Top 10 Ways to Show and Express Love

LOVE-this is one of the most wonderful feelings that God has given us.If you have someone right beside you,who loves you more than himself,than there’s nothing else that you want from life.If you have that one with you,you feel so complete and perfect.Loving someone is surely a very beautiful feeling,but sometimes its not enough to love your partner,you need to show them.If you love someone and you are not even able to express that love,may be your partner starts maintaining a distance.Thus expressing your love is as important as loving.Some people are not so good at showing their love and thus making their lover happy,they may take help from these 10 points listed below.


TELL THEM I LOVE YOU 300x250 Top 10 Ways to Show and Express Love

I love you may sound like just 8 words and three letters,but these words have a power to give a million volt smile to your lover’s face.Sometimes we think what’s the need of saying it again and again,and that’s where you go wrong.No matter how many times you say it,it always makes your partner feel wonderful.The more you tell them that you love them,more the love between you two grows.This is why they are not just words,and are called “The Magical Words”.They always bring a magical smile to your partner’s face.So tell them you love them,as many times a day as you can.


MAKE THEM UNDERSTAND THAT THEY ARE SPECIAL 300x300 Top 10 Ways to Show and Express Love

Tell your girl that she is the most beautiful girl you have ever met,and tell your boy that he is the perfect one for you.This is how it works,you need to appreciate your partner,tell them that he has got all you ever wanted.You need to tell them that they are the most special person to you..Everyone wants to be treated like a special one.You can make your girl feel special by appreciating her,open the car and restaurant doors for her,tell her you miss being with her,bring her flowers and chocolates,take her to her favorite movie,do something you don’t wanna do,for her.If you are a girl and wanna make your partner special then you can tell him you feel protected with him,make his favorite dish for him,play cricket or anything he likes with him,meet his family.These small things can not only make your partner feel special but also it will make him fall for you once again.


surprise them Top 10 Ways to Show and Express Love

Surprise your loved one.Surprises doesn’t only work for kids.No matter how old are you,when something that you want and is unexpected happens,you always feel amazing.Go to your partner’s place without telling him/her,bring him/her flowers,wine,wear his favorite dress,bring him his favorite watch or something that he wanted for long,bring your partner’s best friends to his/her place,take her out for movie or dinner and play her favorite song for her there.This ways may lead to make your partner unconditionally happy.Knowing and doing what your partner actually wants brings you more close to each other.You always need to know you partner’s needs.


dedicate a song to them 300x197 Top 10 Ways to Show and Express Love

Song says you feelings loud and clear.You can sing a song for you partner.The song that reminds you of your partner,you love,your beautiful moments,your relationship.Don’t worry if you are a bad singer,you can play that song for him/her in your car,message them the song,or mail it,but the best way is to make an eye contact and sing the song for her/him,no matter how badly you sing,it will always make your partner happy.It will make them feel special,as well as you can express your feelings,tell them how important they are to you,tell them how badly you wanna be with him/her.All this will definitely increase your love.Loving someone is easy,but to maintain and grow that love is certainly a difficult task.You can make this possible.


write your feelings 300x243 Top 10 Ways to Show and Express Love

Some people are very bad at speaking out what they really feel.This mainly happens with men,they are very bad at saying things.In this situation,you can write your feelings,you can tell them your feelings using a paper and pen.If you want,you can use message or mail as well,but a love letter is always the best way.It may sound old and outdated,but this really works.Sometimes there are some points or things over which you don’t wanna talk face to face,that time too this method works.When you write your feelings,you just write down whatever you have in your heart.Through your letter,you don’t only send your partner your words,but also your feelings,your love,your care,how can anyone not feel joy by reading a letter full of love and affection.Sometimes you can also have an entire conversation using letters,it helps in understanding each other’s feelings a better way.It happens most of the times that what we wanna say,we can say a better way using writing rather than saying it,thus here too a love letter may work like a helpful tool.


