Top 10 Zodiac Signs that Cheat and Lie the Most

There is no way by which you can say whether or not you should trust this person. No one can ever tell whether they can trust a person or not until and unless that person betrays your trust and cheats you in some way. But, by studying the behavior of a person, by judging from the actions and experience around them, you can predict some times that a person is trustworthy or not. Also, their zodiac sign can tell you a few things about their personalities and nature. Zodiac sign of a person reveals a lot of things about him/her. But that doesn’t mean that you should only trust a person based on the zodiac sign, they inform about the ‘majority of people from this group’ and not ‘all the people from this group’. So out of total 12 signs, Libra and Sagittarius are found to be the most loyal ones whereas others have a sense of cheating others. The following are the zodiac signs whose natives may betray your trust:

10. Cancer:

cancer2 300x225 Top 10 Zodiac Signs that Cheat and Lie the Most

The cheaters among Cancer natives are rare cases. Cancer is a loyal sign just like Libra. People born in Cancer sign are more like the personal guilt stuck kind. They have nil motivation for cheating others. They do have the self-esteem issues and may also feel empty at times. Such are the times when they require filling-up of some kind. But still, one can say that Cancer is a trustworthy and noble sign. They can be trusted with a secret and prove to be good friends. But their loyalty is not at its best when they are around the best things. Some cancer natives have addiction for food items or chocolates etc, so they can experience a slip-of-tongue around the addictions.

9. Scorpio:

scorpio1 300x225 Top 10 Zodiac Signs that Cheat and Lie the Most

Scorpio native is a manipulative person always. They are self-serving people. They will do whatever suits them the best. They will manipulate others for their interest. They do have a sign of cheating in them as they love to favor themselves over others. They also move along with a feeling of jealousy and possessiveness. They are very easily irritated and develop a grudge for people they don’t like. They carry the grudge for years and never are able to remove that throne. They whether cheat or not, most of they are accused of cheating. This is because the oozing sex-appeal. They cheat mostly out of motivation from revenge.

8. Capricorn:

capricon 300x225 Top 10 Zodiac Signs that Cheat and Lie the Most

When it comes to the respects and love, Capricorn wants it all. Capricorn natives hate to be unloved and do not like lack of respect in any case. In romantic situations, Capricorn natives become competitive. They would want whatever you have and that sense of competition ruins all the romance but instead leaves a destructed relationship behind. This is because they become jealous in situations. They take sex as a ‘naughty’ and exciting course. Thus, the maximum jealousy is in the sexual relationships they have. They do have guilt is they cheat on someone and are never proud of this.

7. Aquarius:

Aquarius 300x225 Top 10 Zodiac Signs that Cheat and Lie the Most

Aquarius natives are intellectuals. They, like Gemini, are more motivated for emotional cheating rather than the physical cheating. They are not much involved in sexual flings or need for physical cheating. They are more into emotional affairs. Most of times, instead of cheating, they end up being the target. It the Aquarius native who is most likely to be the one being cheated on. They are noble and speak truth and so will lie very rarely. They are not liars and can be trusted with this. But when you share a secret with the, you must beware as they are highly interested in gossiping and thus may not be able o protect your secret in front of the gossip group.

6. Taurus:

taurus1 225x300 Top 10 Zodiac Signs that Cheat and Lie the Most

Taurus is known for the loyalty they show towards their partner. But they are often motivated to cheat if their partner is not as loyal as they are. Even if they suspect that their partner is cheating them, then without much efforts to know the truth that would justify the unfaithfulness of their partner, they would simply charge them guilty and cheat on them. They do so because they are motivated by revenge. They believe that cheating on an unfaithful person will fulfill their loneliness. This sign of the Bull will behave much like it. They are sensitive and may forgive but once they fight, they will become bitter and will never forget their enemy and decide to do a lot of damage to the enemy. The bull’s nature of tending-toward-red is also true for a Taurus native. They get triggered when things are not the way they want them to be. Specially, the male category of this sign will cheat more often than the females.

5. Virgo:

Virgo Zodiac 300x225 Top 10 Zodiac Signs that Cheat and Lie the Most

Virgo is also an emotional cheater. The sign of Virgo is the sign of a Virgin. This denotes no physical affairs but the mental affairs. They initially will try a lot to make their relationship work somehow. They, at the end, will get drawn in the personal guilt and get frustrated by silly situations and things. They may appear to be trustworthy and responsible types of people but are instead none what they appear to be. They manipulate the facts and twist the truths, all these behind the scenes to be away from the allegations. They are an expert when it comes to manipulating the situations and also manipulating the people. They can never be trusted. And cheating others emotionally is their trait.

4. Pisces:

 Top 10 Zodiac Signs that Cheat and Lie the Most

This sign of the fish is that of the most self-esteemed category. They will not think twice to cheat others if that brings a lot of profit to them and their impression. They get drawn to the mysterious and clandestine type of things and situations. They are more of jealous and possessive kinds. They are very much self-piteous. They will cheat if they believe that their partner has done so. Even if they are jealous of someone, they will lie and cheat to make that particular person feel jealous and complex. They get trapped in the middle of some crisis. This is the trait that they share with Leo. A fish will not worry a lot about anything else but just work on the plan to make a necessary colleague jealous and develop a dislike for him.

3. Leo:

 Top 10 Zodiac Signs that Cheat and Lie the Most

Leo means those who crave for excitement. Leo is the sign of lions. Lions are the most self-esteemed among animals. Same is the case of the Leo natives. They are highly self-esteemed. They always need to be the only centre of attraction. They are attention seekers and do everything to become the central attention. They also possess the trait of lion which is to be horny. The lions always put him before everything else. So Leo native will put himself or herself in the first place in any situation or any case. They may even lie about things to be on the top priority. If you believe that you can be emotionally secure around a lion or Leo native, then you are mistaken. They play with other’s weaknesses and bully them for fun.

2. Aries:

aries1 300x300 Top 10 Zodiac Signs that Cheat and Lie the Most

This is zodiac sign which is likely to cheat and lie the most, only after Gemini. Aries will cheat whenever required. They belong to the category of excitement oriented people. They want attention, and fill the big ego they possess. They are very much self-esteemed kind of people. If their partner is unfaithful to them, they will definitely cheat on him, more out of ego than the feeling of revenge. They are very hardworking and ambitious people. Therefore, they cheat at their work to take credit for other’s idea, fly around the boss to get attention and fib about the very few things that they do in a very impressive manner.

1. Gemini:

gemini1 300x300 Top 10 Zodiac Signs that Cheat and Lie the Most

People, who are born in Gemini sign, are known to be witty. They are graceful and flighty. Gemini native is most likely to be unfaithful than all the other sun signs. This is also known as the sign of twins. This sign native will twist the truth and mould it to the level that suits him the best. The Gemini is most of the times untrustworthy. They are talkative and will not be able to keep a secret, instead will talk about the secret by adding a lot of spice to it. That entails that they are notorious when it comes to gossips. But they never cheat for their lust, instead they want to have intimate conversations and talks a lot, therefore, are motivated by intellectual cheating.

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