Top 10 Unknown Things about Hinduism Religion-Facts

Many different religions are followed by the people on earth. Among these religions some of them are Sikhism, Buddhism, Jainism and Hinduism. There are many things that people do not know about their religion. Hinduism is one such religion. In Hindu religion people are taught the concept of dharma and Karma. Hindu religion forms one of the most preached religions in the world. There are many different traditions followed in Hindu religion. Not only these there are many Gods and Goddess worshiped in Hinduism. There must be some facts that you do not know about this religion, below down the list some of these facts are mentioned.

10. Epic- Mahabharata

mahabharata Top 10 Unknown Things about Hinduism Religion Facts

The principles of Hinduism are taught in the Hindu epic Mahabharata. Mahabharata has 1.8 million words. The words in Mahabharata are written in a long poem. Like Ramayana it is also an important epic of Hindu religion. It is written in Sanskrit. It teaches you the goals of life.

9. Hinduism is the third biggest religion followed by people

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If you think Hinduism is only practiced in India then you are wrong. Hinduism is practiced all over the world. In fact in Sri Lanka this is the second largest religion that people in Sri Lanka follow. Hindu religion is also followed in countries like Bali, Mauritius and Nepal. It is also followed in Malaysia, Cambodia and Indonesia. Among all these countries the majority of the Hindu population is known to live in three countries that are Nepal, India and Mauritius. Fifteen percent of the total population on earth follow Hindu religion. Less than a percent of the Hindu people are found outside Pacific region and Asia.

8. Hinduism is the oldest religion followed on earth

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Hindu religion is known to be oldest religion that has existed on earth. Some historians also believe that Hinduism was practices more than 5,000 years ago in the world. According to Hindus this world is made by Brahma and from that time the religion followed on earth is Hinduism. Hinduism has evolved in three periods, the ancient period, the medieval period and the modern period. There are many evidences of Hinduism followed by people during the late Neolithic period. In Hindu mythology, Hinduism took birth trillions of years back. Some people think Hinduism came during the Dravidian civilisation and it merged into Aryan civilisation. The actual origin of Hindu religion is still unknown to the people.

7. Running after wealth is no sin in Hindu religion

Goddess Laxmi 300x240 Top 10 Unknown Things about Hinduism Religion Facts

You must also be thinking that religion teaches people that money is a bad thing and it ruin a person’s mind. However in Hindu Religion wealth is not the devil. Many religions like Jainism believe that if a person is pursuing after money he is committing sin. But in Hindu Religion pursuing money is no sin. People in Hindu religion worship many Gods and Goddess as the symbol of wealth. Goddess Laxmi, Kuber and Lord Vishnu are all symbols of wealth.

6. Buddhism as well as Sikhism has their roots to Hinduism

buddhism Top 10 Unknown Things about Hinduism Religion Facts

Among the most practiced religion in the world, Sikhism and Buddhism are the two most practiced religions in the world. Hindu religion is said to be the parent of these two religions. Not only this, Hindu religion has very much resemblance to Jainism too. Though these religions have many differences and their way of teaching things to their follower is very different but there are many evidences in the history of the world that Hindu religion is the parent to these both religions.

5. Holy number – 1o8

108 holy number 300x297 Top 10 Unknown Things about Hinduism Religion Facts

People in Hindu religion believe 108 to be a holy number. The count of the beads in Hindu religion is also 108.  The names of Hindu deities are also 108. 108 specify the ratio of distance of sun from earth to either the distance of moon from earth and sun’s diameter divided by moon’s diameter. During ceremonies held in this religion people recite the names of their God 108 times in the beaded mala. Taking of the name of all the Hindu deities 108 times in Hinduism is known as namjapa. Many Gods like Lord Ganesha and Lord Shiva and other Gods have 108 names.

4. No founder

no founder 300x293 Top 10 Unknown Things about Hinduism Religion Facts

Hinduism has very different and diverse tradition followed by the people who practice this religion. Unlike other religion such as Buddhism there is no single person who is known to be the founder of this religion. The scriptures of the ancient Hindu history say that no one has founded this religion but God himself has founded Hindu religion. The religion is evident just because God wanted it to be. Lord Narayana guided Bhrama who in turn guided Narada and who passed the knowledge of this religion to Vyasa Mahamuni. From that time the knowledge of the religion is being transferred from generation to next generation. Hindu religion also has no central organization unlike other religion.

3. No special day to visit to the temples

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In Muslim religion a person has to pray five times a day and he has to attend special prayers in the mosque on Fridays. Similarly in Christian religion people have to attend churches prayers on Sunday. But unlike these two religions there is no fixed time to pray. Hinduism specifies no particular day to conduct prayers in the temples. People in Hindu religion can go to temple any time of the day and pray a number of times in a day. There are no special days like the Sunday prayers or the Friday prayers. You are free to pray on any day in Hindu religion.

2. Based on the concept of Karma

karma 300x173 Top 10 Unknown Things about Hinduism Religion Facts

Hinduism is based on the concept of Karma. People in Hindu religion believe in the concept of rebirth as well as Karma. According to this religion a person deeds will decide his next birth. Karma is actually a word in Sanskrit which means deeds. Hinduism has its own way of telling the reason to people about so much evil and bad things that is happening in the world or that happens to particular people. If something bad happens to someone that Hinduism explains it as a consequence of that person’s misdeeds either in the past or in his previous life.

1. Original name is Sanaat’ana Dharma

original name 300x181 Top 10 Unknown Things about Hinduism Religion Facts

The name given to this religion that is Hinduism was adopted very late or you can say it was followed very late. The original name of Hinduism is actually Sanaat’ana Daharma. The meaning of Sanaat’ana Dharma is Eternal Truth. We can pursue truth in which ever manner a person desires. Hinduism gives people freedom to follow any way they like to reach to the eternal truth. Eternal Truth in Hinduism refers to the Almighty God. Sanaat’ana also means something which has no beginning or end. The name Hinduism came nearly in the sixth century BC when Persians came to India. Hinduism means Religion followed by people living near to Indus River.

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