REMEMBER YOUR OLD TIMES 300x225 Top 10 Ways to Show and Express Love


It is very well said that the best time of a relationship is its starting some months.It really happens,as the time passes away,it becomes all very normal and unromantic.At that time,when you feel like there’s nothing new in your relationship,one may feel bored.Now one solution of this problem is to just sit and talk,talk about your past ┬átime.You can discuss your first kiss,first date,first outing,and how you felt when at that time.If you can’t go in past and live those moments there,you can develop those moments again in your present.You can go to the place where your first saw each other and talk about it.You can go to the place where you first kissed,and repeat that again.You can take your girl to the place where you first went for date,it will rejuvenate your love and will make your relationship more romantic.You can sing the song for your lady,the one that you dedicated her for the first time.You can re propose your girl,the same way as you did for the first time.All these things makes your relationship more lively and romantic,and you won’t feel bored anymore.


kiss them 300x279 Top 10 Ways to Show and Express Love


No matter whether you are 18 years’ old or 80 years’ old,a kiss from your loved one always brings a sweet smile to your face.According to a research,the more you kiss your partner,the more healthy is your relationship.It is thus like a medicine,to increase your love day by day.A single kiss may drag you more close to your partner.Whether the kiss is on hand or on lips,it always bring a refreshing feel to your partner.Kiss on every body part has its own beautiful meaning.A kiss on forehead,gives a protective feeling.While a kiss on hand,gives a “you are special” .A kiss on cheeks give a “you are amazing” feeling,while a kiss on lips gives “i don’t wanna loose you” feeling.Thus each kiss holds its own importance.All you need to give a beautiful kiss your partner,the message related to that kiss,automatically reaches to her/him.Thus kissing is a very important part of any sweet and healthy relationship.


A PERFECT ROMANTIC DATE 300x245 Top 10 Ways to Show and Express Love


Arrange a perfect date for your loved one.A perfect date doesn’t mean a highly expensive dinner and a long car drive,it simply means a total quality time with you partner.No one else should be a part of it.Spare some time from your daily life and spend an evening with your partner,take her to a special place,and sit with her.Talk about her day,tell her about your day,talk about your future and tell her how much you love ┬áher.You can also bring her some gift.These small things helps a lot in making your relationship a lot stronger.No matter where you go for date,all that matters is that you two are together.All you need is a quality time,and not an expensive restaurant with a large bill.Your partner needs to be with you only,thus find a perfect place,where you two can be alone.It may be your place,a terrace or may be a beach.A perfect date is the one where you are with your partner and spend some a perfect beautiful time with them.


tell them u r sorry 225x300 Top 10 Ways to Show and Express Love

Where there is love,there are fights and misunderstandings.Sometimes only a little argument may led to a large fight.Then there comes lots of other issues like ego problem,self respect and all.But what you need to keep in mind is,there is nothing more important in this world as finding a true love,a partner who stands by your side no matter what happens,who love you for what you are,who knows all about you and still loves you with your problems.So even if you need to give up on you ego or self respect,or bend even if its not your fault,you should do it.You should do it,not for anyone else,but for your relationship.You need to say sorry to your partner,when it is your fault,and sometimes also when it is not your fault,for the sake of your beautiful relationship,that needs to be saved.It doesn’t only save your relationship and removes all misunderstandings,but also it makes you partner realize that how much you love him/her and how much you care about relationship.May be it will also help them realize their mistake as well and then everything goes as it was.Thus you should learn saying this five letter word “sorry”,if it helps you to be with you partner forever.


take them out for a weekend Top 10 Ways to Show and Express Love

Spare sometime and plan a small trip out of station,alone with your partner.Leave all the office and other tensions at home,and take go out with your lover.You can spend lots of amazing time there.No one will be there to disturb you.You will be alone,you can talk about your relationship,spend quality time together,go out for hiking,do shopping,have breakfast on bed,and many more.Through this trip,you can make your partner amazingly happy and this way you can definitely tell them how much you wanna be with them,how much you love being with them.This may be a rejuvenating experience for your relationship.

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