Top 10 Most Difficult Programming Languages

In today’s era thinking about a day without our gadgets can be actually impossible! It all started with a humble computer desktop used to perform certain scientific calculations. With every passing year, the technology and computer domain only increased to develop and make human life better. The biggest support provider to this machine was its programming languages. Many applications were then created based on the functionalists of these programming languages and boom… Computer became a household name! By end of 2012 there were around multiple of 1000’s of languages invented to make the utilization of computer better and user friendly. Let us have a look of all these great languages based on their difficulty in the list below:

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10. Father of Website Designing – HTML & XML:

HTML CODES Top 10 Most Difficult Programming Languages

Hypertext markup language (HTML) was developed in 1980’s for creating web pages and other browsing domain dependent applications. The language can be simply written inside a note pad and then imported into the browser. There is no need to buy expensive software application tools to run this utility. The two important components of HTML are “tags” and “formats”, which make writing this language really easy and simple. After success of HTML the creators came up with the idea of developing the language further to help users to create and construct complex features and attributes easily. This in return led to the birth of Semantic HTML, XML, and SGML etc. making it popular among the masses. The language has three strict functionalists – strict, traditional and frame set  Learning and getting hold on this language is not a difficult task but as many more hi-tech programming languages have evolved in the website designing domain, having knowledge of only HTML or XML may not be sufficient enough.

9. Styling Agent – CSS (Cascading Style Sheets):

cascading style sheets Top 10 Most Difficult Programming Languages

Markup script is provided with presentation semantics using cascading style sheets. In very simple terms the look and format of the website are made even more user-friendly by this programming language. This programming language separates the document content from document presentation. The concept of multiple pages, varying font sizes, different backgrounds, color schemes all came to life only after this language was invented. All the important syntax-es and codes are generally written in Basic English language itself so writing the script has become lot more easily. One of the major problems this programming language is – it’s in ability to adapt with different browsers hence, unable to parse the codes efficiently.  Thus, many advanced versions have been developed to resolve this issue.

8. Business Minded – COBOL (COmmon Business Oriented Language):

cobol programming language Top 10 Most Difficult Programming Languages

COBOL is an object – oriented programming language designed to primary to support the business, finance and administrative domain. Though, the language has almost become obsolete in the overall frame, certain core- business application driven computers still rely on it for their processing and computations. COBOL has a self-modifying code that provides its programmer with wide options to create and amend codes as per the requirement. The best-part about COBOL is that it provides named conditions which in turn are declared as sub-items of another item. The data types are simple and effective and convey their meanings almost directly. COBOL was invented with a goal to make its reader understand what is happening inside the code even if the viewer is not the programmer. This made the programming language comfortable for usage. Dynamic memory allocation, structured program constructs, keyword definitions all these are few other additional features of this language.

7. Mother of Programming Languages – “C” and its siblings – “C++”,” C#”:

c language Top 10 Most Difficult Programming Languages

There might be hardly any urban Indian who has never heard about this family – the C and its siblings. It all started in 1969 when Dennis Richard tried his hands on inventing a language that was structural and yet prevented unintended operations. Finally, in the year 1973 at the AT & T Bell Labs “C” language was invented. C is one of the most widely used programming language and their might be hardly any computer machine that does not use C for its compilation. Then “C++” was invented the only difference being the concept of object-oriented programming language. C++ is widely used over the system software’s, hardware domains, embedded software’s, high-performance service servers and client applications. Due to large features and set-off hard syntactic rules, writing C++ codes becomes a tough challenge.  To overcome all these backlogs Microsoft improved C++ to form C# – a multi-paradigm programming language. It was developed within the .NET initiative of Microsoft Company to provide string typing, imperative, declarative and component-oriented programming. In the order of difficulty to learn C comes first followed by C++ and then C#. The complexity reduces across the versions but utility increases respectively.

