Top 10 Biggest Industrial Nations in the World

A remarkable change that occurred in the 20th century was the advent of industrialization. Various great inventors and scientists thrived and brought forth newer and more efficient machinery and power sources that gave industrialization a boost. Naturally the goods started being produced in excess and the countries benefited. The countries where these inventions began and happened were obviously the first to benefit and therefore headed the race. Even in the 21st century this race is still on. Throughout the world people are challenging the shortcomings and succeeding in moving ahead. Although industries are the back bone to any countries success and so every country is getting involved with industrial development on daily basis. There are several countries whose contribution to the industrial world is remarkable. The following are the top 10 countries leading in industrialization.

10. Italy.
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Italy is right fully called the republic of Italy and has a democratic government. In terms of industries Italy’s gold reserves rank 3rd in the world. The country enjoys a very high standard of living. It is a part of the G8 that is group of 8 highly industrialized countries and also G20. The democratic government offers the inhabitants a budget that is the 6th highest in the world. Italy was an agricultural country but today it stands as a leading name in terms of highly efficient automobiles as well as in fashion designing. It also is the largest wine producer in the world. it also has a very flourishing tourism industry. Due to all this attributes Italy has the 10th highest economy in the world.
9. France.
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France is one the leading industrial nations of the world. It is also one of the countries of the G8 group. France has the 9th strongest economy of the world having high GDP. Unlike other countries agriculture and allied industries are still a major group of successful industries here. The food industries here have seen some of the most successful items in the export sector. The major industries here include aeronautics and power generation. The Air bus is one of its pride. The country is the largest user of nuclear generated power. The tourism and allied industry in France is considered as the number one in the world.

8. Germany.
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Germany is on of the top industrial countries in the world. In a research survey of the leading brands in the world 39 were found in the country of Germany. The top most brands that are recognized world wide are Nivea, Bosch Mercedes Benz and renowned Volkswagen , BMW, Audi etc. When it comes to automobiles Germany is simply one of the best. Other than this there are several medium scale industries as well. The German economy is therefore the fifth in the world. It is also a part of G20 and G8 group of industries.

7. Canada.
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Canada is one of the newly leading industrial nations of the world. It is a member of the G8 nations. Canada’s major industry is its oil and gas industry. Its oil reserves can be stated as the second largest after the UAE. It also is a large producer of natural gas. It therefore exports in the energy sector. The other major industry is its mining sector. It is producing great amounts of uranium and zinc. It is a leading exporter of nickel , gold etc. Apart from this agriculture still contributes substantially to the nations economy. The nation has a very high standard of living and enjoys a good purchasing power.

6. Japan.
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Japan is a very rapidly developing nation. Since the world war it has come a long way and now has its own identity. The nation’s chief area of industrial exploring is the IT sector. The country is one of the leading exporters of the electronics and software products. Japan is considered as one of the best when it comes to IT. Also the gaming industry is its profitable forte. Japan has a high standard of living and high literacy rate.

5. China.
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China is the most densely populated country in the world. In spite of this it enjoys a considerable industrial development. It is a part of G20 group. The country is earning a substantial profit from its exports. The country practically exports almost in every forte. Exports in transportation and herbs is its renowned fields. The country as if now is the 2nd largest economy. It is also dealing in steel , telecommunication etc.

4. India.
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India today is one of the most rapidly advancing nations. It has the largest developing economy and the growth rate has outdone many renowned nations. India deals in an array of fields. Agriculture still is its dominant sector with many produced crops being exported. Textile is also India’s major field. Other than this the Pharmaceutical is recently developing sector that is bringing huge profits to the country. Apart from this the IT sector is also booming in the country. India although has a low per capita income due to inequality in the income zone.

3. United Kingdom.
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United Kingdom has been one of the leaders in the industrial market since 19th century. Today it is the world’s 6th largest economy. The major industries of this nation are the aviation and allied fields. It houses a number of major airspace parts building industry giving employment to a considerable population with a whooping net profit to the nation. Also the ship building industry is a major one here. It is near to self sufficient in terms of agriculture. It also produces essential ores like chalk, zinc etc.

2. Russia.
russia2 300x200 Top 10 Biggest Industrial Nations in the World
Russia is the leading country in today’s world. Russia is one of those few countries in the world which developed and progressed due to internal or domestic trade largely. The country largely exports in Timber , Oil etc. Oil is one its most profitable trade. with internal trade on the rise the countries development is booming. The standard of living of the people has risen considerably. Fishing and agriculture both are the dominating industries in Russia contributing to nation’s success.

1. United states.
united states 300x225 Top 10 Biggest Industrial Nations in the World
The leader of the current industrial world is the United States of America. The country has the strongest economy in the world although there has been some decline due to the crisis. The country is an avid exporter of various known brands in various fields. Mc. Donald and Coca Cola are both American brands. Its textile and fashion and cosmetic sector are largely involved in exports. It is one of the founders of the G8 and G20 nations. The industries responsible for major profits include transportation vehicles and supplies.

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