10 Things India is Famous for

India, a comparatively young nation which has achieved so much in such a short time but still has scope for improvement is a land with rich heritage, varied culture, colorful states and warm people. A land where a common man whose daily existence is a struggle but still he never gives up hope. This faith and hope is what drives us as a nation.

India has so much to offer and the best part of this amazing nation is that it welcomes everyone without any reservations, with open arms and such is the charm of this place that even foreigners feel completely at home and comfortable visiting it for the first time. They say whoever visits India once, when they leave, they leave a part of themselves and it gets assimilated in the diverse but unified India.

India is so vast and densely populated but still each State has its own unique identity, while Goa is famous for its crystal, clear waters and pristine beaches, Mumbai is famous for its happening nightlife, Delhi for its socialites and Bangalore for its work culture. Wherever you go, you are bound to get floored by India and its several identities.

It seems India is also the favorite child of mother nature, for she has given India incomparable beauty not only in terms of geographical entities but also in terms of flora and fauna. India is abound with the biological wealth. A vast number of plants and animals make up for the high biodiversity of Indian forests. Also India enjoys almost all the major climatic seasons of the world, be it summers, autumn, spring, fall or winters. The length and breadth of on India  also accounts for its various geographical features such as mountains, deserts, beaches, valleys, forests etc.India truly is blessed to have the best of everything.

Due to all the above mentioned reasons India is a hot tourist destination for international as well as domestic tourists in all seasons.Its popularity rests on the fact that India can cater to anybody’s demands and has something for everyone. If you are a foodie, then India is food paradise, if you are a fitness freak, then India is the right place for you, if you are a beach enthusiast, then India has some of the world’s best beaches to entertain you and so on and so forth.

If you are looking for reasons to visit India, then we give you not one but ten, apart from Taj Mahal, the most obvious one..


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This small word has taken the world by storm, and everybody from fitness fanatics to celebrities swear by it. India is home to this philosophy which dwells on purification of mind as well as body in order to gain spiritual upliftment.

In contemporary sense, yoga asanas  are used for over all health benefits which include reduction in stress levels, developing a holistic mind with a healthy body. Yoga came to light in Western countries in the mid 19th century along with other topics of  Hindu philosophy. Since 2001, the popularity of yoga in the USA has been on the constant rise, hence the curiosity to know more about this philosophy, people make grand plans to visit India.

9. Palaces

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No sightseeing in India can ever be complete without a trip to some of the most magnificent forts and palaces strewn all around the country. India takes pride in its history, which can be best understood by having a first hand experiences of the palaces of India.

Delhi, Agra and Udaipur are some of the heritage cities who are the proud witnesses of a glorious past. Whether it is the Old fort, Fatehpur Sikri or the Lake Palace, all are the remnants of a bygone era. They are the links to our past roots. These palaces are splendid in their architecture and style and remain unparalleled even today.

India is a historian’s dream come true, and a heaven for all historically inclined travellers, that is what makes India a perfect choice for tourists.

8. Rich Culture

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India ranks on the second spot on population index, and is one of the most densely populated country of the world. Because of this density, people are quite different from one another. Their language, religion, myths and beliefs are very different from each other but still India holds it all together as one coherent, diverse culture.

India’s culture is the amalgamation of several sub cultures, owing to its diversity. The colorful, rich and varied culture is what attracts tourists all over the world to this great nation.

7. Indian Cuisine

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Off late Indian Cuisine has been popularized by renowned International chefs, which is the reason behind India emerging as a culinary hot spot on International food maps.

Even the indigenous cuisine of India is getting attention globally. It could not be wrong to say that India indeed is a foodie’s delight. You name it and we have it! Everything from  vegetarian to sea food, meats to sweets, starters to main course, India offers wide variety. The sumptuous gourmet attracts culinary enthusiasts of the world to India.

6. Bollywood

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Bollywood is big, loud, colorful and extravagant. The Indian film Industry affectionately known as Bollywood after the American Film Industry Hollywood.

Bollywood has mass appeal, it is mostly a celebration of life and the distinct style of Bollywood have captured the imagination of several foreign directors and moviegoers.  Hence, a trip to India to experience the essence of Bollywood is on the must visit list of an average cine fanatics.

Also the sheer popularity of Bollywood actors all around the world speaks for itself of their fascination for Indian Film Industry.

5. Cricket

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Ever since the Britishers introduced this game, the popularity has just kept on increasing. Now cricket is a part and parcel of every average Indian’s life. Though the national game of India is H\hockey but cricket is what we are passionate about, as a country.

The unity of Hindus and Muslims cheering for the Indian team against our arch rival in the game, Pakistan is something no Indian can miss. You ought to see it, to believe it. The lovers of the game can rather swear by our men in blue for they are among the best international players. This is probably the biggest reason why India is famous for!

4. Handicrafts

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The Indian handicrafts industry is largely a cottage industry, out of which a major part of it is exported. These handicrafts have become a trademark of India on the International front and also that they are hugely popular in the west.

The artisans until recently were thinking of giving up their ancestral professions but thanks to the a hand loom renaissance in India, the handicrafts industry now is growing and expanding every year.

3. Spices

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It is a very well established fact that Westerners had excellent trade relations with India since times immemorial, and they mainly dealt in spices.

Indian herbs and spices are the best in class and are coveted all around the world for their flavors and aroma. hence, it is only but natural for the world to be interested in India for the spices it produces.

Chilies, Black pepper, Cardamom and Star Aniseed are among the highest exported spices of India. the pungent taste and smell of these spices add a whole new dimension to the generally bland flavors of the typical Western dishes and hence Chefs from all over the world rely on India.

2. Perfumes

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The traditional way of making oil based perfumes known as Attars were once so popular that anybody could afford and use them. But with the advent of Chemical perfumes, these traditional perfumeries could not stand up in competition  against them and hence most of them had to be closed down permanently.

But since the last recent years, an interest in the traditional art of perfumery have received the interest of local as well as foreign elites alike.

As a result the perfume industry in India is now increasing at a steady pace. It is interesting to notice that while most Indians would prefer foreign brands like Armani, Dior and Burberry, foreigners are much more interested in kimams and Attars.

1. Intellectuals!

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Do we really need to explain this one!

Indians are famous all through out the world for their Mensa level IQ’s. the demand for Indian professionals abroad has never been this high and it is still increasing on a daily basis. Specially people from the IT sector have had quite an impact on foreign recruiters   . It is because of this demand of Indian professionals premier institutions like the IIT’s and IIM’s   are introducing several new foreign based companies in their placement programs.

Brain power rules we say!

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