can never be unhappy. If they see the positive side of everything even of their bad times nothing can stand in their way to find the happiness. You can never find the good things sweet if you have never tasted the bitter taste of the bad things. positive attitude helps people to be happier in their life. Not only it makes them happy but also more successful in comparison to people who have negative approach towards life. To make the negative things go off your mind indulge yourself in activities that you like. You can also exercise and do meditation to be happier.

7. Take time out for yourself and your loved ones

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People have become very busy in todays modern world. they do not have time either for themselves or for their family members. They don’t have time to do things that can make them happy. if you spend less time with people who are closer to you how can you become happy? you have to learn that money will never buy you happiness but it is the love and affection that you will receive from your loved ones that will make you happy. so take some time out for yourself and your loved ones if you want to be happy.


6. Learn to forgive and let go

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Studies have shown that people who forgive easily and let things go have faced less cardiovascular problems and are happier than people who cling to their past issued and don’t let them go. Why not forgive people who have done wrong to you and move on.  Do you like to be angry and unhappy all the time because someone else did wrong to you? You must have heard this “learn to forgive and forget”. This quote is the virtue of happy living. When people don’t forget the bad things happened to them in the past they keep thinking about it and cursing the people who are responsible for it. This makes them unhappy. If you will keep the grudge against someone and will not let it go, it will not only affect your physical health but also your mental health.

5. Make friends

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Friends are the people who understand you better than anyone else in the world. a person who do not have friend who can understand him or her can never be happy. people who care about you will always try to do things that will make you very happy. being close to such people can never make you unhappy in your life. Not only this many researches have shown popel who are friendly are not only happier than the others but also have a longer life span than the people who are nt very much friendly.


4. Worry less about the future

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If you will worry more about the things that will happen in the future and are more inclined towards making your future more comfortable and happy you will make your present days unhappy. Stress can reduce your life span. Stress can make you less competent and you will face more difficulties in achieving things you want to achieve. People waste their high amount of energy in worrying about things that do not even matter in someone’s life.

3. Sing and laugh loudly

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Studies have shown that music have the power to heal anyone. Not only listening music can make you feel better but also singing your heart out will make you relaxed and happy. Music has positive vibes that make a person relax and feel good. You should listen to something that makes you feel happy. If a person laughs loudly the endorphin level increases and this makes a person happy. Even the thought of being happy can make you happier. Music soothes any kind of pain. People who sings when they feel sad makes them happier.

2. Do new things at times

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Going crazy at times can also make you feel good. Doing crazy things can make you take out all the tensions and worries you have. Not only doing crazy things can make you happy but also trying new things you have never thought you will do in your life can also make you very happy. Getting bored with things make people sad. So if your usual life is making you bore try things that will make you happy. Learn new things. If you don’t dance or don’t play any kind of music learn these things. dancing and playing music makes a person happier.

1. Gardening

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Gardening is a hobby that can make a person happy. The cool and fresh breeze in the garden will make you feel rejuvenated. Gardening is also a kind of exercise that make people happier. When you see the flower blossom and see the seeds you planted turn int a big plant you will automatically know why gardening can make you feel better.

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