Top 10 Harmful Effects of Carbonated Drinks

These carbonated drinks have become a very important part of lives of people. They don’t know the extent of harm which carbonated drinks can do to their body. There are many harmful and dangerous facts which are not known by the people and so they casually put these carbonated drink in their daily schedule.  So here we have the list of top 10 ways in which carbonated drinks can harm you.

10. Addiction/Money

money1 Top 10 Harmful Effects of Carbonated Drinks

As we all know that  soda isvery harmful for our health. If these carbonated drinks are consumed in a regular manner then  this habit of consumption can even turn to addiction. Addiction is a very dangerous thing which can have many harmful effects. The addiction can be considered to be the complete waste of money. If a person is addicted to something then that particular thing becomes a necessity for that person. So if you don’t want to waste your money on such a harmful thing then don’t get these carbonated drinks in your regular consumption.

9. Prove to be Perilous for children

fizzy drink Top 10 Harmful Effects of Carbonated Drinks

Another very fatal and astonishing fact about soda is that it is considered to be a slow poison, especially for children. If a person has a habit of consuming carbonated drinks at a regular time period then it can act as a slow poison for a his body thereby degrading the mechanism and the working of body. This regular consumption can harm the children to a great extent. The inner mechanism of a child body is very sensitive and delicate, this drink will have a create a great destruction to a child’s body. It can even be responsible for many other mental diseases. The regular consumption of carbonated drink can cause behavioural problem like lack of confidence, hike in nervousness. So the regular consumption of carbonated drinks should be avoided, especially in the case of children.

8 . Effect in the brain

effect in brain Top 10 Harmful Effects of Carbonated Drinks

The consumption of carbonated drink can even cause the damage to brain. Brain is the most important and sensitive part of human body. A human is incomplete without a brain. Brain being the most important part of our body handles almost all the functions of our body. The carbonated drinks have soda as an ingredient in it. The sodas are highly acidic and this acidic nature of carbonated drink can cause a high extent of damage to our brain. The acids of soda can even melt a can of aluminium so you can imagine the extent of damage it must be doing to our brain. The acid present in the soda will not just harm the internal body part but will also eat up the nutrients which are present in our body. This will create a vast deficiency of nutrients in our body. 

7. Cavities and decay in teeth

cavaties and decay in teeth Top 10 Harmful Effects of Carbonated Drinks

It is said that the cold drinks and soda have less sugar contents. In spite of having low sugar, regular consumption can harm our teeth. Our  teeth usually work well in neutral pH i.e. 7 and so if the pH of our teeth goes down below this neutral level then it generates a huge amount of acidic waste.  This acidic content further causes cavities and decays. The  combination of acid and sugar is very harmful for our teeth. Our mouth contains hydrogen ions, which works at the pH of 7, which is said to be neutral. So whenever the pH of our mouth goes down, the working of these hydrogen ions get affected.

6. Other problems

other problems Top 10 Harmful Effects of Carbonated Drinks

Carbonated drinks is responsible for many harmful consequences. It contains a very harming and toxic chemical which creates many disorders after its consumption. The consumption of such toxic and harming chemicals  are proved to be very fatal since it leads to many physical  problems like Depression.  It even  contains  acids like  phenylalanine and aspartic. These acids are considered to be good for our health but the combination of these two acids is said to be very dangerous. All these factors results in many diseases like  plethora, neurological . The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) have got a lot many complaints from consumer regarding food problems.

5. Affects the digestion process

affect in digestion process Top 10 Harmful Effects of Carbonated Drinks

The consumption of high amount of  carbonated drinks can even affect the process of digestion. If we regularly consume the carbonated drinks then the process of digestion and the digestive system will get severely affected. The carbonated drinks have a high amount of sugar and also caffeine which slows down the process of digestion thereby degrading the digestive system. In this case when you consume any food then you will not get the nutrients of that food, this will again affect your immune system making it more weak. For example if you consume French fries with carbonated drinks, the carbonated drink will affect the process of digestion. The French fries which were consumed with the carbonated drinks will not get digested, it will take around a week to digest those French fries.

4. Affects the pancreas

effect the pancreas Top 10 Harmful Effects of Carbonated Drinks

The carbonated drinks consists of high amount of sugar. This high amount of sugar level which enters into our body through the carbonated drink increases the secretion of pancreas. The pancreas secrete large amount of insulin to handle the large quantity of sugar level. This sudden increase in the secretion of insulin form pancreas leads to the sugar crash. This leads to the reduction of both sugar and insulin and the elevation of chronic also. All this lead to many imbalances in the body and can result in diabetes.  Also this will affect the growth of the children and will give the many health problems.

3. Highly acidic

highly acidic Top 10 Harmful Effects of Carbonated Drinks

Another very dangerous aspect about the carbonated drink is that it is highly acidic in nature. The pH of human body is 7 and the pH of a carbonated drink is 2.5. The human body is quite neural and the carbonated drink is very acidic, the carbonated drink when consumed creates an acidic environment in our body. The acidic nature of a carbonated drink can even be judged by its action on the rusty metal. A carbonated drink when poured on a metal which has a layer of rust over it then due to the action of carbonated drink the rusty layer is removed from the metal.  This highly acidic nature of a carbonated drink can create acidic waste in our body and this acidic waste gets accumulated in the joints of the body. Also the accumulation of acid in the stomach can result in the problem of ulcers.

2. Lack of minerals

lack of minerals Top 10 Harmful Effects of Carbonated Drinks

The consumption of carbonated drinks can lead to the problem of lack of mineral. The carbonated drinks contains high amount of phosphate level in it. This high amount of phosphate level in the carbonated drinks when enters in our body needs to be processed. To process this high amount of phosphate, it uses mineral. It steal away all the mineral form our body in order to process the phosphate content. This causes the lack of minerals, this deficiency of mineral is a severe danger. If a person gets to have a deficiency of magnesium mineral then the person is prone the heart diseases. And if the person gets too have the deficiency of calcium then he is prone to the disease like Osteoporosis. Since the water which is used in making the carbonated drink is purified so it steals away all the mineral of the body thereby causing the deficiency of minerals.

1. Dehydration problem

dehydration Top 10 Harmful Effects of Carbonated Drinks

The consumption of soft drink may be very dangerous to our health. If a person is used to of consuming carbonated drink than he will definitely suffer from the problem of dehydration. The consumption of carbonated drinks takes away water from our body. As we all know that water is very important in keeping our body hydrated and if we consume carbonated drink then the water which was used in keeping our body hydrated is taken away by the carbonated drinks. The carbonated drink has act like a diuretic which takes away all the water from are body. The carbonated drink has a high content of sugar and to process this sugar it needs to have water. When we consume carbonated drinks, along with it the extra sugar also penetrate in our body.  This sugar is then processed in our body and so it sucks all the water of our body which was kept for the hydration process. The consumption of just one glass of carbonated drink takes away around 8-10 glasses of water. So if you are used to of consuming carbonated drinks then drink at least 8-10 glasses of water so as to keep your body hydrated.  Some people think that carbonated drinks can be an alternative to water when they are thirsty but this mentality of people is entirely wrong. Carbonated drinks can never help in reducing your thirst. Since we have discussed that consumption of carbonated drink leads to the lack of water in our body. This lack of water in our body can result in the chronic cellular dehydration. This chronic cellular dehydration will weaken our body thereby reducing the strength of immune system.

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