6. selling like hot Cakes – VB.NET:

visual basics .net  Top 10 Most Difficult Programming Languages

            Next to top the list of most difficult programming language is the Visual Basics and .Net applications combined together to form the famously known VB.NET.  Visual Basics is the third-generation event-driven programming language whereas .NET is a software frame work where each language can use the code written in another language. The language did start up well but later only became a burden to the programmer, for example, VB.NET values are passed by values and not by reference. Many such examples attributed in its increased complexity though it had set-up its base in many applications. Other complexities that make this programming language hard to code are the query structure processing, database support, graphics and unman-aged operations.

5. Easy to Learn Difficult to Master – PHP:

php programming lang Top 10 Most Difficult Programming Languages

With the increase of client based applications and utility driven websites, a need for dynamic server aroused in order to keep the servers in sync with these modern client applications. This led to the birth of a server-side scripting language – PHP, designed to produce dynamic web pages and web development. Originally PHP stood for personal home page but now it has been abbreviated to Hyper Text pre-processor. Talking about its advantages, it has scored a lot in terms of security and utilization, in fact the language fares well in terms of adaptation also but, the major drawback lies in its typing discipline. The system which is used to reduce bugs in computer programs in PHP is highly dynamic, any small mistake and your entire code can go for a toss.  Writing the codes maybe relatively simple but to find errors and rectify them can become a tedious task owning to complexities in its syntax and semantics respectively.

4. Especially for Data Base – SQL:

sql Top 10 Most Difficult Programming Languages

We have so much of data on our computers that is used to perform so many applications, tasks and projects. All this information needs to be stored somewhere efficiently with ease in accessibility. Structured query language or SQL was designed to ease the toughest challenge of data storage possible. The language was developed to support relational data base management systems. The building blocks of SQL maybe listed as clauses, expressions, predicates, queries & statements, which make this language this difficult to write. Understanding though has been acknowledged to be easy but due to the static and strict typing disciplines programmers find it tough to match up with its semantics.  The concept of rows and columns also has been criticized in SQL definition. It was even found to be deviating from its main constitutional purpose of database management. Overall the standards, complexity in size, modulations in syntax-es makes this language hard to code.

3. The Search Engine creator – PYTHON:

python prog lang Top 10 Most Difficult Programming Languages

Python is a high-level programming language, created with an emphasis on code readability. The feature of python that distinguishes it from other programming language is that it supports multi-programming paradigm. These multi-programming paradigms include object-oriented, imperative and functional programming styles. It has a large comprehensive directory and dynamic type system along with automatic memory allocation. Python implements a very impressive concept of “complex is better than complicated”. True to the semantics and syntax-es defined in data execution, the productivity of this language has increased considerably.  Python has been widely been used as a scripting language for many web-based applications specially Google App Engine. Python as a whole is a programming language with implicit type expression, property-based type compatibility and as the type discipline is relatively complex, programming becomes a difficult task.

2. Making Websites user-friendly – Java Script:

java scripts Top 10 Most Difficult Programming Languages

                Unlike HTML, Java script is not a markup language; instead it is a programming language.  It was created to help users at the client end interact freely with the client servers. A programming language has to define a series of actions that will be performed once the code piece is set to execution, on the other hand, markup language only defines what something is. Java scripts involve execution of multiple complex actions such as calculations, designing of user interfaces, testing a condition etc. Thus, the methods involved in code creation are also quite stringent. Java script uses syntax-es from “C”, so having a hold on C becomes essential to understand basics of Java scripting.

1.       From the Adobe Family – Action Script: 

ActionScript icon Top 10 Most Difficult Programming Languages

The most difficult programming language to learn is Action Script which was created in the year 1999 by the Adobe Flash Co. It is an object oriented language that was born when adobe invented its dream software – the flash player. The language was actually created to control the 2D vector animations that were made in Adobe flash. Later, this creation expanded as utilization in web-gaming, robotics etc. increased for-folds. Today action scripts are widely used in human-computer interaction web interfaces. As there was no proper base to the invention of this programming language its adaptation and framework became difficult to process. Thus, action scripts top the list of most difficult programming languages to learn.


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