Top 10 Countries with Highest Internet Users 2013

The total number of Internet Users around the World has Increased Tremendously specially in the last decade. The total penetration of Internet users in Developed Countries have gone almost over 70% whereas developing or under developed countries are still going through the phase of transition and we can expect to see a huge Increase in their Internet Users in the coming decade.

Internet has become a big source for the People to find Information very easily and Quickly and now this medium is also fast turning into a very lucrative Money making industry. Also with the growth of smartphone market a lot of People are now using Internet from their Smart Mobile Phones.

The list of the countries below of total number of Internet users contains both developing and developed countries, but developing countries like India mainly feature in the list because of their total population (which is second highest in the world) but the Internet users rate is extremely low. The less number of people using Internet from Developing countries is primarily because these countries doesn’t have the Infrastructure to support, also the literacy rate is less so uneducated people are also not much willing to explore and see how internet can help them.

internet penetration world Top 10 Countries with Highest Internet Users 2013

Internet Penetration Rate

The List of Countries having Highest Internet Users for 2013 is as follows:

10. Nigeria - 47,143,356 Active Users

I am sure you would have expected this country to be on the list specially because we all have known them since years as scam and spam king, we all witness numerous emails from Nigerian (claimed kings or bank managers) people. But Nigerians are no longer about just scamming, today almost 30% of Nigerian people which is roughly 47,143,356 or 47 Million people from Nigeria use Internet actively.At the rate at which the number of Internet users are growing in Nigeria we can easily expect the Percentage of Population using the Internet to grow over 50% in next 3-5 years. Also Nigeria has recently over taken South Africa to become the Country with Highest Internet Users in Africa.


9. United Kingdom - 51,412,657 Active Users

United Kingdom is an expected entry in the List of Country with Most number of Internet Users. United Kingdom has been one of the front runners in Internet Adoption and today almost 84% of United Kingdom People i.e 51,412,657 or 51 Million Users use Internet from UK which makes it one of the top countries with highest percentage of People using Internet in the World. United Kingdom is highly developed country and has infrastructure and expertise which acts as a Backbone for a Country advancement. UK or .CO.UK is the Internet Domain Extension that represents United Kingdom.


8. France –  51,962,632 Active Users

France is another European nation to feature in our List of countries with Highest Internet Users. France currently has around 80% of People using the Internet which translates to roughly 51,962,632 or almost 52 Million active Internet users. The primary language of France is French and hence a lot of people from France use French as their Default Language when using Internet. FR is the Internet Domain Extension that represents United Kingdom.


7. Germany -  67,621,622 Active Users

Germany is the third European Nation in our List of Countries, It also has the highest Percentage of People using the Internet in our list of 10 countries with maximum users. Germany has Internet Penetration rate of 84% and around 67,621,622 or 67 Million People from Germany use Internet. Deutch is the Primary Language of People in Germany and .DU is the domain extension that represents Germany.


6. Russia -  69,837,538 Active Users

Russia is an Asian Country that features in the List of highest number of Internet Users in the World in 2013. The country has 50% Internet Penetration rate and has around 69,837,538 or 70 Million people roughly using the Internet. A lot of Internet Startups are coming in from Russia and Internet adoption rate is also increasing at huge pace. RU is the Russian Domain Extension and Russian is the primary language that People use in Russia over the Internet.


5. Brazil – 88,917,974 Active Users

Brazil is the only South American country to feature in the list. Brazil has seen tremendous growth economically in the last couple of decades and now we see nearly 47% of people from Brazil use Internet actively which makes roughly 88,917,974 or 89 Million people using the Internet. The people from Brazil are expected to grow at a huge pace in the coming years and this South American country may leave behind a lot of Countries in the Total number Internet Users list. A lot of Internet companies and Startups are launched by people in Brazil and Internet has become one of the Largest Industry for the People. BR is the Domain extension dedicated for Brazil.


4. Japan – 101,376,528 Active Users

Japan is one of the Most technologically advanced country in the World. Japan was the pioneer in using Internet and today more than 80% of Japanese people use Internet from Mobile’s, Computers and Tablets. The total number of Japanese people using the Internet is around 101,376,528 which makes around 101 Million. A part of Japan technological advancement can also be contributed to it’s early and high Internet adoption. Japan has one of the highest literacy rate in the world which has made a lot of people understand and use Internet for their Advantages. JP is the Domain extension dedicated for Japan and a lot of People from Japan use Internet is their Mother language Japanese.


3. India – 119,749,712 Active Users

India has not been the early Internet adopters and it has been placed at the top 3rd position of countries by Internet Users only because of it’s huge Population. The total people using the Internet is extremely low rather lowest in the list at just 11% which makes around 119,749,712 or 120 Million people roughly using the Internet from it’s total population of over 1.2 Billion People. But the good thing is that Internet adoption rate is increasing at huge pace thanks to low priced computers, pvt companies providing internet services and smart phones. If the total number of Internet users continue to grow at the same rate in India, it can become the country with Largest Number of Internet Users in the World very quickly. Internet has also become an integral part of Indian economy as a huge chunk of revenue in India comes from Internet and Software Service industry. IN is the Domain extension that represents India.


2. United States – 242,614,880 Active Users

There is no surprise here, as expected United States is one country that has top most Internet users in the World. United States has been the pioneer in Internet development and today more than 78% of it’s population actively use internet which makes roughly 242,614,880 or 240 Million people using Internet daily. A huge chunk of these people use Internet from their Mobile devices like Tablets and Mobile’s. The Internet industry has become one of the Largest Economy Contributor in United States as some of the World’s largest Internet companies like Google, Facebook, Yahoo are based in US. It is also the United States that governs majority of Internet laws and rules. United States has a lot of country level domain extensions and the primary one is COM.


1. China – 511,963,000 Active Users

China become’s the default choice for the top most position of Country with highest Internet users thanks to it’s huge population of 1.3 Billion People. China also enjoys high internet penetration rate of 40% which although cannot be compared with developed European or North American countries but is certainly a lot higher than India. Today around 511,963,000 or 511 Million people actively use Internet from China. China has developed huge Internet industry that mainly caters to the Mainland China and hence China has also managed to block some very popular Internet Services like Youtube, etc so that it can grow it’s domestic Internet industry. A lot of Internet clones have emerged in China and become immensely popular because of the China government law to block foreign internet products and their hard to understand Chinese language. Some worth mentioning China internet companies include Baidu, Alibaba, etc.

Some other Total Internet Users facts:

World Population: 7 Billion

Total Internet Users in the World: 2.5 Billion

World Internet Penetration Rate: 35%

North Korea has the Least percentage of People using Internet, only 600 People use Internet in North Korea.

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