10 things you Must Take Care before you Quit your Current Job

Graduation is over and we start searching for jobs and most of us think that it is the toughest part, but the truth is getting job is not the difficult part instead holding on to your job where you get into is the most difficult part. The demands, requirements, and expectation of both an employer as well as the employee is too high in today’s world and it takes a lot of effort to stay and stick on to a single company without quitting, there might be a lot many things to compromise as well sometimes. But quitting job needs serious consideration, as it can change your life into bad or good, depending the choice you make. There are so many reasons for a person to quit his or her job like over pressurized work, intolerable Boss, ambiance of the office, growth of the company or self, less pay for more work, trouble from a colleague, other personal things and so on. But it is very much necessary to think it over that the reason for which you want to quit is it reasonable enough for you to risk a steady income. Hence it is always better to consider a few things before you make a decision of quitting your job, a source for your living and happiness. Some of such things to consider are,

 10. Savings

Savings 10 things you Must Take Care before you Quit your Current Job

Some times we make a decision of quitting from our job, just in a brink of the moment, maybe because we are too tired, or we find it difficult to handle or sometimes due to some kind of trouble. As much as it is easy to think of quitting it is as difficult to do it. Because you need to think once you are out and not working anymore there wherever you had been working what is your next plan. If there is already a job waiting for you than that’s good, but if not it is necessary to make sure of having some money in your savings account which can help you to manage to run satisfactorily for at least two to three months if you are planning to look for another job immediately, if not its better to plan a steady savings for a long time.

 9. Dependency on you

Dependent people on you 10 things you Must Take Care before you Quit your Current Job

We might think sometimes we just have to quit and there can be another job which we can try finding out. But a decision made in haste can lead you, as well as the people who might be dependent on you into trouble. For example your parents, or spouse or kids. When we talk about savings it is also important to make sure what savings you have should be able to provide for the family or anyone else who might be dependent on you. Sometimes its not only money, it can be emotional support, as much as you need it, the family might need an assurance that they will be provided and there will not be any troubles. Hence before you quit your job it is also necessary to make sure of some arrangement to take care of the people depending on you.

 8. Another Job

another job 10 things you Must Take Care before you Quit your Current Job

You get angry with your boss and you say “I quit”, the moment might give a satisfaction but believe me you will be in a more worse state later than your employer or any higher authoritative person to you. Hence if you have problems which you think is not something that could be resolved and were planning on quitting your job, its always better hunt for a new job earlier before you meet the peak of your frustrations which can force you to say that you quit before even you are ready for it. So when you feel you might have to quit, start looking for other opportunities and once you have a new job in hand, than inform your employer about you quitting. Do not forget to take time for joining with the new employer as the old will be having their own policies and other issues to be dealt with before you quit and you may have to finish your responsibilities.

 7. Your story to quit

Your story to quit 10 things you Must Take Care before you Quit your Current Job

It might feel simple but sometimes it matters. When we quit a job everyone from the family, to friends to acquaintances will be asking for the reason to quit. Sometimes its very important the reasons you give for quitting and it can round up for your future perspectives. Some times a person with whom you might casually talk over a cup of cafe in a cafe, could be the next person who might be hiring official in your next interview, and if your story about quitting in the previous company is not good enough to convince that you made a right choice and you are made for better and different things, you might have less chances of getting a job. It is also necessary to give a proper reason to your boss before you tell him you quit. It is always good to quit on polite terms.

 6. Prioritize your reasons before you quit

Prioritize your reasons before you quit 10 things you Must Take Care before you Quit your Current Job

There are many reasons to quit and can vary depending on every individual, so when we decide to quit it is important to think through before making any kind of conclusions, about the reason for you wanting to quit. Sometimes there can be many personal reasons, such as parent might need you at home, or a child or something else which can be more important and you might want to quit, But always consider to prioritize which is more important, the reason or your job and then make a decision to quit. Your decision should not be something you regret later because once you quit no one is going to take you back.

 5. Prepare your free time

Prepare your free time 10 things you Must Take Care before you Quit your Current Job

If you are quitting your job because there is a new one waiting with more promises and more better benefits than quitting is fine, you are going to be as busy as before, but if you decide to quit job to relax and go slow, relaxing and stretching out on your couch is going to become tiresome within a week or maximum two to three. Hence do plan how exactly you want to spend the days after you quit or what you want to do with your time. Sometimes it can be more interesting to join as a volunteer to a social activity, do some kind of freelancing, or even join classes and pursue in developing your skills, which can help you to try better jobs once you decide to come back. Of course its still linked to your financial stability, So make sure of your finances before you put down the papers of resignation.

 4. policies and Loans

download policies and Loans 10 things you Must Take Care before you Quit your Current Job

Having policies is a necessary thing as well as making a luxury life over the loans, such as a home loan, car loan etc. Every month when you draw your steady salary slip, there will be immediate deductions of all the payments you have to make, like bills, policies, loans and so on. So when you decide to quit, make sure you can afford to pay all these without any problem until you can find a source for the payments. If there are less choices to manage all the payment bills, than probably you have to re consider your decision on quitting your job. Hence make sure of a possible source of money to pay whatever commitments you might be having on a month basis.

 3. Payoffs from the company

Payoffs from the company 10 things you Must Take Care before you Quit your Current Job

There are always some problems for anyone to decide to quit from their jobs and the problems what one might be facing can look bigger. But do not make a mistake of leaving the place where you work before making sure you get all the benefits, at least as much as of it. When you quit from your job, it is not the company who is asking you to leave, instead its your own decision. Hence there is always a chance of you loosing some part of the money which you are suppose to get if you decide to quit in the end of the month or the year before you get your payments and other bonuses if there were any, Hence do calculate with a detail sheet of what all the money you will be getting and what you might loose. If there is more loss than you probably should wait until you get your payments.

 2.Standard of Living

Standard of Living 10 things you Must Take Care before you Quit your Current Job

Unless you are quitting your job to go to another job there is always going to be some changes in the way you might be living. Though there are some savings and financial stability until you find another source of income, you need to make few changes in the way you might be living. Sometimes the reason for you to quit can be a personal, even then there can be changes which you need to adapt for it. Sometimes it gets really very difficult to adjust to the new life which we choose and which we might thought that its going to be easy and fun but it can make you feel different once you are really there. So make sure that you are ready for the standard of living and the adjustments you might have make before you quit your job.

 1. Move out with pleasantries and allies

Move out with pleasantries and allies 10 things you Must Take Care before you Quit your Current Job

As I said quitting a job in the heat of the moment can be disastrous sometimes for future prospects, because one might leave behind an angry boss or a colleague. Hence it is always advisable to take your time to clear out your personal and relationship issues with people around who might be working with you, and also a good rapport with your higher officials. This can be helpful when you apply to other companies and jobs, and those interviewers might need to check on your previous experiences along with the people you worked under and worked with. So a good word from a friend from your previous company or a good word from your previous boss can help you with more better chances of getting a new job.

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