Top 10 Ways to Score Good Marks in Exams

Examinations – a word enough to set chill down someone’s spine or may trigger butterflies of anxiety in someone’s stomach!
Every one of us has suffered from exam fear or exam-phobia. Even after loads of hard work and excellent preparations, sometimes we are left with no options but to wonder what exactly went wrong. But exams are not supposed to frighten us up. We need to realize the fact that exams are organized to select us on the basis of our capabilities and not to reject us. And that, the fear we have developed for exams is just our own creation. We certainly can go past our myths and fears and can do wonders in all the exams of life!

Here are top 10 ways to help you out with the trouble called examinations and score high in the exams:

10. Believe in yourself

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This is the foremost barrier to be crossed for scoring high marks in exams. We firstly need to trust ourselves and should have faith in ourselves that we can do better. A little more faith and willpower can certainly help us to sail farther. What may appear to be uncertain can become sure only if we consider ourselves capable of doing it. One needs to believe in his / her ability to learn , memorize and reproduce what has been learnt . Exams are nothing but the test of our faith, confidence and knowledge . One can only pass the exams with knowledge scripted on the base of self-belief.

9. Follow a time – table

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A well set time table allotting certain durations for studying, sleeping, playing and eating can help us a lot. Every above quoted thing has to be done every day. A proper schedule can help us beat the stress by freeing us from the worry of having wasted today’s time and efforts . Again, the time table should have a definite time for every subject such that every subject is read everyday. This is essential because many students fall in trouble by devoting all their time and energy in one single subject (that they either like the most or the fear the most) thereby leaving others subjects untouched .This should be avoided.

8.  Set every day goals

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Preparations should be done every day to excel at the day of exams without depending upon any miracle capsule to bail you out at the last moment. Hence, at every morning one should have a to-do list to be accomplished till the end of the day and by the night, one should have a set of accomplished tasks to fuel the journey for the coming day . It is to be kept in mind that we can not do wonders by studying just one night before exams, but good results can certainly be achieved by the cumulative efforts of everyday preparation. Thus, by setting everyday targets and goals , one can achieve incredible results in terms of efficiency and performance .

7. Take care of your health

Take care of your health 300x225 Top 10 Ways to Score Good Marks in Exams

Health is wealth. This adage never fails. Only a sound body and sound mind can work effectively towards achieving any objective. One should not drown so much into the studies that he forgets even about taking regular meals. While a balanced diet is always recommended, one should try to incorporate into diet ,  more and more of green leafy vegetables and stuffs like raw carrots, tomatoes , turnips as they provide enough roughage and help keep the body clean and make the person feel healthier in body and mind. Juicy fruits also help by keeping mood fresh. Almonds help increasing retaining capacity of the brain. Thus to sum up, healthy body is a mandate for rigorous mental exercise that comes up during examinations.

6. Practice daily

Practice daily 291x300 Top 10 Ways to Score Good Marks in Exams

We eat daily , we sleep daily , so why not study daily ?
As examinations approach, we try to skip one subject or the other and dedicate more time to a particular subject . This fact and idea often allures but it’s not so good in the long run. A regular practice keeps us close to a subject. If we avoid it for more than three days in a go , we are bound to lose interest In it , as stated by a research years ago . To keep ourselves aware and into the subject , one must practice daily and frequently so that no subject feels alienated in our list .

5. Play games

Play games Top 10 Ways to Score Good Marks in Exams

Playing games – both the indoors and outdoors , help in inculcating a practical approach against dealing any problem . Not just that playing games make us more intelligent and smart , but we also start taking any difficult situation in life as a part of the game and thus make it easy for us . One might be wondering as to what role playing games hold in excelling in the exams . It certainly does. During exams , we often find ourselves trapped in difficult states of mind – pressure moments . During such states of vigorous mental effort , one must be able and efficient to calm down oneself and deal with the situation lightly , just like we do when we are encountered by a difficult situation in games .Apart from that , playing games help us beat the examinations’ stress.

4. Presentation

Presentation 300x224 Top 10 Ways to Score Good Marks in Exams

Till now we have discussed the pre- exam tips . This factor is crucial tip during exams . A well set and neat display of answers can help you fetch really good marks. Presentation has always mattered and will continue to matter . The way of explaining is essential and should be able to impress the one who tests you. The solution should be organized in lucid format and should explain each and every detail in minimum possible words and neat understandable handwriting . The answer sheet should be such that the person who checks your paper would at once like your way of depicting your knowledge. It’s obvious that good handwriting is a must because beauty captures the heart at once.

3. Time management

Time management 300x225 Top 10 Ways to Score Good Marks in Exams

Time is money . Every second that goes wasted warns you of the results you might have to bear .
This decisive factor is a game changer . Not just that  you need to take care of your time during preparations  , but we too must ensure proper distribution of time during writing the solution paper .
Devoting excessive time to lengthy solutions might hinder you in gaining good marks in easy questions. Carrying  a wrist watch during exams is a must . Also , do take care that you don’t devote excess time watching the watch than doing the paper . Remember , anyone can solve the paper , but the one who does it in the appropriate time has the last laugh . Moreover , one should try to save some time at the end of the paper to recheck or revise the contents  and solutions.

2.  Sleep well

Sleep well Top 10 Ways to Score Good Marks in Exams

sound sleep is as important as good food for a healthy mind and body . One should take out enough time to help the body relax and forget the day’s labor . One should sleep in correct position  which involves lying straight one the bed with nose pointing to the roof . Lying on a bed towards one’s left side , can increase the pressure n one’s heart which must be avoided . During exams , students generally overlook this fact and try to gobble up the subject in one night lending the crucial sleep-time  hours to study . This may entice most of the students , but only those victims who have actually experienced a total blackout during examination hours can explain the misery and anguish of the action. A sound sleep a night before exam helps us relax and rejuvenates our mind with good and innovative thoughts . imagine , what if the one sleeps during examination hours ? The tired brain needs rest just like any other machinery . We need to understand the needs of our brain , only then we will be able to make the most out of it especially during examinations.

1. Relax yourself

Relax yourself 300x176 Top 10 Ways to Score Good Marks in Exams

This is last but not the least . Relaxing is like meditating . When we are relaxed we are the most efficient in reproducing what we have learnt and also in applying what is called as the common sense . Many times , we are stuck with a difficult question in exams , in which  we not just give our time and energy but also a piece of our mind. And as soon as we step out of the exam hall , we suddenly come up with the answer as if some idea pops into our mind. This must have happened to each of us. And this happens because as soon as we come out of the examination hall , we are relaxed while inside the hall we are totally intact as if sitting inside some pressure cooker . When we act this way , we don’t give enough space to our mind to think and reflect and hence , we often end up losing marks .

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