Top 10 Lowest Oil Producing Countries in the World

In the current scenario, the prices of oil and gas products have crossed the hikes because there rarely exists any area in the modern tech world where the use of oil is invisible. The main reason for this is the low production of oil by the country. Political brains, or taxes, etc. also sometimes contribute to the high prices. majority of the countries re good manufacturers of oil but still there are some countries in the world which are very low at producing oil. These type of countries totally depend on the imports so as to meet the public demands. The list of such top ten countries is as follows:


georgia Top 10 Lowest Oil Producing Countries in the World

The country Georgia which is famous for its peanuts and peaches is situated on the borders of Atlantic Ocean. The researchers have found and estimated that the daily production of oil in the Georgia is 983.8 barrels which is very low in comparison with the other oil producing countries in the world. In 2012, Georgia had 35,000,000 barrels of oil proven reserves. Complicating factors like the gains in the refineries or the sudden omissions of the stock changes, etc. have been considered to be responsible for the inconsistencies between the production, consumption and transportation.


krygyztan Top 10 Lowest Oil Producing Countries in the World

One of the Central Asia’s landlocked and mountainous countries is Kyrgyzstan which is world-wide known for enveloping the locations of beautiful landscapes. Cotton, wool, tobacco, fruits, shoes, electric motors, textiles are its major production but it is positioned very low in the list of oil producing countries all across the world. Almost all of the oil and gas products in Kyrgyzstan are imported from its neighboring countries like China, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan etc. because the country has very little internal oil production. On an approximate the oil production of Kyrgyzstan is only 946.2 barrels per day.


barbados3 Top 10 Lowest Oil Producing Countries in the World

Barbados, a tropical coral based country with the location around Caribbean islands produces overall oil daily on a very low rate of 738.5 barrels. Import of the oil products is very high even after the presence of around two million barrels of oil proved reserves. The risks of oil spills near Caribbean region are one of the major reasons for this drawback of the country. Many plans to cut back on costly oil imports are under process but very less of them have been presently explored. Some of such approaches include the use of solar energy to reduce the long term need of oil.


ireland Top 10 Lowest Oil Producing Countries in the World

‘Emerald Isle’ another name of Ireland is a beauty on the Irish Sea coast which is rich in cultural, historic and artistic heritage. Moreover it is famous for its traditional Irish foods and drinks. Ireland is one of those 85 countries which almost completely depend on oil imports or say ‘foreign oil’. This country produces 430.8 barrels of oil per day which as a result hikes the oil prices in its areas. From 200 to 250 drilled wells around Ireland, the commercial success has been led by only one field named ‘Kinsale’. Researchers are continuation to find how viable is Ireland as a center of oil production and how will it make benefits against staggering oil strikes.


zambia Top 10 Lowest Oil Producing Countries in the World

Zambia is basically situated in the south of Africa recognized for its Zambian people from different factions like footballers, politicians, actors, authors, musicians, etc. As far as the oil production is concerned, it secures a very low position due to the average day-to-day manufacture of only 190.3 barrels of oil. There exists not even single oil proved reserve in this country despite of 16,000 barrels of daily oil consumption. And therefore to meet the needs, the import rate levels to 17,570 barrels of oil per day. Very less number of companies in Zambia have been granted oil exploration licenses.


tajikistan Top 10 Lowest Oil Producing Countries in the World

Tajikistan is a country lying in the heart of central Asia. It is neighbored by China on the east side, Uzbekistan at the west side and Kyrgyzstan on the north side. It got its independence in 1991 after which it faced civil war from 1992 to 1997. Its oil production is around 219.9 bbl per day. Its oil production in 2001 was around 250 bbl per day. In 2003 it raised to 354.8 bbl per day. Then in 2004 its oil production suddenly decreased to 252.8 bbl per day. In 2008 its production raised to 503 bbl per day. In 2010 its oil production again descended to 219 bbl per day. There are in total two oil basins in Tajikistan. At the north side there is a basin called Fergana Basin producing oil since 1900. Another Basin Tajik-Afghan Basin situated at the south west of the country.


north korea1 Top 10 Lowest Oil Producing Countries in the World

North Korea lies in the east side of the Asia occupying the north side of the Korean peninsula. Its capital Pyongyang is a main transport and industrial centre close to west coast.  It is neighbored by China and Russia at the northern side and South Korea or Republic of Korea at the south side. North Korea is having very good tie-ups with China. North Korea has very less domestic petroleum reserves. Its oil production is very less as it imports 15,820 bbl per day and exports none. Its oil consumption is 13000 bbl per day. Its oil production was zero in 2001. It increased its production after 2004. It has zero oil proved reserves.  It is having very less oil production due to which it is facing very serious problems.


paraguay Top 10 Lowest Oil Producing Countries in the World

Paraguay is a landlocked country situated in south-central South America. It was in wars with many countries with Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay. It is also called “THE HEART OF AMERICA”. Mostly there are four major languages Spanish, Paraguayan Guarani. Paraguay is divided into Eastern Paraguay and western Paraguay. It imports around 23,810 bbl per day. It exports around 0 bbl per day. The Crescent Global oil covers 3,825 acres in Pirity Basin. Its total oil consumption per day is around is 31,000 bbl. This country contains no oil proved reserves. Russia and Bahrain are the countries who have helped them in a lot but still they have huge oil problems.


slovenia Top 10 Lowest Oil Producing Countries in the World

This country which is situated in central Europe and was the part of Yugoslavia in 20th century .Italy and Austria are its neighbors towards the north and Hungary towards the northeast side. Slovenia was the first 2004 union entrant to adopt the euro. Slovenia has 5 bbl per day production. It imports about 60,280 bbl per day. This country consumes 63,000 bbl per day. This country has zero proved reserves.  The basic factor effecting the oil production was the intense run-up in the oil price and also due to oil derivatives on the global market. In the year of 1998 the prices were at the lowest historical level. Within one year the prices increased by a huge amount. This rise majorly effected the oil production in that country.

 1)    PANAMA

panama Top 10 Lowest Oil Producing Countries in the World

Panama is country located in Central America on the bridge that connects North and South America. Costa Rica is situated to the west of the Panama and Colombia to the southeast and is also surrounded by Pacific Ocean to the southern side. It is well known for its beauty , various plants  and animal life. It has zero bbl of oil production. It imports around 77,910 bbl per day.

It has a zero oil export and zero proved reserves. It has a consumption of 97,000 bbl per day.

Panama is one of the lowest oil producing countries in the world.

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