Top 10 Most Intelligent Dogs in the World

Dogs are considered to be among the most intelligent animals. There are large numbers of people who love to have dog as a pet. Dogs are available in a large variety of breeds. People always prefer such breeds which are notably smart and intelligent. So here we have the list of top 10 most intelligent dog breeds in the world.

10. Australian Cattle Dog

AustralianCattleDogMaxFullGrown Top 10 Most Intelligent Dogs in the World

Australian Cattle dog is counted as one of the smartest dos in the world. Physical as well as mental exercise should be a daily routine for them. The Australian Cattle Dog is a active breed and this physical and mental exercise makes him more active. The dogs are quite protective and have a great possessiveness towards their property. They have a great creativity of their own and so they think quite well. The breed belongs to Australia. The weight of this dog varies from 20 to 28 kg. Also they have a approximate height of 51 centimeters. Progressive blindness and deafness are the major diseases from which they suffer.

9. Rottweiler

rottweiler 2 Top 10 Most Intelligent Dogs in the World

Rottweiler is a domestic dog of large size and is considered to be in the list of intelligent breeds of the dog. These dogs are very helpful for the police. They are also known as fearsome dog. These dogs are quite courageous. Rottweiler butcher is the formal name given to these dogs. The dogs were also used for the purpose of pulling carts loaded with meat and other objects. In previous years these dogs were also used for hunting purposes but now a day they are not used for hunting. Additionally the dogs are also known as guide dogs since they have the quality of search and rescue.

8. Mastiff

mastiff Top 10 Most Intelligent Dogs in the World

Mastiff is a guard dog which is large in its size. They are a variety of Mastiff all over like Alpine Mastiff, American Mastiff, Bull Mastiff, Argentinian Mastiff, Brazilian Mastiff, Anatolian Mastiff and many more. All theses variety of Mastiff have different characteristics. Alpine Mastiff is the breed which was originated in Switzerland and in now said to be extinct. American Mastiff was originated in United States. Argentinian Mastiff is the breed also called as  Dogo Argentino and was originated in Argentina.

7. Labrador Retriever

labrador retriever Top 10 Most Intelligent Dogs in the World

This dog named Labrador Retriver is said to be quite patient, loving and gentle. Also the dog is quite popular in the world. Additionally the Labrador Retriver are quite amiable, they love their owner and create a friendly relation between them. No regular exercise is required by Labrador Retriver. They are also friendly towards the other breeds of the dog. Because of all these characteristics they are been loved and known by all the people. They have webbed paws which are quite helpful for catching fishes. These breed are majorly used as guide dogs. They have a very good swimming capability and so they love swimming. These dogs have a athletic spirit and so they are quite active at outdoor games.

6. Shetland Sheepdog

ShetlandSheepdog Top 10 Most Intelligent Dogs in the World

It is said that the level of intelligence of this breed named as Shetland Sheepdog is equivalent to that of a human. The other names which are given to this breed are Shetland collie, dwarf scotch shepherd and also Toonie dog.they are quite gentle and loyal for their owners. The life span of these dogs is 12 to 13 years.  The average weight of these dogs is 16 to 20 lbs. Where as the approximate height is 13 to 16 inches. They are found in many colors like sable, bi-black, white, blue merie,  bi- blue, mahogany sable and many more. Scotland is the place for the origin of Shetland Sheepdog.

5. Doberman Pinscher

Doberman Pinschers Top 10 Most Intelligent Dogs in the World

They are also recognized by other names like Dobie, Dobermann and also Dobynm. They were originated in Germany. The average weight of these dogs is 34 to 41 kg for male and around 27 to 36 kg for female. They are also found in many colors like black, blue, red, white and also fawn. Dobermann are quite loyal towards their job. They are known to one of the best guards. Their life span is around 10 to 11 years. The dog is quite energetic. These dogs are also used as therapy dogs in the hospitals. Also their protective nature towards their owners enhances their characteristics.


4. Chow Chow

chow rough Top 10 Most Intelligent Dogs in the World

The another name for this breed chow chow is chow. These dogs were originated in China. They have quite cute and innocent appearance. The varying weight for chow chow male and female is about 55 to 70  pounds and 45 to 60 pound respectively. They have a thick and coarse over their body. They are found in many colors like red, black, cream and also cinnamon. The average height of this breed is 48 to 56 cm for male and 46 to 51 cm for female. In china this breed is named as Songshi Quan. The meaning of Songshi Quan is Puffy lion dog. The tongue of these dogs have unusual colors like blue and purple. The bluish color also appears at the lips of chow chow.

3. German Shepherd

german shepherd Top 10 Most Intelligent Dogs in the World

German Shepherd is another breed of the dog who have a good intelligence. These dogs are classified to be quite brave and smart. Many families choose these dogs as pets. The average weight of these dogs is around 34 kg. The measure of their approximate height is 60 cm. They are mostly found in black saddle color with a large size. The original job of these dogs is to herd and guard sheep’s. They are very loyal and hardworking.  They are also preferred as police dogs since they have a genuine working towards their job. They were found to be originated in Europe.

2. Poodle

poodle Top 10 Most Intelligent Dogs in the World

Poodle is a very cute and charming dog. Apart from being cute and charming they are highly intelligent.  They were originated in France or Germany. The breed is found in a unique way i.e. toy miniature.  Also the dog is quite skillful and perfectly accomplishes the tasks of dog sports like tracking, agility etc.  They do not need a thorough training as they have a high grasping power and get easily trained. They need a lot of attention and remain happy when they are between humans. They just hate to live alone. They also have good hunting capabilities and so they are also used for this purpose.

1. Border Collie

Border Collie 300x294 Top 10 Most Intelligent Dogs in the World

Border Collie is the most intelligent dog this list. Border collie is a type of dog who always wants to be busy i.e. he always wants to be engaged with some work or the other. Whenever he sits free, he keeps on searching for a job to do but never sits idle. When he doesn’t have any work to do he remains inactive and unhappy. So he is a kind of hardworking dog. The training required to train them should be intensive and compassionate. There intelligence is renowned. They have different training schemes which includes obedience, speed and many more

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