Top 10 Productive Skills You Can Learn in a Day

In this competitive era of today, a person’s worth is determined only by his intelligence. More the skills you know, more intelligent you are considered by the society. In this article, we are going to discuss about some skills which you can learn in a day. That means every weekend; you would be able to master two new skills. Read on this article to know what those skills are and amuse your colleagues and friends.

10. Interview Programming

interview programming Top 10 Productive Skills You Can Learn in a Day

There are many websites out there which are having a large collection of interview programming questions. You can choose any of these websites and practice some of those questions. You would be amazed to see how many new things you get to learn about programming. The code could be of any language. But in most of the cases, the programming would be in C or C++. If you are already working as a developer, this would be great job and would make you an even better programmer. And for the students, this is an essential skill to learn so that you could answer the questions asked to you in the interviews very confidently. Besides, this task would also lend you a lot of knowledge.

9. Gardening

Gardening Top 10 Productive Skills You Can Learn in a Day

If you have your own garden in your house and everytime you want to maintain, you need to call up a professional gardener, I would like to tell you that the skill of gardening is very easy and a day is more than enough to learn this skill. also, if you would do gardening yourself, you can choose which plants you want in your garden and if you are bored with some of them, you can try new in place of them. also, it would refresh you and provide you a brak from your monotonous life. also, a lot of money could be saved and you need not pay your gardener uselessly.

8. Welding

Welding Top 10 Productive Skills You Can Learn in a Day

Welding is a great skill to know. If you know how to weld small things, you would never require to call a technician and pay him for petty job he would do. There are many types of welding and it depends on you which kind of welding you want to learn. Day to day items such as scissors, tables, chairs etc. May be broken if excess pressure is applied to them somehow. At that time, the art of welding would come to your rescue. And, it would count as one of your skills, that’s another plus point.


HTML Top 10 Productive Skills You Can Learn in a Day

HTML, that is, Hyper Text Mark-up Language is a very basic web designing language and this is a language you can learn to implement in just one day. There are many tags in this language I admit, but you need not learn all of them in a single day. Just start the basics of this awesome language and gradually and gradually, you will master the whole language. HTML is very easy to learn and once you have learnt it, you can design your own WebPages anytime.

6. 3D Origami

3D Origami Top 10 Productive Skills You Can Learn in a Day

These days, numerous videos are available on YouTube and other such sites, from where you can learn how to make various things. Using that, you can even use these objects to gift them to your loved ones. Also, beautiful cards and crafts could be created using this skill. If you are a kind of artistic person and you love to make such crafts objects, this skill would come handy to you many times in your life. Also, this would give you a break from your boring life and you would learn something new and exciting.

5. Repair Something

repairing something Top 10 Productive Skills You Can Learn in a Day

These days, almost every individual owns a mobile phone, a car, a bike, a tablet, a laptop and many others. Many times, these gadgets may not function properly. For that, you can always call up a professional and get your gadget repaired. But, if you yourself learn to fix some of the errors in your gadgets, you could save a lot of money and time as well. This would not take much time. Each time you want to learn this skill, just take up a gadget from your collection and try to understand the basic functioning of it. Eventually, you would know how to fix it and in future, it would be of great help to you.

4. Photoshop

Photoshop Top 10 Productive Skills You Can Learn in a Day

Knowing Adobe Photoshop is considered as a great skill these days. For our readers who think that this skill is very tough to learn and it could not be learnt within a day, I would like to mention that Photoshop is really easy. It is just that you are provided with a lot of tools. You need to learn about the functioning of all the tools. And once you have learnt the basics, you can practice with photos and patterns anytime. This would make you a Photoshop pro one day.

3. Typing

Typing Top 10 Productive Skills You Can Learn in a Day

The geneartion of today works on computers and mobile phones with QWERTY keypads most of the time. there are still many people who do not know how to operate a computer. the most basic thing about a computer is to learn how to type. The task of typing is very easy and with firm determination, a novice can learn typing in just 2 to 4 hours. The speed would not be fabulous for the first time but later on, with enough practice, speed would go on increasing. if you know how to type on a computer fast and perfect, this is going to be a great plus point of your personality.

2. Cooking a Dish

cooking Top 10 Productive Skills You Can Learn in a Day

Cooking is a skill. For people who know cooking to some extent, this isn’t going to be very tough. Just read out a recipe of your favourite dish, either on the internet or from the recipe book, and then follow the steps listed there. Side by side, you would also be cooking a nice meal for the day. These days, sites like YouTube have made this thing all the more easier. You can search for tutorial on YouTube and then follow the steps along with the narrator.

1. Create a Website or a Blog

Create a website or blog Top 10 Productive Skills You Can Learn in a Day

For those people who can write well, a blog is a nice way to express them and show off their creative writing skills. If you also have some knowledge about search engine optimization and web hosting, you can also make good money with your blog. Creating a blog takes no time. You just have to create a blog on any website, Blogger or Word press preferably and then learn the various tools. Later on, you can implement them to make your blog or website better.

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