Top 10 Reasons Why Kids hate School

Be it anyone your parents , grandparents, colleagues , mates etc each one will be of the opinion that their childhood has been the most memorable part of their lives. If at all a miracle occurs and a chance is given to relive a certain period of their life we would choose our childhood. If at all we get to go back in time we would prefer to be kids again. That innocent phase of life where we never had to worry about anything. We simply enjoyed our childhood with our friends , played in the grounds ran behind the ice cream man , fought with each other and celebrated each day of our life. School was never lengthy but instead was
fun with all the friends around. We never had any idea of what stress is. But can the kids today ever say so? Is their childhood actually the best phase of their life? Kids are no more excited with school. Most of them even don;t want to go to school. Their childhood is being crushed under the burden of ever increasing education. In order to be prepared for the future their present is completely ignored. Although the list can be really long the following are the top 10 reasons as to why kids today hate school so much.

10. Early morning.
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What is worst than waking up early in the morning? Be it any phase of your life it will be the most annoying thing ever and for little kids it is even worse. All the schools have to start early in the morning. The most accepted time schedule by the schools begin at 7 or 8 in the morning for which the kids have to wake up at least 2 hours before. Some of them have to skip their breakfasts in order to reach the school on time. Kids hate to wake up so early and so also hate the cause behind waking up early in the morning.

9. Uniforms.
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School life could have been better if not for the dull uniform colors. Kids love colors. They love to dress up. in this tender age they are subjected to wear those dull and boring uniforms for all the years that they spend in the school.If the school is a high school than approximately the kid will spend almost 10 to 12 years wearing those same colors everyday for almost half the day. This is pretty annoying for anyone. Ask yourself as an adult will you keep wearing the same thing everyday? The answer is definitely a no. The same goes for the kids and so they hate school.

8. Boring lectures.
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Waking up early in the morning and then sitting for the boring lectures. I know it is very important to learn when at school but does the process of learning have to be so dull. Teachers should adopt a more interesting way to teach students. Use various media like projectors. The visual and sound media keeps the students attentive and interested. It also makes the concept more comprehensive. But most of the teachers prefer dictating and lecturing and so make a school life boring for the kids.


7. Teachers.
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A very big reason for the students to hate school is the teachers themselves. Teachers are not only irritating because of the boring lectures but also because of the approach they have towards children. Teachers often have favorites. They are ready to compromise for those particular students. This is not accepted by the other lot. It is discouraging and enraging at the same time for the students who are not so influential in class. A teacher should be unbiased towards the students. Many at times teachers are mean and take out personal grudge on students. Hence because of a few teachers students hate going to schools.

6. Punishments.
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Another reason to freak out students is the punishments. a school is said to be a place that disciplines a student. In order to do that teachers often get very strict with the children. Be it reaching for school late or not doing the home work a student is marked for all. Even if you are found talking even a little bit you are punished by the teacher. The kid is made to stand out of the class or on the bench. at times the teacher even assaults a child. All this raises a fear in the kids and make them hate going to the school.

5. Bullying.
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As with every place the school too is not without the bad elements. At school often the children have complained about being bullied. It can be the seniors to that kid or simply his not so friendly class mate. Parents often ignore this complain in the name that kids are mischievous but at times it has tuned out to be very serious. Bullying leads to a child losing his interest in social life. This fear of being bullied each day the kid hates to go to school.

4. Exams.
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The nightmare of every child is the examination. a child has to go through this phase repeatedly. Each year a child appears for so many examinations giving both oral and written tests. It requires to study a lot to prepare for the exams. when the scores are not good the kid faces a hard time from teachers as well as parents. He is made fun of by friends or humiliated by the family. The fear of not being able to meet the expectations hovers on the child. Due to these reasons the child hates going to school.

3. Monotonous life.
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Most of the kids start the school life with fun and excitement. But over a period of time they loose their interest in the school life. This is because of the building monotony. The kid follows the same routine everyday. From waking up in the morning to going to bed in the night he has the same routine to follow. The kids are very delicate mentally and therefore cannot cope up so well with stress. The same pattern of activities makes them lose interest in it. Therefore most of the kids start hating their school completely.

2. No fun.
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As i mentioned earlier it is long day for a student these days. attending school which is open right in the morning to afternoon and then tuition and other classes and then the student has to study at home as well to keep up with the grades. In all this the children get absolutely no time to enjoy their childhood. There is no time to play the outdoor activities are now so rare. The students also barely get ime to watch T.V as there are so many other things to do. Also parents at times put unnecessary restrictions on the children. This complete lack of fun in a kid’s life makes him hate going to school.

1. Home work.
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The deadliest blow for any child is the home work. After spending hours in school and tuition a child cannot rest at home. he has to complete the assignments , finish the home work, prepare for the routine tests etc. The home work takes away even that little time that a child would otherwise get. if the home work is not done the child faces a hard time. if he finds it difficult to do then it an added burden to him. Hence this home work makes a child very frustrating. This makes the child the school a

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