10 Best Ways to Protect yourself from Pollution

The world in which we live is a beautiful place where life flourishes. Mother nature has provided all that was necessary for our evolution and upbringing. It gives us air to breathe , various fruits and vegetables to give us nutrition and various minerals and resources that has made the life today so prosperous. But mankind has not been so humble towards nature. We have exploited her way more than she could handle. The result is that today the Earth is degraded and is no more in a position to handle the inhuman behavior. The air is polluted, the water is polluted, the soil is polluted and nothing around is pure or even healthy. although it is next to impossible to restore the nature’s credibility the most you can do is find ways that prevent you from getting affected by this pollution. The following are the top 10 ways that can help protect you from pollution.

10. Avoid peak hours.
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The air today is highly polluted. Many people are allergic to these pollutants which mainly are the noxious gases exhaled by the vehicles. These gases include carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, sulphur and lead traces. These are highly dangerous to health. It is difficult to control the air that we breathe. But if you are not an office worker avoid goingg out in the peak hours which have maximum traffic load. With lesser traffic you will have to face and inhale lesser fumes and the journey too will be speedy. Regular travellers can opt for alternate modes of transport like the railways which is not clogged with these fumes and is quicker as compared to roadways.

9. Natural pollutants.
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Gases released by vehicles is not the only pollutant in the air. Many pollutants occur in nature naturally. These are pollens released by vegetation and also mites. You will be surprised to know that thousands of dust mites stay in your blanket that feed on your dead skin cells. These are the reasons behind various allergies. Keep a check on the plants that you are allergic too. Keep curtains on your doors and windows as they act as filters. Dust out your blankets everyday beofre sleeping and wash them weekly. Change the covers and sheets periodically.

8. Wear masks.
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As I suggested earlier that not no frequent travellers can go out in odd hours to avoid traffic and pollution. But it will certainly not work with the working population. They cannot skip the heavy pollution by staying indoors. What they can do is that they can wear special breathing masks. These are made of special fabric that filter out the air that recahes your nostrils. These are easy to wear and are washable. Wearing maks will protect you from all the dust , dirt and fumes around. It also keeps many disease causing germs also at bay.

7. Industrial areas.
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Another major cause of air and water pollution is the industries. The various smokes that is released out of the company chimneys settle in the atmosphere around. This gives rise to acidc rain which is bad for skin and hair. Industries are vital for our development and hence it is necessary to look for ways to control its pollution. What you can do is that do not settle in areas that are close to industries. The concentration of noxious elements is more in the nearby areas. The water too in the area is polluted. so reside in areas that are away from industries and preferably near greenary.

6. Plants.
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The air that you breathe in has to be pure so that you remain healthy and happy. Also that more oxygen field air is required for your mind to be alert and your immunity to be strong. Hence what you can do is that have plants around your house. whatever little space you have around your house the compund or the balcony or simply windows have plants there. The plants will oxygen that will continously flow in with the incoming air. Also the plants at times release certain chemicals that are better for your health.

5. Sound proofing.
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Another reason for you to avoid industrial areas is the noise associated with it. Machines make a lot of sound. Hence staying away from here can help protect you from noise pollution. The other sources of sound pollution are fire works durings fests and occassions , vehicles and various processions. You cannot stop them but you can control the sound reaching you. Have sound proof windows and doors that will control the noise entering in. If you work in industries that make noise wear ear muffs that will protect you from the drastic effects of noise.

4. Water.
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One of the major pollution that exists out there is the water pollution which is very harmful as we drink that water and use it for othet house hold purposes. First thing have filters at you taps or faucets where you fill water from. This will take care of dirt and mud that comes along and will render the water usable for house hold purposes. Fro drinking make it a habit to boil water. It is better to have water purifiers and ro filetrs at your homes. These remove dirt and other elements like chemicals and meatl ions from water making it healthy to drink.

3. Washing.
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The primary fact is that you are never suppose to touch any eatables without washing your hands. Your hands come in contact with a lot of things and carry a lot of pollutants. Also it is important to wash the eatables itself before eating or cooking it. The fruits and vegetables are sprayed with a lot of pesticides. also during transportaion and selling many things it is exposed to. So wash them before eating. Thoroughly wash the vegetables not only if you having it raw but also before cooking them.

2. Anti oxidants.
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No matter what you do it is difficult to control the pollutants from entering your body. Hence to protect your body from the harmful effects of pollution it is important to protect it internally as well. The various fruits and vegetables contain many anti oxidants which protect the body from the free chemicals called as radicals that alter the bodily functions. These are very reactive and open chain reactions in the body which are prevented by anti oxidants. Hence it is required to have sufficient fruits in your diet.

1. UV rays.
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The UV rays of the sun do a lot of damage to the skin when it is exposed to them. This is not a direct pollution but it is an effect of pollution. The air pollution has led to depletion of Ozone layer that is causing the Sun’s rays to reach the Earth unpurified. The best way to protect your self from UV exposure is avoiding going out in the sun altogether. Using umbrellas when you move out in the sun is a good option. If that is not convinient then use sunscreens to give protection to your skin. The
sunscreens absorb the UV rays and protect the skin from being damaged.

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