NANO: The People’s Car

Tata Nano, a car loved by all from old groups to young groups. Tata Motors has done a brilliant job by manufacturing Nano which has earned the company a worldwide recognition. Nano was built particularly aiming the mid – section people, who can’t afford to buy a high end car and it has successfully realized its goal.

Nano was given a warm welcome prior to its launch by the common people. It received one lakh order on its first booking. The reason mainly behind this was the low price bracket. Many individuals who had problems during monsoons on their two wheelers adapted Nano instantly. Other than that because of its size it can maneuver through traffic and tight corners easily.

Nano was firstly accepted by middle class families and working people, but its rising popularity has caught the attention of the youth. Many young boys and girls gave up their two wheelers in exchange of Tata Nano. The reason was well it’s cheap, has air conditioner, good mileage and lastly one can accommodate more friends unlike two wheelers.

Seeing the growing demands of Nano, Tata Motors have given new facelifts to this wonder car. You can own Nano in different vibrant and attractive colour tones. Tata Motors have also provided sporty decafs and minor detailing in Nano to attract more young crowds.

It has a fuel efficient engine with a rear-wheel drive, all-aluminum of course. It is powered with two-cylinder 623 cc & 33 PS multi-point fuel injection petrol engine. It has four speed transmissions, one reverse and all synchronized forward gears. This is actually the first time that a two-cylinder gasoline engine has been used in a car with single balancer shaft. Its tailpipe emission performance also fits all the regulatory requirements. In terms of complete pollutants, it beats all the two wheelers bike manufactured in India. The high fuel efficiency also guarantees that the car has low carbon – di – oxide emission, thus providing the twin benefits of an affordable transportation solution with a low carbon footprint. Mileage need not be discussed because the car was built especially for this purpose but still, it gives 25 to 28 km per liter; a relief for the common people.


Nano has a stylish and comfortable interior, with slots for c.d player and a.c, seat belts. Designed for a small happy family in mind, the car has a spacious passenger compartment with generous legroom and head room. The car can comfortably seat four persons.

It stands just 1.6 meters in height, 3.1 meters in length and is 1.5 meters in width. Egg or dome shaped this car has an adequate ground clearance. This car can effortlessly move on busy city roads as well as in rural areas.

Though small, the ground clearance is sufficient enough, the car can easily move through crowded city roads too. It also has a mono-volume design, with wheels placed at the corners and the power-train at the rear, which enables it to uniquely combine both space and maneuverability. It is sprayed in different variants and honestly it sticks out beautifully.


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