Top 10 Biggest Companies in the World

In this article, we are going to discuss about the top 10 biggest or the largest companies in the world. You might think about what is that factor that makes a company large or big. For your information, I would like to mention here that larger the sale of the company, bigger is the reputation of the company. Over the past few years, it has been seen that the companies related with energy production or the energy firms themselves are evolving out to be the world’s biggest companies. For a complete knowledge, read on this article.

10. Petroleo Brasileiro SA Petrobras, Brazil

Petroleo Brasileiro SA Petrobras Brazil Top 10 Biggest Companies in the World

As you would be guessing by the name of this company, the Petroleo Brasileiro SA Petrobras is a Brazilian company based on the oil and gas. All the work that is done in order to make oil and gas act as an energy source are done in this industry form the extraction of oil to the transport of oil. The company has its various branches all across the world; reportedly, it has expanded to about 24 countries yet and is planning to expand further in a very short period of time.

9. Wells Fargo & Company, United States

Wells Fargo Company United States Top 10 Biggest Companies in the World

This time, if you go by the name, you are not going to guess it right because the Wells Fargo & Company is not a company related to the research and production of oil, but it is a financial company that provides to people, the financial services. According to an insider, the company does three main tasks- Wholesale Banking, Community Banking and Wealth, Retirement and Brokerage related works. This is a US based company and it is very clear that it is a banking related company and hence it is bound to grow. Further, the company has its branches all over the world in various countries and the services are provided to customers via internet too. I think it is a great factor for the growth of this company.

8. Berkshire Hathaway Inc., United States

Berkshire Hathaway Inc. United States Top 10 Biggest Companies in the World

Again, at the 8th position in our list of the top 10 biggest companies of the world, we have a US based company- the Berkshire Hathaway Inc. the main business that this company does is business, which is done on primary basis as well as the re-insurance basis. Ever since it came up, this company has been merged with various other smaller and bigger companies. Also, it has acquired various other companies. One of the biggest companies that it has acquired is Canada based Sun Life Insurance company.

7. PetroChina Company Limited, China

PetroChina Company Limited China Top 10 Biggest Companies in the World

In China, the oil and gas based company- PetroChina has made it to the 7th position in our list of the top 10 biggest companies of the world. All that an oil and gas company does- the research about oil, the exploration and development of oil as well as the refining and the transportation of oil and natural gas, is performed here in this company. Not only are this much, various petrochemical products also being manufactured by this company.

6. HSBC Holdings plc, United Kingdom

HSBC Holdings plc United Kingdom Top 10 Biggest Companies in the World

Many of our readers must be familiar with the name- HSBC. I guess many of them would be having bank accounts here too. So I would like to tell you here that this company is at the 6th position in our list of the top 10 biggest companies in the world. Around 95 million clients are associated with this company, directly or indirectly. The UK based company is having its branches in almost 87 countries all over the world. Basically, the company was established in Hong Kong long back in 1991. The company provides almost all the services required by the clients form personal financial services to the global private banking.

5. Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Limited, China

Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Limited China Top 10 Biggest Companies in the World

It seems that we have a large number of financial companies in our list of the top 10 biggest companies in the world. Here, we have another China based company related to finance. At the 5th position in the world, and at the 1st position in Asia, this company is still growing and may reach to top one day. A large number of services are provided by this financial institution. Whether a client wants to make a personal deposit, or he wants a personal loan, he can approach This Company and he would not be disappointed at all. Other services of this company include corporate banking services, electronic banking services, mobile phone banking services, fund investment, financial consultation and many others.

4. Royal Dutch Shell plc, Netherlands

Royal Dutch Shell plc Netherlands Top 10 Biggest Companies in the World

At the 4th position in our list, we again have an oil and gas company. This Netherlands based company is involved in not just the oil and gas related works, but it is also involved in some of the energy businesses too. This company is very closely related to the chemical industry also. Manufacturing of oil and chemical products is the main job performed here and their marketing is done as soon as they are manufactured.

3. General Electric Company, United States

General Electric Company United States Top 10 Biggest Companies in the World

The name of this company might sound confusing and you may not be able to guess even, what this company is all about. This is a company where you can avail both the types of services- the financial ones as well as the technological ones. Various services and products offered by this company include aircraft engines, power generation, medical imaging, retail financing, household appliances, water processing and many others. One important thing about has company that must be mentioned here is that this company owns around 49% of the NBC Universal.

2. JPMorgan Chase & Co., United States

JPMorgan Chase Co. United States Top 10 Biggest Companies in the World

JPMorgan Chase is a name famous among many people around the globe. This is a financial company and we have been mentioning earlier on too, all the works that must be performed by a financial company, are performed here. The JPMorgan Chase bank has its branches in almost 23 states. This is a national bank of the USA. The Chase Bank USA provides credit cards to its clients. This company was established in the year 2000.

1. Exxon Mobil Corporation, United States

Exxon Mobil Corporation United States Top 10 Biggest Companies in the World

It is not very unique to find a United States based company at the top position in our list of the top 10 biggest companies of the world. This company is related to the natural gas and crude oil and hence, it is very well understood that all the work related to both of these energy sources is done here in this company. Some of the petroleum products are also manufactured and marketed here. It was the merger of Exxon and Mobil, in the year 1999 that this company was established.

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