Top 10 Most Dangerous Volcanic Eruptions

There are many volcanic eruption recorded since ages in this world. Some of these explosions were so massive that they killed thousands of people. Some of the most dangerous volcanic eruptions are mentioned below.

10. Mount Lamington

Lamington 300x200 Top 10 Most Dangerous Volcanic Eruptions

Mount Lamington is situated in Papua New Guinea. Till the year 1951 localities inhabiting around this area considered it to be just an ordinary mountain. Later they realized that it was not just a mountain but was a volcano. The height of this volcano is 1,680 m. when the mountain exploded on 18th January in the year 1951 people realized how deadly the mountain was. In this eruption around 3000 people lost their lives. The mountain was last exploded in the year 1956. There was a massive destruction due to this explosion. The ashes and the lava killed the population living in the radius of 14 kilometer around the mountain.


9. Papandayan

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Mount Papandayan is situated in Garut Regency in Indonesia.  The mountain is at an elevation of 2,665 m. this volcano is characterized as semi-active volcano. This mountain had a huge explosion in the year 1772. In this explosion forty villages were ruined and more than three thousand people lost their lives in this explosion. The area surrounding this volcano is filled with debris and smoke due to the eruptions from the volcano. People are restricted to go to this place as minor eruptions are still felt in this place time to time. The last explosion of the mountain is recorded in the year 2002. The obnoxious gases like hydrogen sulfide and carbon monoxide are found in vast traces in this region.

8. Kelud

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Kelud volcano is located in east Java in Indonesia. This mountain is very much famous for its devastating eruptions. The massive explosion in the year 1919 cannot be forgotten by anyone. The hot mud flow shattered many villages and killed more than 5,000 people. Further eruptions in the following years have killed many people. A tunnel was constructed to reduce the hazards due to this mountain.  Most recently three thousand residents were shifted to different place as the mountains was about to explode in October, 2007. In this explosion many villages were destroyed and were covered under heaps of dust. The most recent explosion was felt in the year 2008.

7. Unzen

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Mount Unzen covers the active volcanic group of stratovolacanoes. This volcanic group is situated in Kyushu Island in Japan. This volcano is 1500 meter high. This volcano is put under the active volcanoes category. Though there have been many eruptions in this range of volcanoes but the 1792 explosion was the most dangerous explosion. Due to the eruption there was a tsunami in this island which killed more than 15,000 people. After this eruption there were no eruptions till the year 1991. In the 1991 eruption 40 people died. In the following years there were small explosions which devastated more than 2000 houses. The mountain had its last eruption in the year 1996.

6. Ruiz

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Nevado Del Ruiz is a volcanic mountain which is situated in Colombia. The mountain is dangerous due to its massive mud flows and landslides. These mud flows mainly contain pyroclastic material as well as water. The explosion in the year 1595 took away life of around 635 people. People died as the hot mud went into River Langnillas and River Guali. This incident got repeated again in the year 1845 and 1000 people died this time in the explosion. In spite of these dangerous eruption people settled around this deadly volcano. When in 1985 another such explosion took place more than 23, 000 people lost their lives.

5. Mount Pelee

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Mount Pelee is situated in Martinique. The explosion in the year 1902 was very devastating and was the biggest explosion of the twentieth century. In this eruption around 30,000 people lost their lives. Before the massive explosion there were small tremors and smoke filled with sulfuric gases were seen and noticed by the people. In spite of the warnings people didn’t evacuate the place and hence lost their lives when the volcano eventually exploded in May in the year 1902. The residents of Saint Pierre were burned and boiled in the hot lava that had the temperature around 1075 degrees. The town was covered with clouds of smoke and ashes. The explosion was so massive that only two people were able to survive it.

4. Krakatoa

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Like many of the other mentioned dangerous volcanoes Krakatoa is also situated in Indonesia. This volcano is also known by the name Krakatow. This mountain is also regarded as the most deadly volcanoes in the world. The explosion in the year was so enormous that 37,000 people lost their lives in this explosion. The intensity of this colossal explosion was 13,000 more than experienced due to the explosion of Hiroshima bomb. This vast explosion threw the ashes and smoke clouds 70 miles above the volcanoes. This explosion gave rise to many tsunamis which are the main cause of the death.

3. Tambora

tambora Top 10 Most Dangerous Volcanic Eruptions

Tambora is also an active volcano that is situated in Indonesia. The height of this volcano is around 4,300 m. on 10th April 1815 this volcano has the most dangerous eruption ever. The explosion was so dynamic and huge that the sound of this explosion was heard around a range of 2,000 kilometer from the mountain. The eruption from the volcano was so dangerous that it changed the chemistry of the stratosphere. More than 71,000 people died due to this eruption and it’s after effects. Around 12,000 people among them died due to the explosion and the rest of them died due to famines and droughts caused due to this eruption.


2. Mount Vesuvius

vesuvius Top 10 Most Dangerous Volcanic Eruptions


Mount Vesuvius is a volcano situated in Italy. The 79 AD volcanic eruption of this mountain was very dangerous and is well known in the whole world. From that time there have been around 50 explosions in Mount Vesuvius. This volcano is under the category of active volcano. This explosion was so huge that it buried Herculaneum and Pompeii. Gray clouds of ashes and dangerous gases covered the cities. More than 25,000 people lost their lives in this eruption. The most recent explosion in this mountain was recorded in the year 1944. In this explosion too many villages surrounding the mountains were completely destroyed.

1. Laki

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Laki is situated in Iceland. This volcano has made its position on the top of the list due to its infamy. The fissures around the mountains erupted between the years 1783 and 1784. After this eruption there are no activities seen in the mountain. This has been recorded as one of the biggest explosion of lava in the world.  This lava spread over the range of 565 sq. km. the poisonous sulfuric gases from the eruption killed the domestic life and destroyed the crops in Iceland. The famine which came due to this explosion eradicated one fifth of the people residing in Iceland.

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