Top 10 Most Dangerous Birds on Earth

Birds are one among the species, which are often adored by people. The birds are unique specie, which are found on the earth. Birds are of many kinds. Some birds are being hunted whereas some birds hunt. There are birds which are very much dangerous. So here we have the list of top 10 most dangerous birds found on the earth.

10. Seagull

 Top 10 Most Dangerous Birds on Earth

Seagul is the bird which belongs to laridae family. They are not found in small sizes and their colour ranges from white to grey. Their voice is quite pinching and so have harsh calling. They have webed feet. Seagull are carnivorus species. This bird is placed in the list of most dangerous birds found on the earth. The most obviuos food they eat is fish and crabs. They are heavy weighted birds and the average weight of these birds are 1.75 kg. They are quite protective for their children, if they feel any kind of danger then they attack on their enemies. They attack humans by hitting their peaks at heads of human thereby giving them a severe injury.

9. Velociraptor

velocipators Top 10 Most Dangerous Birds on Earth

Velociraptor is the next bird from which human needs to be aware. This is a unique bird. Actually, velociraptors are not just a bird, they are reptile also. In spite being a reptile this bird has feathers. This bird has a long tail and used his claws to hunt for its food. These birds are also known as huge lizards. The regular food which they used to have is food and mice’s. These birds are quite fearing as they have a scary look. These birds are pretty smart and have good tactics for hunting. They hunt their prey in a very smart manner.

8. Falcon

peregrine falcon 2 Top 10 Most Dangerous Birds on Earth

Falcon is another bird, which is placed at 8th position in this list of most dangerous birds. This bird jump on their prey and stab it with their sharp nails. The regular food for these birds are fishes and rodents which are small. The nail of this bird are incredible, they can even slice the spinal cord of a human being by just using their nails. Another weapon which they use to hunt is their beaks. They have a well shaped beak which is also used as a weapon while hunting for a prey. These birds are very fast as they fly at a speed of 200 miles per hour. Additionally they are good learners; they can be trained for any purpose.

7. Blue-Capped Ifrita

blue capped ifrita Top 10 Most Dangerous Birds on Earth

Blue-capped ifrita is another dangerous bird which has occupied 7th position in the list of dangerous birds of the world. In spite the birds just eat things which are equivalent to the size of insect, they are termed to be dangerous. The diet of the bird is majorly dependent on beetles. The bird takes vigorous actions when the thing comes to its self-defence. When anyone tries to harm this bird it gets armed and then hurts the enemies.  So in a way this bird is dangerous for only those people who tends to harm the bird. Also there is a very unique quality of this bird, if someone tends to touch the bird with bare hands then the person might get toxins and numbness.

6. Little Shrikethrush

littke shrike thrush Top 10 Most Dangerous Birds on Earth

The another name of little shrikethrush is  Rufous Shrikethrush. This is another bird which is considered to be dangerous. The  Rufous Shrikethrush is majorly found in the forests of Australia, Papua new guinea and also Indonesia. The colour of the bird is Olive. Because of the colour of the bird it seems to disappear in the trees. The voice of the bird is sweet and it gives out musical sounds. The bird belongs to colluricinclidae family. Subtropical and tropical forests are considered to be the natural habitats for these birds. The secretions in the birds resembles to that of the secretions in poison dart frogs.

5. Pitohui

pitohui Top 10 Most Dangerous Birds on Earth

The fifth most dangerous bird is named as Pitohui. The unique thing about this bird is that it carries poison along with its feathers and skin. This is also a toxic bird. One can only eat this bird after he has removed the poisonous skin and feathers. Also the ski has to be roasted in charcoal  before eating the bird.

4. Eagle

BaldEagle Top 10 Most Dangerous Birds on Earth

Eagle is the third dangerous bird found on the earth. This bird is seen very often by the people. The bird have a tendency to fly high apart. It can fly up to a very good height. This bird is also very strong and can even fly up to great height by carrying the load of object, which weights to 4 pound. The eating capacity of this bird is also very good; it can eat a large pound of fishes in just 4 minutes. These birds are symbol of power and potential and are also known as smart hunters.

3. Vultures

ostrich Top 10 Most Dangerous Birds on Earth

Vulture are said to be the third most dangerous bird, which is found on the earth. Apart from being dangerous these bird are very ugly. One can even get scared by their single ugly look. They eat on dead bodies of human, animals etc. They keep on flying for a large time so as to get their food and when they tends to find a dead body or anything then they immediately pierce it with their sharp beaks to eat flesh. These birds have loads of bacteria’s, acids and viruses in their stomach.

2. Ostrich

ostrich Top 10 Most Dangerous Birds on Earth

Ostrich is the second most dangerous bird found on the earth. It is also considered to be the most tallest bird with an average height of nine feet. The approximate weigh of this species is around 350 pounds. The speed of Ostrich is also very high. It can run up to the speed of 30 MPH. The bird is incredibly powerful it can even kill a huge hyena by its single kick. The claws of Ostrich are also very sharp which are use to harm the enemies. Ostrich are also known as Struthio Camelus. The bird has weird habits, they keep their head in ground while they rest.

1. Cassowary

cassowary Top 10 Most Dangerous Birds on Earth

This bird named as cassowary is considered to be the most dangerous bird on the earth and hence it is placed on first position of this list. This is the third tallest bird in the world. The bird has a large number of criminal records. The claws of the bird are around 5 inches long and hence these dangerous claws are used to hunt the enemies. They have an incredible power. They can even misbalance a human being by a single kick. Additionally the birds are fast, they cover the distance at a speed of 31 MPH. They are also flightless birds. There major habitats are in the tropical forest of New Guinea. The weight of the bird is quite high and is considered to be the second heaviest bird on the earth.


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